Defend My Project


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This is a slideshow of my projects, and why I did what I did while making them. It includes the two things I made in Adobe Illustrator and my defense for them.

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Defend My Project

  1. 1. Defending My Design By: Evan Voon
  2. 2. My Logo PICTURE
  3. 3. Why the color(s)? • Why did I choose the colors I chose? I chose grey/silver like colors for the spoon, the E, and the V, because spoons are usually a silver color. Red and gold, I chose these because of my school pride. I love CHS and our colors are the red and gold, so I made the band around the spoons and the fancy swirls with a red color, and the scribbles and square behind and around the spoons with a gold color. Finally there is my middle name on the band. I just used black to be simple, plus I like how regal it look on a small band. I may or may not change the letters to gold but I like the black how it is.
  4. 4. Why the shape(s)? • My spoon has it’s circle, which stands for empathy and consideration for others. I included this because I want to have the viewer see this and feel like I’m someone to rely on. Then there is the rectangle. The rectangle represents the characteristic to explore and search for ways to grow and change. I liked this because it shows that I’m not going to be stuck to my ways, I will listen, learn, and change.
  5. 5. My Poster PICTURE
  6. 6. Why the quote? • I used this quote because I love the Game of Thrones books, and Sorio Forel was one of my favorite characters. He was wise and cunning, and amazing with the sword. When I read this in the books it felt so inspiring. I read it not as death, but as failure, and it really touched me.
  7. 7. Why the picture? • This picture is from the show, and I only read the books. But this is from a scene where Sorio Forel was teaching one of the characters how not to fear and become a great swordsman.
  8. 8. Why the font? • I chose this font because it looked medieval and that matches the book/show Game of Thrones
  9. 9. Why the font color? • I chose red because it is a strong color and it intrigues the attention of the viewer.
  10. 10. Why the font color? • I chose red because it is a strong color and it intrigues the attention of the viewer.