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Juozas Markauskas …

Juozas Markauskas
Europeana Meeting, Rome, Italy
21 February 2011

More in: Education , Technology
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  • 1. Lithuanian t ua aContentfor EUROPEANAJuozas MarkauskasHead of digitisation department, Dizi Heritage, LithuaniaATHENA/EuropeanaLocal Workshop21 February, 2011Rome
  • 2. Overwiev• Lithuanian partner and EuropeanaLocal• L Local partners l t• Workflows and tools• Our content at Europeana p• Other important activities
  • 3. View from DIZI office in VilniusDigitization and consulting services formemory institutions
  • 4. Main activities in EuropeanaLocalDIZI is not content aggregator.  gg gOur responsibilities: • Ensure content contribution from local partners  p • Provide necessary training, tools and software  for content management and description.   g p • Migrate, check and normalize partners’ metadata
  • 5. Local partners Biržai region Biržai region museum “Sėla” Photographs and negatives Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum Posters Kaunas County Public Library E‐catalogues (3)
  • 6. Workflows• Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum: Metadata creation Data enrichment and  OAI‐PMH 2.0 Data  normalization checking Provider Digital files in  (ESE) DiziHIVE phpoai2 folder system DiziHIVE Content Checker• Biržai region museum “Sėla” Digital files in  Metadata  Data OAI‐PMH 2.0  folder system. enrichment  checking Data Provider Metadata in and norm. DiziHIVE phpoai2 (ESE) MS Access Content Checker DiziHIVE
  • 7. „DiziHIVE“ Collection Management Tool• Tool for small collection management (up to 10.000 items)• Web‐based solution: php, ajax, mysql, flash.• Installation on localhost or at hosting provider server.• DCMI, ESE, OAI‐PMH compatible.• Main functions: import, export and management of digital files and  i f i i d f di i l fil dmetadata; linking of metadata and digital images.
  • 8. „DiziHIVE“ tool in useI. Aggregation of  II. Image files are linked with  III. Data are ready for harvestingdigitized content metadata. Metadata are  metadata Metadata are normalized and enriched Metadata and  files database files database aggrega tion ti DiziHIVE Tool Via PHPOAI2
  • 9. „DiziHIVE“: data import List of images  ready to import ready to import Metadata fields Image preview
  • 10. „DiziHIVE“: metadata enrichment Preview of  digital image  Links with  and metadata other related   other related items stored in  database
  • 11. Lithuanian cultural heritage promoted gEuropeana Newsletter item about Lithuania’s Heritage, September 2010 issue http://www group europeana eu/web/guest/newsletter/
  • 12. First content fromLITHUANIA live onEUROPEANA
  • 13. • Lithuanian Theatre,  Collections on Music  and Cinema Museum: Music and Cinema Museum: EuropeanaPosters from Vilnius Theatre,  19th century. 2000 records h
  • 14. Collections on• Biržai museum “Sėla” EuropeanaPhotographs , postcards and negatives 19th to 20th century. g p p g y6000 records
  • 15. Lithuanian National meeting• EuropeanaLocal + CARARE• 10 November 2010, Vilnius University Library
  • 16. Lithuanian National meeting • 49 participants • 13 i tit ti institutions represented t d • 11 papers presented
  • 17. EuropeanaLocal end user testing p gEvent 1. 12 January 2011,  Šiauliai Povilas Višinskis Public Library, Šiauliai. 12 participants. Event 2. 19 JE 2 19 January 2011,  2011 DIZI heritage office, Vilnius. 6 participants. 
  • 18. We are currently thinking about:We are currently thinking about: SKOS O ESE LOD RDF EDM d metadata
  • 19. Thank y ! Th k you!Juozas Markauskas, Juozas Markauskas,