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Session 12: Future Technologies Driving TransPromo - Ralf Schlozer & Kaspar Roos
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Session 12: Future Technologies Driving TransPromo - Ralf Schlozer & Kaspar Roos

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  • 1. Future Technologies Driving TransPromo Ralf Schlözer, Director, InfoTrends Kaspar Roos, Senior Consultant, InfoTrends Session 12
  • 2. Impact of E-billing • The next big Thing ? © 2009 InfoTrends, Inc. www.infotrends.com 2
  • 3. An outlook on Hardware © 2009 InfoTrends, Inc. www.infotrends.com 3
  • 4. The “Enough” Questions • Is the productivity high enough? • Are the running costs low enough? • Is the print quality good enough? • Are the print-heads reliable enough for production? • Are the substrates cheap enough? • Is the format size big enough? © 2009 InfoTrends, Inc. www.infotrends.com 4
  • 5. What the Past Tells Us About the Future Colour High-speed continuous feed What’s Next? inkjet color for direct mail and transaction (Versamark BCP) Hybrid offset/digital systems Continuous feed color combine the desire for Networked color copier/printer devices begin to offer personalization with the need products (EFI Fiery/Canon CLC) 30” web width for good cost economics Graphic arts quality digital color Monochrome digital pages High-speed continuous feed printers (Indigo, Xeikon) migrate to color devices color on coated stocks becomes economically feasible Black & White Monochrome digital Fifth station capability opens up opportunities in spot volumes begin to decline color, MICR, coatings, and Low-cost, high speed multi-function specialty effects Continuous feed monochrome devices devices erode the dominance of typically output at 240 or 300 dpi, add Improved speed, quality, high-speed monochrome printers an engine for duplex capability economics, format, and the Dual-engine or duplex ability to target content result monochrome systems for cut- in more print volume moving Xerox introduces DocuTech sheet (Océ VarioPrint 6000) to fully digital systems 1990 2000 2010 2020 © 2009 InfoTrends, Inc. www.infotrends.com 5
  • 6. Market Changes in High-Speed Continuous Feed Digital Color Graphic arts Toner-based continuous-feed Toner-based cut-sheet Quality Inkjet cut-sheet Business 50 ipm 5,000 ipm Speed © 2009 InfoTrends, Inc. www.infotrends.com 6
  • 7. Ink-Jet Printing Hardware Provider • Ink-jet technology will lead to a “levelling of the playing field” to some extent • Lower entry hurdles for newcomers in digital due to readily available inkjet heads System integration and inks to differentiate products Numerous niches can be covered • However TransPromo will require extensive knowledge in data handling and system integration © 2009 InfoTrends, Inc. www.infotrends.com 7
  • 8. • Mooree‘s law für Inkjet – Inkjet speed is doubling every 18 months Source of chart: HP © 2009 InfoTrends, Inc. www.infotrends.com 8
  • 9. Flexibility of Inkjet Technologies Inkjet Technologies Can Meet a Wide Range of Document Needs (Monochrome, Light Coverage Color, Full Color, Special Effect) Cost Effectively with a Single Device © 2009 InfoTrends, Inc. www.infotrends.com 9
  • 10. Economics: Digital vs. Offset Printing Off set Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Source: InfoTrends © 2009 InfoTrends, Inc. www.infotrends.com 10
  • 11. Ink-Jet Outlook • More nozzles – more speed – more quality There are some more speed increases in store for 2010 However speeds & productivity are entering areas, where it is difficult to have sufficient volumes In the next phase the aim will be to increase quality - There will also be a positive effect on imaging engine costs as redundancy can go down • Aim is to print on standard substrates Possible strategies: - Integrated precoating unit bonding agents - Paper with added surface treatment Other direction could be UV, but so unfamiliar glossy look on uncoated paper and high costs for “standard” documents (higher ink costs) • Huge latitude in possible ink chemistry makes optimisation difficult We will rather see more types of inks adapted to certain applications © 2009 InfoTrends, Inc. www.infotrends.com 11
  • 12. Ink-Jet Outlook • Deinkability needs to be monitored closely Vendors are working on solutions, but it also requires concessions from the paper/recycling industry Only partially a technical problem, but one of market perception. Concerns of document owners need to be taken seriously • Many “dark horses” in the market which could emerge in coming 5-10 years Still new technologies to produce ink droplets are developed Regular monitoring of market situation necessary • Long term aim for ink-jet is to compete against offset on speeds and quality Transpromo will reap the benefits of speed & quality improvements which are aimed at the general Graphic Arts market © 2009 InfoTrends, Inc. www.infotrends.com 12
  • 13. An outlook on Software and Solutions © 2009 InfoTrends, Inc. www.infotrends.com 13
  • 14. Quick recap from session 4 • TransPromo software evolved from developments in automated document production IT : mainframe, PC, networks, Internet, Mobile Printing S/W: composition, data transform, output mgt Business: ERP/CRM systems, business user enablement • This session will focus on trends and future technologies We will have a look at IT, Print, and Business Trends © 2009 InfoTrends, Inc. www.infotrends.com 14
  • 15. Important Trends Business Technology • Business User Enablement • Mobile Computing • Real-time Campaign • Electronic Presentment Effectiveness Measurement • Blend of web and print • Sophistication of data analytics QR Codes Print Augmented Reality • Higher quality print at stable or • Next level creatives lower costs Colour / Graphics • Vendors are building out AFP to support TransPromo • Location Intelligence • Mid-market developments © 2009 InfoTrends, Inc. www.infotrends.com 15
  • 16. Technology Trends • Mobile Computing Mobile Internet adoption expected to rise from 13% in 2008 to 39% in 2014 (Forrester Research) 30 million iPhones sold in less than 3 years (Apple) 1 billion phones support Flash (Adobe) • Interplay between print and mobile Opportunities for savvy TransPromo provider © 2009 InfoTrends, Inc. www.infotrends.com 16
  • 17. Electronic Presentment • Presentment of statements and bills on computers and mobile devices Location Intelligence Advertisements Timely offers Hyperlink for more Document sent as email information or viewed online © 2009 InfoTrends, Inc. www.infotrends.com 17
  • 18. QR Codes – addition to paper • Attendee management • Detailed information Link to a landing page • Integration with EBPP Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment © 2009 InfoTrends, Inc. www.infotrends.com 18
  • 19. Augmented Reality • Augmented Reality Optical marks in printed media allow computers (via webcams) to add extra information in 3D • Adds an extra dimension to print • Killer creative © 2009 InfoTrends, Inc. www.infotrends.com 19
  • 20. Personalized Graphics • High impact graphics • XeiWings Xeikon 8000 AlphaPicture • Technology is getting there 21,000 A5 pictures @ 240 dpi per hour © 2009 InfoTrends, Inc. www.infotrends.com 20
  • 21. Location Intelligence Source: XMPie, Yoffi Digital/Trekk Cross Media © 2009 InfoTrends, Inc. www.infotrends.com 21
  • 22. Business Trends • Business User Enablement Business User wants to control statement messaging without IT involvement Many composition vendors have developed web-based solutions to tackle this issue Collaborative system that involves marketing, legal, finance and other users • Automating approval Web-based approval systems © 2009 InfoTrends, Inc. www.infotrends.com 22
  • 23. Web-based Campaign Mgt Tools Source: Elixir © 2009 InfoTrends, Inc. www.infotrends.com 23
  • 24. Business Trends (continued) • Sophistication of data analytics and campaign execution Predictive analytics Closed loop control Response Visualization • More visual tools © 2009 InfoTrends, Inc. www.infotrends.com 24
  • 25. Predictive Analysis © 2009 InfoTrends, Inc. www.infotrends.com 25
  • 26. Closed-loop Marketing Campaign © 2009 InfoTrends, Inc. www.infotrends.com 26
  • 27. Response Visualization © 2009 InfoTrends, Inc. www.infotrends.com 27
  • 28. Print Trends • AFP Colour Consortium Implementing colour management • Other AFP developments Oce PRISMA MakeReady for AFP Preflight for AFP • Mid Market Developments Objectif Lune, Printable (SaaS), XMPie © 2009 InfoTrends, Inc. www.infotrends.com 28
  • 29. Conclusion • Vendors are building out TransPromo solutions to connect business users to print operations • Opportunities to develop innovative campaigns that bring increased ROI • TransPromo can bring the best of paper (unmatched openability) with the best of the Internet (instant response measurement) to develop sophisticated marketing campaigns © 2009 InfoTrends, Inc. www.infotrends.com 29
  • 30. Thank You!! ralf_schlozer@infotrends.com kaspar_roos@infotrends.com © 2009 InfoTrends, Inc. www.infotrends.com 30