Data Driven Marketing Day - Diego Rosso - Mr Big Data


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Data Driven Marketing Day - Diego Rosso - Mr Big Data

  1. 1. “Mr. Big Data”wants to tell you a storyWhen data drive strategies
  2. 2. “Day after day I becomelarger and more powerful.Many people are scared ofme and didn’t know how tohandle me.Everyone knows where Iam, because I ameverywhere.Maybe not everyone knowswhy I’m in that place, how Igot there and what Im reallydoing.”Mr. Big Data says:
  3. 3. People try in every way to connect me,but Im a hard bone.With me you speak just one language:THE CODE. Try to be understandable.API, web services, social plug-in, JavaScript..just for starters but if you want to have more funthere are many more techniques.
  4. 4. For example... user data.CLIENT DATABASENEW USERCLIENTMULTIDEVICEPLATFORMLIGHT FORMWS login• Name• Surname• Gender• Date of birth• E-mail• PasswordPHOTO UPLOAD• Privacy disclaimer(recovery)@#promoclientCONTEST DATABASE@ mail serverCONNECTSOURCESSCORINGAPI
  5. 5. But the most important questionthey ask is:What can I do tocontrol this?
  6. 6. Although I am...sophisticated, unpredictable andsometimes bad tempered,I’m easier than you can imagine.
  7. 7. Mr. Big Data wants togive you anopportunity:OK fellas, have a look atthe following tips!Do you wanna know how?
  8. 8. I can get data from differentsources, even those that you cannotcontrol, so make sure you are wellprotected and able to absorb all of mypower.#1system
  9. 9. Your database must be structured to beonline and react quickly, in real time.Finding me later might not be easy.#2 database platform
  10. 10. I don’t like being locked inside a siliconbox, so.. find me a clean, tidy and useful place.Don’t think of overeat when you meet me!Pay close attention because I might only giveyou a little bit of information but it could bevery valuable.#3 data capture
  11. 11. Observe, analyze and compare the informationI give you. You’ll find new ways of reading dataand find out what you don’t know about yourcustomers. With this system you’ll getanswers without submit questions.#4 data analysis
  12. 12. Look what happened to my friend Obama...“The Cave” in Obama for America’s Chicago headquarters housed thecampaign’s Analytics team. Behind closed doors, more than 50 data analystsused Big Data to predict the individual behavior of millions of American voters.• The campaign ran 240 A/B tests on their donation page.• This resulted in a 49% increase in their conversion rate.• By making the platform 60% faster, they saw a 14% increase in donations. (Speedmatters.)
  13. 13. • 1.2M active Facebook app users• The key was using a single app throughout the campaign,• allowing them to build up a massive install base and addfeatures down the road• 34M+ fans on Facebook• 98% of the U.S. Facebook population was friends withsomeone who liked Barack Obama• 24M+ followers on Twitter• 30-40 tweets from @BarackObama daily• The social team was comparably lean: 4 peopleWOW! Barack emptied my pockets.
  14. 14. I football! WHY?Because there is nothing you can do toachieve your goals that hasn’t been plannedwith diagrams and precise numbers. Playerprofiles and statistics of all kinds are now thekey to success.#5 strategy
  15. 15. Don’t think you can cheat me!And remember:I like Data Driven Marketing and I’ll be muchmore available to those who apply it in anintelligent, fair and aware way.#6 methods
  16. 16. PLATFORM/CHANNEL MARKETING SALES/COMMERCEDatabaseExternal dataScoringalgorithmsCRMTOPLEADSSFASTRATEGYData driven marketing circleCOMMUNICATION
  17. 17. Be creative, make me laugh, excite me, butdon’t make things too complicated and long.I have to satisfy numerous other requestsand, unfortunately, youre not the only one.Get to business man.#7 idea
  18. 18. Dollar Shave ClubMale grooming can be anexpensivebusiness, particularlywhen buying brandedrazors on a regular basis.Spotting a gap in themarket, Michael Dubin setup Dollar Shave Club toprovide men with newrazors for just $1 a month.YouTubeAlmost 10.500.000 views
  19. 19. Dollar Shave Clubis a Santa Monica-based company that delivers personal groomingproducts, such as razors, by mail. The company operates on asubscription-based model for home delivery rather selling throughconventional retail channels.Dollar Shave Club was founded by Mark Levine and Michael Dubin andbegan operations in July 2011.In March 2012, the company relaunched with the popular video“Our Blades Are F***ing Great,” which won “Best Out-of-Nowhere VideoCampaign” at the 2012 AdAge Viral Video Awards.Dollar Shave Club is backed by technology studio Science Inc. and hasreceived funding from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and ForerunnerVentures. Other investors include Andreessen Horowitz, ShastaVentures, Felicis Ventures, White Star Capital and ShervinPishevar, Dennis Phelps and David Honig.
  20. 20. Think carefully before planning yourcampaigns. Im not always available and youmay come knocking on my door and disturbme. Youd lose a good opportunity to haveanything to do with me! Find the right way tofollow the “digital journey” of your customers.#8 planning
  21. 21. Come on! This is my favourite meal.Sharing means you’ll get freeinformation, exchange feelings,build community and opportunity.#9 share
  22. 22. Listen friends, don’t be afraid to measure the data.Find out your return and measure the ROI.A wise old man once said:“If the result confirms the hypothesis, then youvemade a measurement. If the result is contrary to thehypothesis, then youve made ​​a discovery.”#10 feedbackEnrico Fermi
  23. 23. That’s enough fortoday. Now its up toyou to practice thesesimple but useful tips.Im sure well meet upsooner or later.Now Im hungry.Im going to eat...some Exabytes.See you guys!
  24. 24. Just one last riddle.If we were to estimate how much weigh big data,in all their forms likewebsites, database, file, text, SMS, Video, etc. ..How would weigh in Kg?
  25. 25. Less than 0,5 Kg.
  26. 26. Thanks for your attention