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Europeana Business Plan 2014 ( proposed), Nov 2013
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Europeana Business Plan 2014 ( proposed), Nov 2013


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Cu llez #A ure lt Thank you Plan 2014 Proposed Business Jill Cousins @JilCos Name December 2, 2013 e-mail
  • 2. Last year of strategic plan 2011-2015 Work is dictated by Projects: 1.Operational:V2/V3 2.Promotion & Innovation: Awareness, Cloud, Creative, Inside 3.New: Sounds, Ambrosia 20 subcontracts
  • 3. Last year of strategic plan 2011-2015 Moving from emphasis on aggregation to distribution
  • 4. Last year of strategic plan 2011-2015 Prepare for the future: New strategy New technologies New emphasis
  • 5. Transition 2014 •Shift from portal to platform •Data Quality emphasis •Value creation for contributing partners •Copyright improvement •Operational Efficiency •Multilinguality underlined •Thematic focus #AllezCulture
  • 6. #AllezCulture • Increase activism in Europeana Network More taskforces creating results More promotion of culture as important More use of the API
  • 7. #AllezCulture • Investigate new funding streams for the Europeana ecosystem including incubation • Telecomms ministers into Culture  F i P P P Creative Europe Start up Horizon Europe 2020 CEF to include Aggregation Infrastructure Cost
  • 8. #AllezCulture • Position Europeana in research, education & creative industries markets with Europeana Cloud & Creative’s new Europeana Labs
  • 9. #AllezCulture • Promote Cultural Commons Principles in new Europeana Cloud infrastructure
  • 10. #AllezCulture • Europeana Awareness campaigns continue
  • 11. Strategic12 Objectives for 2014 Plan 2011-2015  Aggregate – We are building the open, trusted source for European cultural content  Facilitate – We support the cultural heritage sector through knowledge transfer, innovation and advocacy  Distribute – We make heritage available to people wherever they are, whenever they want it  Engage – We cultivate new ways for people to participate in their cultural heritage
  • 12. Objectives 2014 Improve the database – Quality, Quality, Quality Widen the network of data providers Streamline the European aggregation infrastructure Focus on value added services for aggregators and data providers;
  • 13. KPIs Increase number of: •data providers to Europeana 2300 •digital objects 31 34 million 2,700
  • 14. KPIs Improve quality of data: •Introduce rating star system •rights statement in metadata •metadata records in EDM •decent previews •geo-location data •persistent links Promote this data heavily
  • 15. Objectives 2014 Intellectual Property & Policy & R&D To continue to develop the framework to increase data interoperabilty and its reuse potential IP&P Promote cultural institution needs’ in the proposed EU copyright review R&D To prioritise Multilingualism in the R&D agenda
  • 16. Objectives 2014 Knowledge Management Re engineer Europeana Pro to match all our needs for a knowledge sharing platform Project Management Help projects by hitting deadlines
  • 17. Objectives 2014 Distribution & Engagement Use Europeana 1914-1918 as model of everything you can do if the data is good – thematic focus Promote the data set to the Creative Industries via Europeana Labs Find new ways of distributing content: distribution partnerships in education, research & tourism Engage users with cultural heritage via exhibitions and social media working & a new UGC campaign with Ambrosia on Food & Drink
  • 18. KPIs • Increase reach & impressions on social media etc • Deliver Europeana Labs • Challenges for Creative successful • 60 active API implementations
  • 19. How?
  • 20. Europeana events 2014 eCloud General Assembly, 18-19 March, Athens Europeana v3.0 Kick-Off & Presidency event, Athens Presidency event, 1 Oct, Rome, Italy eCollections19141918 Conference , 30-31 Jan, Berlin Europeana Ambrosia Kick-Off, 14-15 Jan, London Jan eCreative General Assembly, 28-29 Jan, Vienna Europeana Biz Plan 2015 workshops, The Hague, NL National Network Meeting, Athens, Greece National Network Meeting, NL Feb EuropeanaTech & AGM Paris, France March April May Europeana Creative Challenge -Education Europeana Sounds Kick-Off, 17-18 Feb, London June Europeana Projects Meeting July August National Network Meeting & Aggregator Forum, Rome Sept Europeana Awareness Final Project Meeting National Network Meeting, Spain Oct Nov Dec Europeana Creative Challenge - Tourism * 15-20 Europeana 1914 – 1918 road show events (# tbc) * 3 Europeana 1989 road show events * 4 training workshops on netwotk-relevant topics * 2 Europeana Board meetings * Small workshops connecting to other networks, the creative industries in particular (# tbc) * Europeana Network Officers meetings (#tbc) Legend: Organised by Europeana Organised by partners
  • 21. Technology & Product Development -Lay foundation for “Digital Service Infrastructure” – Portal to Platform -Implement a Channels infrastructure – first example Europeana Sounds -Pilot a Cloud infrastructure with Poznan & TEL under Europeana Cloud -Improve ingestion-enrichment-publication cycle - Release Europeana Labs
  • 22. Thematic Focus means….. Europeana 1914-1918… in everything…..
  • 23. Thematic Focus means….. Europeana 1914-1918… in everything….. To demonstrate: •Multilingual improvements •Link between Institutional & personal heritage •Inclusion of API’s (DPLA & Trove) •Geo Tagging •User Tagging •Case study on concept to core business
  • 24. Thematic Focus means….. Europeana 1914-1918… in everything….. To reuse in: PI A Creative Challenges eBooks Google Exhibition Pipeline Prototype Europeana Research Wikipedia Historypin Jisc WW1 Centenary Hub Educational Resources: Historiana, BL Creative Challenges
  • 25. Thematic Focus means….. Europeana 1914-1918… in everything…..
  • 26. Thematic Focus means….. Europeana 1914-1918… in everything….. To promote in: Launch of new site in Berlin January 29, 2014 Wiki loves monuments Europeana Collections 1914-1918 Berlin Conference House of European History Social Media
  • 27. Questions or Suggestions?