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Eclipse Internet of Things in Action EclipseCON 2014


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Eclipse IoT in Action …

Eclipse IoT in Action
Applying Open Source Technologies to end-to-end IoT Solutions
EclipseCON 2014, San Francisco

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Eclipse IoT In Action Open Source Technologies for end-to-end IoT Solutions Marco Carrer, EUROTECH Kristopher Clark, ACTUATE
  • 2. Eclipse IoT in Action Applying open source to end-to-end IoT solutions • Integrate and CollectCollect • TransportTransport • Data Analytics and IntelligenceData Analytics • ManageManage
  • 3. Eclipse IoT in Action EclipseCON 2014 Setup Door set 1 Door set 2 Environmental Sensors
  • 4. Eclipse IoT in Action
  • 5. Eclipse IoT in Action Architecture DEVICE/GATEWAY (data collection) CLOUD (device management and data analytics) UI (data visualization) Linux Hardware Java VM Eclipse Equinox OSGi Hardware Everyware Cloud Device Manag ement MQTT Broker EUROTECH DEVICE CLOUD REST API MQTT BIRT Mobile Dashboards BIRT iHub Web Reports MQTT
  • 6. People Counter Eurotech DynaPCN 10-20 Stereoscopic cameras Infrared illuminators
  • 7. Environmental Monitoring Eurotech ReliaSENS 18-12 Air Out Air In Connectivity • Cellular (3g, GRPS), WiFi • Ethernet, GPS Positioning Environment Analysis • Electromagnetic radiation • Radioactivity • Temperature, Humidity, Pressure Air Quality Measurements • CO, CO2, NO, NO2, O3 • SO2, H2S, VOC • PM10
  • 8. IoT Gateway Software Stack OSGi on Linux Hardware Java VM Application Application • Built-in OSGi Services for IoT Apps • High-level Programming Language • Software Modularity • Configuration Management • Application Management • Shorter Time-to-Market • Device Abstraction • Application Portability • Investment Protection • Integrated Device Cloud features Application
  • 9. Developer’s Experience Emulate on PC Deploy on Target Cloud Managed Start developing your IoT /M2M application in the comfort of your PC. • Full Eclipse Integration • Target Platform Definition • Emulated Services • Run/Debug from Eclipse • Support Mac/Linux Hosts When you are ready, deploy your application on the gateway. • One-click Deployment • Eclipse Plugin • Remote Debugging Provision and manage your applications in field devices from the Cloud. • Remote OSGi Management via MQTT • Web-based Console
  • 10. Functional Overview Java VM OSGi Application Container Device Abstraction Gateway Basic Services Network Configuration Network Management Field Protocols Connectivity and Delivery AdministrationGUI Operation&Management Linux Hardware App 1 App 2 App n. . . . Applications
  • 11. Eclipse IoT in Action Java VM OSGi Application Container (Equinox) Device Abstraction javax.comm Gateway Basic Services DB Service Clock Services Device Profile Watchdog Network ConfigurationNetwork Configuration Field Protocols People Counter Protocol ReliaSENS Protocol Connectivity and Delivery Data Services MQTT Paho AdministrationGUI Applications EclispeCON People Counter Application RemoteManagement Configuration Management Updates Management PositionUSB / javax.usb Cloud Services ReliaSENS Application
  • 12. Administration UI
  • 13. Eclipse IoT in Action MQTT Topics and Payloads econ/hyatt/ballroom doorset1 doorset2 sensors • Timestamp • Metrics: • inCount1 • outCount1 • inCount2 • outCount2 • Timestamp • Metrics: • inCount1 • outCount1 • inCount2 • outCount2 • Timestamp • GPS Position • Metrics: • CO2 • VOC • E • PM10 • TEMP • HUM • PRESS Kura Payload Kura Payload Kura Payload
  • 14. What is BIRT? AUGUST 2004 Actuate Joins Eclipse Foundation as Strategic Developer and Board Member Actuate proposed and started BIRT Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools Project a top-level Eclipse project Adds BI and Reporting as Open Source Project Professional open source Primary development resources funded by Actuate Contributions from many sources IBM, Innovent Solutions and community
  • 15. Simplicity that makes simple layouts easy Power to create very complex layouts BIRT BIRT • Makes all data-driven content development easy • Modern, web-page design metaphor • Open and standards-based • Flexible with rich programmatic control • Full support for libraries and reuse • Foundation for a range of solutions A New Generation of Embeddable Reporting and Analytics Technology
  • 16. BIRT Designer High-Level BIRT Architecture BIRT Engine Presentation Services Design Engine Generation Services Data Services Charting Engine Eclipse Designer Chart Designer Eclipse DTP, WTP,… Data Data HTML PDF Excel Word PowerPoint PostScript … XML Design Document
  • 17. Create Rich Data Visualizations with BIRT Designer from any Data Source
  • 18. Embed in your application Open source and commercial APIs to integrate visualizations in context Interactive user experience tools Secure server to manage and generate visualizations BIRT iHub
  • 19. What we do with Data DEVICE/GATEWAY (data collection) CLOUD (device management and data analytics) UI (data visualization) Linux Hardware Java VM Eclipse Equinox OSGi Hardware Everyware Cloud Device Manag ement MQTT Broker EUROTECH DEVICE CLOUD REST API MQTT Dashboards BIRT iHub BIRT Design BIRT Data Object Web Reports BIRT Mobile
  • 20. Where to start?
  • 21. Evaluate This Session Sign-in: Select session from schedule Evaluate: 1 2 3
  • 22. Thank You!