Eurotech Everyware Cloud: How to connect embedded devices to the cloud


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How to connect embedded devices to the cloud.
The Everyware Cloud from Eurotech simplifies device and data management by connecting distributed devices over secure and reliable cloud services.
Everyware Cloud is a software platform that makes easy to collect, store, elaborate and integrate sensor data coming from the field into Enterprise applications.

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Eurotech Everyware Cloud: How to connect embedded devices to the cloud

  1. 1. How to connect embedded devices to thecloudQuick Introduction
  2. 2. Everyware CloudConnecting the field to the Business
  3. 3. APIs, Dashboards, Console, etc.The Internet of ThingsEurotech OfferConsumers of DataM2MIntegrationPlatformMulti-ServiceGatewaysProducers of DataM2MInfrastructureSolutionTechnologyBuilding BlockStandard Interfaces
  4. 4. What is Everyware Cloud?Everyware Cloud is the software platform that makes easy to collect, store,elaborate and integrate sensor data coming from the field into Enterpriseapplications.CommunicationInfrastructureDevices/Sensors ApplicationsOverview
  5. 5. M2M Integration PlatformEnterprise Bus for Machines: Cloud Platform Approach@Everyware CloudDevice Data IntegrationPlatform• Data Mgmt• Device Mgmt• Data Storage• Real-Time Analytics• Advanced Queries• REST APIs• Security• Scalability
  6. 6. Everyware Cloud ArchitectureApplication IntegrationDeviceConnectivityConfigurationAdministrationAccountManagementSecurityData ManagementDevice Management@Architecture
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