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Retail and the Internet of Things: M2M Technology Building Blocks. Multi-Service Gateways and M2M Integration Platform


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Retail and the Internet of Things: M2M Technology Building Blocks …

Retail and the Internet of Things: M2M Technology Building Blocks

Introducing Multi-Service Gateways and M2M Integration Platform and by that effectively Decoupling Producers & Consumers of M2M Device Data.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Retail and the Internet of Things:M2M Technology Building BlocksIntroducing Multi-Service Gateways and M2M IntegrationPlatforms and by that effectively Decoupling Producers& Consumers of M2M Device DataRobert Andres
  • 2. Vertical Market Application ScenariosRetail Automation & Integration / OverviewIt is all about …• knowing more about customers• winning and keeping customers• providing more and better services• reducing cost• increasing efficiency & margin• protecting customers and businessWhat M2M solutions from Eurotech can do for you.
  • 3. The Internet of ThingsM2M Applications EverywhereLogisticsMedicalTransportationPublic TransportRailMeteringAir ConditionsMiningFirst RespondersValue TransportSmart CityEnvironmentalSmart Grid First RespondersGreen HousesSports Medical ApplicationCool Chain MonitoringVendingReverse VendingIndustrialTicketingFarmingAgricultureSignageAutomatic Vehicle LocationRemote MonitoringRetailEnergy Monitoring
  • 4. The Internet of Things• IT centric, cloud based M2M connectivityplatforms as building blocks for enterprise IT• Implementation of “Enterprise Service Bus”architectures to allow an easy integration of differentdevice data systems and applications• Multi Service Gateway approach to integrate andconsolidate data streams and future proof investments• IT centric application development to implementbusiness logic in smart edge devices / servicegateways• Of the shelf purpose built devices designed to meetvertical market value propositionsDistributed Systems Fundamental Building BlocksM2MIntegrationPlatformMulti-ServiceGatewayApproach
  • 5. APIs, Dashboards, Console, etc.The Internet of ThingsDistributed Systems Architectural OverviewConsumers of DataM2MIntegration PlatformMulti-ServiceGatewaysProducers of DataM2MInfrastructureSolutionOperationalTechnologyBuilding BlockStandard Interfaces
  • 6. Vertical Market Application ScenariosRetail Automation & Integration / Overview• Smart Shelf• Smart POS• RFID Solutions• Monitoring & Tracking• People counter• Scanning and weightcontrol• Smart Trolleys• Payment systems• Queue management• Anti-theft systems• Security & surveillance• Vending and reversevending machines• …M2M Applications Everywhere in Retail:
  • 7. The Internet of ThingsAutomation & Integration / M2M Multi Services GatewaySensorsActuatorsLegacySystemsSmartMachinesM2MMultiServicesGatewayHuman /MachineInterfacesMeters• Multiple business relevant tasks areaddressed and technically consolidated• Data delivery using a common protocoleffectively decoupling data providersand data consumers• IT centric application development toimplement business logic in smart edgedevices / service gateways• More efficient bandwidth utilization –carrier cost optimization• Of the shelf purpose built devicesdesigned to meet vertical market valuepropositions
  • 8. Vertical Market Application ScenariosRetail Automation & Integration / Retail Services GatewayM2M IntegrationPlatformMonitoring &TrackingSmart ShelfSmart Cashier SystemPeopleTrafficAnalysisVendingMachinesRFIDRetailSmartServicesGateway
  • 9. Vertical Market Application ScenariosRetail Automation & Integration / Many ShopsRetailSmartServicesGatewaysShopFutureData ServicesFutureDataConsumersServicesAgenciesDashboardsAlertsDeviceManagementDiagnosticsPrognosticsLocationBasedServicesSuppliersSecurityNewFeaturesM2M IntegrationPlatform
  • 10. Vertical Market Application ScenariosRetail Automation & Integration / Many Shops & ServicesSecurity &SurveillanceSmart ShelfSmart Cashier SystemPeopleTrafficAnalysisVendingMachinesRFIDRFIDTransportationLogisticsShopServicesGatewayM2M IntegrationPlatform
  • 11. Vertical Market Application ScenariosRetail Automation & Integration / Many Shops & ServicesRetailServicesGatewaysShopFutureData ServicesFutureDataConsumersServicesAgenciesDashboardsAlertsDeviceManagementDiagnosticsPrognosticsLocationBasedServicesSuppliersSecurityNewFeaturesSecurity &Surveillance TransportationLogisticsM2M IntegrationPlatform
  • 12. SurveillanceEdge ControllerVending MachinesKioskApplicationFocus GroupTestingStock / ShelfMonitoringAssetManagementRetail Automation & Integration / Platform ViewVertical Market Application ScenariosCounter
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