Competitive Advantage in M2M. Reducing Development Risk, Time and Costs in M2M /IoT Projects


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Ensuring the best TCO in M2M Projects / Infrastructures

Eurotech`s Everyware Device Cloud gives you the advantage:
• Most Complete Offer from the Edge to the Display
• Multidimensional Flexibility
• Future-proof with mitigated risk
• Dramatically Reduced Cost
• Fast Time to Market
• Open and Simplified Development

For end-to-end device applications, these benefits combined result in the best TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) at present and a clear competitive advantage for partners and customers that rely on Everyware Device Cloud solutions for their end-to-end device applications.

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Competitive Advantage in M2M. Reducing Development Risk, Time and Costs in M2M /IoT Projects

  1. 1. Reducing Development Risk, Time &Costs in M2M / IoT ProjectsCompetitive Advantage in M2M –EDC (Everyware Device Cloud)Robert Andres
  2. 2. Toll StationsTrafficManagementThe Internet of ThingsM2M Applications are Everywhere …LogisticsFirst RespondersTransportationValue TransportSmart GridSports MedicalApplicationVendingReverse VendingTicketingFarmingGreen HousesCool ChainMonitoringAgricultureAutomaticVehicleLocationRetailMedicalElderly LivingSignagePassengerInformationPublic TransportBusEnvironmentalEnvironmentalMonitoringPreventiveMaintenanceSafetyPOSMiningConstructionMachinesSmart CitySmart BuildingRailTrainResearchVesselsGreen EnergyRemoteMonitoringAir ConditionsCoolersHeatingMainenanceMonitoringMainenanceServiceOil & GasPump StationsPipelinesIndustrialSmart FactoryRemoteMonitoringFitnessMachinesMeteringEnergy MonitoringSmartMetering
  3. 3. Device Cloud SolutionsRequired Building BlocksM2MCommunicationInfrastructureDeviceFirmware /ApplicationBusinessApplicationSensors &DeviceHardwareBusinessApplicationIntegrationMachine-to-machine communication solutions can be divided into thefollowing fundamental building blocks:
  4. 4. Device Cloud SolutionsWhere M2M Projects most often fail…M2MCommunicationInfrastructureDeviceFirmware /ApplicationBusinessApplicationSensors &DeviceHardwareBusinessApplicationIntegration12 346• Selecting andintegrating sensors,devices, sensors,human machineinterfaces (HMI),Meters, legacy fieldbusses & actuators• Ensuring long lifesupport• Meeting certificationrequirements• Selecting andintegratingoperating system,device support /drivers• Implementing thebusiness logic• OptimumM2Mprotocols• WAN costreduction• Security• Device data management• Device life cycle management• Security5• Decoupling ofproducers andconsumers ofdata• Write speeds• Real-time datastreams• Data storage• Standard APIs• Ready to useadapters forstandardapplications• CEP / ComplexEvent Processingcapabilities1 2 3 4 65
  5. 5. Device Cloud SolutionsEveryware Device Cloud as M2M End-to-End SolutionM2MCommunicationInfrastructureDeviceFirmware /ApplicationSensors &DeviceHardwareBusinessApplicationIntegrationEurotechEnd-to-EndSolutionExcellent TCO – Total Cost of OwnershipM2M IntegrationPlatform
  6. 6. Everyware Device CloudOverviewMost complete integrated (end-to-end) Device Cloud Solution inthe industry:• Hardware• Device Software• Connectivity• Management / Operations• Application Integration• Financial model
  7. 7. Everyware Device CloudEnsuring best TCO in M2M Projects / InfrastructuresFast Forward, End-to-End with EurotechEurotech`s Everyware Device Cloud gives you the advantage:• Most Complete Offer from the Edge to the Display• Multidimensional Flexibility• Future-proof with mitigated risk• Dramatically Reduced Cost• Fast Time to Market• Open and Simplified DevelopmentFor end-to-end device applications, these benefits combined result inthe best TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) at present and a clearcompetitive advantage for partners and customers that rely onEveryware Device Cloud solutions for their end-to-end deviceapplications.
  8. 8. Development Time & Costs OverviewExample: Conventional DevelopmentBusinessApplicationCommunicationInfrastructureDeviceFirmware /ApplicationSensors &DeviceHardwareBusinessApplicationIntegrationTime-to-Market: 8-24 Months /Initial Investment: $$$$$$
  9. 9. Development Time & Costs OverviewExample: Everyware Device CloudCommunicationInfrastructureDeviceFirmware /ApplicationSensors &DeviceHardwareBusinessApplicationIntegrationTime-to-Market: 2-6 Months /Initial Investment: $$fk Shorter time to market (TTM) More deterministic development Lower barrier to entry Future proof
  10. 10. Development Time & Costs OverviewConventional Approach vs. Everyware Device CloudTime-to-Market: 2-6 Months /Initial Investment: $$CommunicationInfrastructureDeviceFirmware /ApplicationSensors &DeviceHardwareBusinessApplicationIntegrationTime-to-Market: 8-24 Months /Initial Investment: $$$$$$CompetitiveAdvantage !Dramatic reduction of time, cost and risk
  11. 11. Eurotech Value PropositionWe help Customers focus on their core competenciesCompetitiveAdvantageDramatic reduction of time,cost and risk Shorter time to market More deterministic development Lower barrier to entry Future proofHigher value-add forCustomers.Providing enablingplatforms, not justcomponents!
  12. 12. Eurotech Value PropositionModular but Integrated OfferingBoards &ModulesDevices &SystemsValue AddSoftware &Services VerticalApplicationSolutionsEnabling our customers to focuson their core competenciesService &SupportAdding Value
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