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Senior Project Speech
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Senior Project Speech


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Eve GodfreyTillery 7th PeriodSenior Boards Presentation Date: April 18th, 2012 Senior Project Speech Approximately 5 million to 7 million companion animals enter animalshelters nationwide every year, and approximately 3 million to 4 million ofthose animals, are euthanized. As a young child, I always dreamt of waysthat I could contribute to the rescue and support of abused and neglectedanimals. I’m sure we can all relate to the sad feeling that overcomes youwhen you watch an ASPCA commercial. That feeling is why I chose to help. (Change Slide) Hi, my name is Eve Godfrey and I chose to write achildren’s book and sell them, and give the proceeds to the ASPCA for mysenior project. Not only did I choose to write a book to help support abused animals,but I also chose it because I love to write, and I wanted to experience thewriting process.(Change Slide) As my research topic, I chose literacy for this very reason. Ichose this topic because it relates to me selling the book that I have createdand it relates to the people that will be reading the book. I learned a lotabout how many people in America actually don’t know how to read, and itreally intrigued me. (Change Slide) My project was tangible and also intangible. Mytangible product was the hardboundbook. This took extensive preparation.
  • 2. My intangible portion of the project is the donation of the funds that I collectfrom selling the book. (Change Slide) I chose to do this for my senior project because of myproject facilitator, Karrie Westphal. My project facilitator has taken severalwriting classes and is currently writing a book of her own. I chose her as myfacilitator because she has extensive knowledge about writing techniques.We met several times and she helped me with editing and formatting of mybook. Most importantly, Ms. Karriealso helped me start my book. In thebeginning, I had a hard time coming up with ideas as far as what the bookwould be about, and the storyline. She was a huge help. (Change Slide) I began the creation of my product in January. First Ihad to do extensive research on “do it yourself” book publishers. I had a hardtime finding book prices that were in a good range for me. I had to keep inmind that I would need to sell them for more than it cost to make them. Ifinally found a program that worked well with my whole project. Thisprogram was called “BookSmart” and I had to download it to my Mac laptop.At first I thought this program would be a risk because it was downloadedfrom the Internet, but it proved to be quite the opposite. (SHOW COPUTER) Basically you started with a skeleton and followedthe program to plug in information. It was difficult to find a way to write thebook, but still have it be in a children’s book format. My facilitator told me tohave double spacing and as little words as possible. I also wanted to haveeach page formatted differently, to keep the interest of the reader. I decidedto have my story be about cats, and my inspiration came from my own cat,
  • 3. and my project facilitators’ two cats. The basis of the book is one cat, Mr.Sparky, gets very ill and so the two other cats, Miss Kitty and Kiki, have togo find the magical flower that will save his life. It ends up being a happyending of course, but the story wasn’t the only part of the book. I also had todo pictures. (Change Slide) Unfortunately, I am not able to draw pictures wellenough to be published, so I had to recruit an illustrator. My illustrator wasCaylee Geller. We met several times and looked at the formatting of the bookso that she could decide whether she should draw a picture landscape orportrait style. It took a good portion of time to get everything drawn andsent to me, but that was only because she was also becoming familiar withthe new equipment she was using to create the pictures. Once I finally got allthe pictures in, I ran into my biggest problem. When I got a picture off anemail, my computer couldn’t read the file, so I was having to screen shoteach picture, and then put the picture into Power Point so that I could add aborder. The pictures looked good, but when I went to insert them in thebook, the program said that the resolution of the pictures was too low to beprinted well. This was a problem because each picture was very small anddidn’t give the book the effect that I wanted. What I did to correct thatproblem was, I had to just take a screen shot of the picture and add theborder through the program. That increased the size of the pictures enoughto make it look right. (Change Slide) However, pictures weren’t my only issue. I had a hardtime with getting everything to look the way I wanted it to. When it finally
  • 4. came to the point where I was happy with the appearance, I then had toworry about the content. The book went through three different people to beedited, and truthfully a lot had to be changed. There were a lot ofgrammatical errors. (Change Slide) I was worried about my time limit as far as how long itwould take for BookSmart to print my books and have them shipped to me.It took about a week from purchase to arrival at my house. I ended uppaying $10.50 for each book. That helped me decide to ultimately sell eachbook for 12 dollars a piece. (SHOW JAR) So far I have had several peoplebuy a copy. I have collected money from each individual and I hope to endup with over $200 dollars in donation money by the end of the year. Once Ihave all the donations I can get, I will be doing a “One Time Donation” to theASPCA through their website. It is said that each level of donation helpsanimals in different ways such as feeding them for several weeks, or helpingpay for crucial shots. My last issue with this project involved donations. Iwasn’t sure how to tell people to donate because I wanted to make sure thedonations all went to the right place. Ultimately I had to decide to put themoney into an account and donate through the online method. As far ascontinuing the donations, my facilitator has asked to purchase 10 copies ofmy book, so I have to order her another shipment within the coming weeks.I decided to only order 10 the first time because I was afraid they wouldn’tcome out right, or something was going to be incorrect. In the end, it wasquite the opposite, and I am very pleased with my final product.
  • 5. (Change Slide) I have learned a lot about myself through this project.I have learned that I am a procrastinator but also a perfectionist, and thatthose two personality traits do not mix very efficiently. As far as pursuingthis as an actual career, I have to say that I am not considering it at thispoint in time. I do enjoy writing, and being creative, but I feel like choosingthis as my product helped me more in the business aspect. I intend to go toBerry College in the fall and major in Business Administration. I hope tomaybe minor and English and continue to write in my spare time. Thank you for taking the time to view my presentation. Are there anyquestions at this time?