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Enjoy your summer & learn English with Fun at Eurospeak Language School ,Reading,UK
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Enjoy your summer & learn English with Fun at Eurospeak Language School ,Reading,UK



We offer variety of English language courses (including online IELTS course) for the non native speakers & Trinity CertTESOL Course for the aspiring teachers. Online TEFL course packages are also ...

We offer variety of English language courses (including online IELTS course) for the non native speakers & Trinity CertTESOL Course for the aspiring teachers. Online TEFL course packages are also available for the distant aspirant learners.



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Enjoy your summer & learn English with Fun at Eurospeak Language School ,Reading,UK Enjoy your summer & learn English with Fun at Eurospeak Language School ,Reading,UK Document Transcript

  • Eurospeak was founded in October, 1992 as a school of English. Eurospeak College built upits reputation by employing good teachers, having reasonable prices, being friendly andhelpful and organizing activities of interest to the students. Our aim is to continue to help ourstudents in every possible way so as to give them a springboard for the future. Eurospeak aninternational college welcoming students from all over the world as well as helpingimmigrants to learn to speak better English for their new lives in UK.At Eurospeak College, great care is always taken to point a student’s career in the rightdirection. All our English courses and other study programmes are designed to take fullaccount of the students’ needs whether national or international. Here is a general overviewof all English courses and study programmes offered by Eurospeak College.English Language Courses:Eurospeak College offer tailor-made English learning courses such as general English,business English, IELTS preparation, pre-masters or Bespoke English programs on full timeor part time basis. Our teachers for English language courses are highly qualified andexperienced with both old and new teaching practice and methodology. The English lessonsare focused on the students and all students are expected to contribute to the lessons andactively learn the English language. Eurospeak Language School has gained aninternational reputation for the care and attention that all of our students receive during theirEnglish learning program session.Learn English OnlineOur Online English Learning courses are one of the easiest ways for learning EnglishLanguage while sitting in the comfort of your home. We assist you to learn English languageonline in our creative and structured online English courses and classes. Browse through ourwebsite and you will be surprised, how easy and affordable English language learning is withEurospeak College. We offer English language courses online with quality English speakingteachers who have both business and other specialized backgrounds. Our Online Englishclasses are perfect for anyone with a basic knowledge of spoken and written English. Our
  • online English classes are designed to effectively utilize your time and improve your Englishlanguage skills exponentially.CoursesGeneral English CourseIELTS Preparation CourseCambridge Examination Preparation CourseBespoke Business English CourseBespoke English for Special Purposes CourseGeneral EnglishCourse OutlineHere at Eurospeak on the General English Courses we boast: Experienced and qualified English Teachers Full or part time lessons at all levels Courses to help you to improve all four language skills: speaking, listening, readingand writing. Courses to improve your grammar, vocabulary and communicative skills Courses to help you improve your accuracy, fluency and comprehension skills Courses to help you and gain confidence in your English ability A very diverse student body with students of all ages, cultures, nationalities andbackgrounds Cambridge Examination Preparation Courses and an IELTS Preparation Course tohelp you can expand your qualifications and credentials On-going courses with entry at anytimeCourse materialsOur modern course books and authentic materials will help you to develop all four skills andmake your classes interesting.
  • Criteria for Entry and LevelsA test is conducted for every student before enrolment wherein their appropriate level isdetermined. We run courses right from Elementary to the Proficiency Level of English: Elementary: For students with only some elementary notions of English Pre-intermediate: For students with some knowledge of Basic English Intermediate: For students who understand and can use most of the basic structuresof English Upper-intermediate: For students who wish to build upon their knowledge, acquiregreater accuracy and fluency and use English as a tool for daily communication Advanced: For students who wish to progress to a high level of English that will equipthem for rapid and accurate communication in English Proficiency Club: A speaking club for students at a very high level who wish todevelop further.Course Information for StudentsThis section gives you some information about our General English courses. It tells you whatyour course contains and what to expect from it.Please contact us if you would like any more information, we are happy to help.Minimum age: 18Hours per week: 15 (5 lessons)Lesson times:Mornings: Monday to Friday 9.30 am to 12.45 pm, with a 15 minute break.Afternoons (Intermediate only) 1.30 to 16.45 with a 15 minute break.What’s included:Assessment of your needs; regular testing; teaching by a qualified tutor; marking your writtenhomework (at least once a week); individual help whenever possible during the class.Materials used: We use a course book plus a wide range of related material.
  • The book can be ordered via the school office at a cost of approx £23 (the school makes noprofit on this.)Maximum class size: max 18 students, on average we have 12 students in each class.Our General English Courses can lead to Cambridge ESOL exams including KET/PET/FCEor CAE.Exam Results 2011:KET: 9 merit, 3 pass, no fail.PET: 2 merit, 6 pass, 2 at level A2, no fail.FCE: 1 A, 8 B, 8 C, 4 at level B1, no fail.CAE 4 A, 2 B, 9 C, 3 at level B2, no fail.Course: IELTS Preparation, Course A and Course BMinimum entry level: IELTS 4.0 or equivalent; or scoring at least 50 on our written placementtest plus verbal interview to confirm suitability.Below this level, it is best to improve your general English before joining the IELTS course,our other English courses will help.Many of our students combine the IELTS course with a general English course.Minimum age: 18Hours per week: total 15 (5 lessons)Lesson times:Course A: Monday to Wednesday 9.30 am to 12.45 pm, with a 15 minute break.Course B: Thursday & Friday 9.30 am to 12.45 pm, with a 15 minute break.Course A and Course B are self-contained courses at the same level; you can do A or B orboth, depending on your situation.Aims: This course helps you to prepare for the IELTS exam. You will learn the best ways toapproach each part of the test (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening) and do intensivepractice of each part. You will have a personal action plan of how to improve your Englishand achieve the best result possible for you.
  • IELTS PreparationCourse OutlineAt Eurospeak, our IELTS course is designed for more advanced students who want toprepare for the IELTS examination. In every lesson you will: learn useful exam strategies have practice in all four language skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening revise vocabulary and grammar needed for level do a mock exam tasks to evaluate your progress use video recordings and exam papers from real examsEach course molds your English language skills to enable you to become a qualified speakerof English eligible for admission in any international course at all the top universities.What makes our IELTS course special? Our experienced IELTS tutors will monitor your progress and advise you when youare ready to take the IELTS thus ensuring your best chance for success. Our friendly admin staff will help you to find the nearest IELTS exam centre and tocomplete the registration documents. Our affiliation with several British universities means we can help you get admissionto them.Criteria for Entry and Levels availableThere are three levels in IELTS Course each with its own set of eligibility criteria. A seniorofficial acts as a counsellor to decide on the appropriate level for a student based on hisability to handle the English language in the given test.
  •  Foundation: requires 4.5 IELTS to join Intermediate: requires 5.0-5.5 IELTS to join Higher: requires 6.0 IELTS to joinCambridge Examination PreparationIn addition to IELTS training, at Eurospeak we offer tailored courses on the followingrecognised University of Cambridge examinations: Key English Test (KET): This exam is designed to test the ability of students whohave studied at a basic level (elementary and perhaps some pre-intermediate) tointroduce them to the first recognized Cambridge exam. This exam can be taken byinternational student visitors in the school. Preliminary English Test (PET): This exam is designed to test Intermediatecandidates’ ability to perform language tasks similar to those required for successfulperformance in real life situations. All international students who require a studentvisa to study in UK must show that they have achieved this level or higher if theywant a general student visa. First Certificate (FCE): This exam consolidates the upper-intermediate level andshows a competent level of understanding and communication in both spoken andwritten English. Advanced (CAE): This is a high level qualification for candidates wishing to use theirEnglish for professional or study purposes. Proficiency (CPE): This is the highest level of Cambridge English exams. This examtreats English in a more academic manner than the advanced level and is highlyrespected throughout the world.
  • By taking these examinations you can work your way up the levels while receivingconfirmation and certification of how much you have achieved and developed.Bespoke Business EnglishCourse OutlineHere at Eurospeak, our tailor made Business English courses boast: Experienced and qualified English Teachers. Focus on the four skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Focus on fluency and accuracy, grammar and vocabulary. Focus on the communication skills required for corporate meetings, makingpresentations, telephone conversations, writing business correspondences (e-mailand letters), etc. Focus on vital study skills such as time management, essay writing, etc. Focus on project planning skills. Focus on enhancing student confidence. Excellent results to those students taking the Business English Certificate (BEC).Why choose Eurospeak? We design and deliver your course to meet your unique needs. We use up-to-date study materials. Our bespoke courses can be delivered at your premises or alternatively you cansend your employees to study with us here at our campus. You will enhance your English Language skills both generally and within yourspecialised field. Courses can be created for group or one-to-one sessions.Entry Criteria and LevelStudents should have at least intermediate level of English. (Historically our BusinessEnglish courses have been created to range from Business English for Intermediate toAdvanced English level.)
  • StudentsWe welcome students from all over the world. We understand how difficult it can be tounderstand and adapt to the different customs and laws in UK, so we organize our teachersand administration department to offer every possible help with visa applications andenrolment in the college.Our students enter the college to study various subjects. Very many of them want to learn touse English for their working lives as well as for the freedom to communicate and travel allover the world. Others want to gain a command of IT (computer studies) that will enablethem to be in a strong position on the work market. We also offer Hospitality and Tourism atpost-graduate level to give our students a better chance of succeeding in the biggestindustry in the world and business studies to give our students a very strong base in theircommercial careers.What do our students like best in the school? Each student is different but we hope thateverybody appreciates the warm welcome by all the staff and the friendly atmosphere thatexists among the students themselves. The high quality of the teaching is another vitalaspect of the school that we want all our students to experience. Both during and after theirtime at the college, the teachers and the director keep in close contact with many of thestudents through social networking sites like Facebook.IELTS OnlineOur online IELTS Examination Preparation Course is brought to you by the IELTS Academyat Eurospeak in the UK. We have ten years experience of preparing students for IELTS, andan excellent record of results.On our online course you will discover: The basic principles of IELTS success – tried and tested by hundreds of our students How to prepare in minimal time How to get the best possible result with your current level of EnglishFurther, our course contains: Modules for IELTS reading, writing, speaking and listening, each module with fullinstructions on how to get the best result, including video demonstrations and step-by-step examples. Exercises to help you practice 2 complete practice tests plus answers and model essays Expert personal assessment of your writing and speaking
  • Gold members are also able to send us 2 essays for a personal assessment, and have anonline practice speaking test with a tutor.Book your course at IELTSGUIDE.ORGSummer English SchoolWelcome to Eurospeak’s summerschools! This year for the first time, we are offering you the freedom to choose between aresidential summer school in the prestigious Wellington Academy, set in the beautifuland most friendly county of Wiltshire, or a non residential summer school, set in ourfavourite school in the vibrant city of Reading. Both of these will bring out the fluent Englishin you, while inspiring you to delve into England’s culture head first!So what happens? All of this: Fun and learning English combined with our well-trained English Teachers Meet students your age from all over the world One to one classes available on request Work on study projects and create class magazines Join at any time over the summer periods (minimum 2 weeks) Welcome BBQ! Mini Olympics! Student disco! Sports! Swimming! Talent Night! Experience real British culture, entertainment, cinemas visits, games and sports Improve your English social communication skills interacting in English every day Visit great places and shops on our trips to London We’ll take you to will visit and learn about historical and cultural places likeStonehenge, Oxford, Winchester, Bath, Bournemouth and Salisbury.Class LevelsAll students will be placed in appropriate level group classes:
  •  Elementary Pre-intermediate Intermediate Upper Intermediate AdvancedAlso there are two levels of communication class: Lower level Upper level