Cottingham Junior Public School Gr JK - 6 Profile


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Cottingham is committed to providing a learning environment that fully prepares children for successful living in a challenging world and that encourages self-directed problem solving and active participation. Teaching and learning focus on the acquisition and application of knowledge, attitudes, and skills. Evaluation consists of varied approaches; student progress is communicated to both parents and students. Expectations for achievement and work habits are high and consider individual differences.

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Cottingham Junior Public School Gr JK - 6 Profile

  1. 1. Cottingham is located in a quiet neighbourhood between Yonge Street and Avenue Road, 85 Birch Ave. mid-way between St. Clair Avenue and Bloor Street. In 1955, the original three-storey school was replaced by the current building. Toronto, M4V1E3 Tel: (416) 393-1895 o Cottingham is a small community-oriented school with about 122 students. Fax: (416) 393-1893 o Cottingham is committed to providing a learning environment that fully prepares children for successful living in a challenging world and that encourages self-directed problem solving and active participation. Teaching and learning focus on the acquisition and application of knowledge, attitudes, and skills. Evaluation consists of varied approaches; Michele Phillippe student progress is communicated to both parents and students. Expectations for achievement and work habits are high and consider individual differences. o We create a welcoming, secure environment enabling children to assume responsibility for their own behaviour through mutual trust and respect. It is expected that school rules will be followed and that conflicts and problems will be resolved in a peaceful manner. Clear expectations are enforced consistently and fairly. o Personal contact with parents is essential. Parents need to feel welcome in the school and have a right to expect that they will be regularly informed about their child and about the activities of the school through newsletters, report cards, Curriculum Night, Angela Vallely interviews, telephone calls, monthly School Council meetings, and informal visits. We continue to build and nurture a strong partnership between home and school. o Our School Mission Statement (developed by students, parents and staff): In partnership with students, teachers, parents and community, our mission is to create a respectful, safe, caring and stimulating environment where our students continually strive to reach their social, emotional and intellectual potential while having an appreciation for and acceptance of differences in others; an ability to adapt to change Judie Thom and to act with integrity and self confidence in all aspects of their lives. We aim to Teresa Brzozowski celebrate the success of all students. School Focus for this year: o implement literacy initiatives to improve student achievement o implement Toronto Schools on the Move o participate in intramural sports programmes through the TDSB, such as girls' and boys' volleyball, basketball, badminton, soccer, baseball, track and field and cross-country o continue to demonstrate academic excellence in the areas of mathematics and language arts o Total number of students: 131 Junior Kindergarten - Grade 3 89 Grade 4 - Grade 6 42 Josh Matlow o Gender: Female 72 55% (416) 397-3094 Male 59 45% o Primary language other than English: 5 4%* Michael Smith o Students born outside of Canada: Students living in Canada for 2 years or less 1 1% (416) 394-2046 Students living in Canada for 3 - 5 years 0 0% * Calculation does not include students for whom language information is missing. Chris Spence Cottingham Junior Public School School Year: 2009-2010
  2. 2. The Toronto District School o Languages - English, English as a Second Language, and French Board (TDSB), in o Mathematics, Science and Technology partnership with students, o Arts - Music, Visual Arts, Drama and Dance parents, teachers and all o Social Studies, Health and Physical Education our communities, is committed to taking responsibility for continuous A variety of special education programs and services are offered to meet the improvement of schools. needs of all students, including students with exceptionalities, such as This is achieved through: behavioural, communication, intellectual, physical and multiple learning disabilities. Students' exceptionalities are identified through a formal review o process undertaken by an Identification, Placement and Review Committee o (IPRC). o o Lego Robotics o Library Helpers o Recycling o Dance: o Silver Birch Book Club Concert & Performances, Dance Workshops o Walking Club o Dramatic Arts: Live Production/Play o Weight Training o Integrated Programs: Learning through the Arts o Office Helpers o Music: Band, Choir, Excursions, Itinerant Music Teachers, o Student Announcers Music Concerts / Performances, Music Workshops, Recorder, Strings o Borrow a Book Program o Visiting Artists: Dance, Drama, In-School Performances By o Developmental Reading Assessment Professional Artists, Music, Prologue to the Performing o Family Literacy Night Arts, Visual Arts o Guiding Circles o Visual Arts: Excursions, Film/Video Workshops, Visual Arts o Health Promotions: Heart Healthy Kids Workshops o Reptilia o Risk Watch o Badminton o Science Kits o Basketball o Scientists in the School o Cross Country o Toronto Schools on the Move o Kilometre Club o Slo-Pitch o Soccer o Camps: o Track and Field Outdoor Education o Volleyball o Caring: Community Care Access Centres, Food Drives, Hearing/ Vision Screening Service, Whatever It Takes o Art (WIT) o Blue Spruce Reading Club o Fundraisers: Book Fair, Jump Rope for Heart, Pizza Days, Terry Fox o Chess Run, Toronto Foundation For Student Success, Toy o Environmental Drives, United Way o Knitting Club o Safe & Caring Schools: ECO Schools, Recognition Assemblies, Safe Arrival Cottingham Junior Public School School Year: 2009-2010
  3. 3. Program, Streetproofing o Social Skills: Character Development Program, Peer Mediation/Helpers, Who is NOBODY? Program o Assemblies o Diversity Celebrations o Early Reading Intervention Program o Behavioural Science Technology Field Placements
  4. 4. The primary purpose of student assessment is to improve learning. Information about the Assessment has the greatest potential to improve learning when it is an success of our programs integral part of classroom activities. Teachers assess student progress comes from a wide variety towards achieving the expectations on an ongoing basis by using of student assessments. strategies such as projects, class presentations, homework assignments, These assessments are classroom observations, portfolios of student work, and tests. based on clear expectations for all Schools use assessment information and information from other sources learners, consistent with to make informed decisions for school improvement planning. Schools those described in The identify areas of strength as well as areas that require improvement. Input Ontario Curriculum. is obtained from a variety of sources such as student assessments, teacher feedback, parent feedback, and community surveys. In this way, schools monitor, celebrate and improve their efforts in providing a supportive and challenging learning environment for all their students. Cottingham continues to implement The Ontario Mathematics Curriculum in all areas. Personal professional development for teachers is encouraged through o A range of activities and materials will be used to involvement in board and system-wide workshops extend application of skills and concepts. and conferences. Release time is arranged for staff o We will continue to integrate math across the to provide in-school workshops. Our staff will be curriculum and purchase the materials (concrete involved in the School Improvement Plan as we work materials and appropriate software) as necessary together to create our annual school improvement to sustain the programme. plan. o Our math programmes include investigation, application and extension of ideas. EQAO - EQAO assessment results at both the The Arts Grade 3 and Grade 6 levels form part of the basis for the School Improvement Plan. Strategies for growth o Enriched opportunities will be provided in the are discussed and implemented by all staff in all areas of dance and movement, storytelling, grades. poetry and music. o We will continue to highlight the work done by our Language Arts students in band, strings, hand bells, recorder, and choir. o We continue to adopt a more specific and o Storytelling encourages students to write and tell prescriptive approach to the teaching of language stories to one another. forms and conventions, as well as emphasizing high order thinking skills by using such approaches as Writers' Workshop, Making Words, Literature Circles, and Guided Reading. Science o Computers will be used to assist with writing and publication. o Our science curriculum will be enhanced by o Parents will be informed about the importance of "Scientists In Schools" - an active learning reading regularly to and with their child, and we program in Science and Technology for will provide a list of suggested reading materials elementary classrooms. for parents. o Our school is involved in the Forest of Reading program. o We held a Family Literacy Night in combination with a book fair and author talk. o Our students will be entering the Urban Voices writing Contest in an effort to be published in the annual Urban Voices book. Cottingham Junior Public School School Year: 2009-2010
  5. 5. o We have a School Council with many active parent members. o We welcome and appreciate our regular parent volunteers who assist all aspects of school life, including field trips, assisting in the classroom, school-wide activities, Family Dance, Fun Fair, Literacy Night, driving our sports teams to away games, art, holiday baskets, bake sale, and pizza lunches. o We welcome all parent involvement as it helps to make Cottingham the "heart of the community". o Window Design for a local florist for Remembrance Day o Boys' and Girls' Club o Liaison with Public Health Nurse in conjunction with Toronto Schools on the Move o Visits and workshops from the Community Police Office Cottingham Junior Public School School Year: 2009-2010