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  1. 1. Harry Verwayenjune 21 2013, DublinFuel for growthTuesday, June 25, 2013
  2. 2. #AllezCulture!Tuesday, June 25, 2013#AllezCulture1,203 Tweets1,952,155 Impressions@EuropeanaEU1,383 Tweets1,885,509 Impressions
  3. 3. Tuesday, June 25, 2013A wide variety of top influencers
  4. 4. "What a digital Wonder @Europeanaeu is: a single access pointfor our cultural treasures" @NeelieKroesEU #Allezculture<>Tuesday, June 25, 2013From wikipedians
  5. 5. Voicing my strong support for continued funding for@EuropeanaEU, which has connected Europe & democratizedaccess to culture. #AllezCulture<>Tuesday, June 25, 2013From people from other continents
  6. 6. @EuropeanaEU reminds me of the fact that Europe is somuch more than bail outs and crisis. Keep up the goodwork! <>Tuesday, June 25, 2013But all from the heart! That is really fantastic and a clear sign that Europeana has becomemuch more than a project and has really started developing into a movement.
  7. 7. ValueTuesday, June 25, 2013But in order to keep that movement going we will have to be much more articulate about thevalue that we can create through Europeana. For the cultural institutions, for targetedaudiences like tourism, education, research. So what is the value that Europeana can bring?In fact, what IS Europeana?
  8. 8. Is it a website?Tuesday, June 25, 2013Is it a portal? Well, it started that way. But are we in a position to build the best portal in theworld? Is that where our value lies?
  9. 9. Phase 1: AggregationTuesday, June 25, 2013Lets have a quick look at what we have achieved together over the last 5 years.
  10. 10. LibrariesEuropeanaDrents archiefLouvreTELMuseumsArchivesCC-BY-NCTuesday, June 25, 2013We started in 2008 with the aim to create a ‘single point of access’ to our shared heritage.
  11. 11. Tuesday, June 25, 2013The most visible aspect of that was the portal.
  12. 12. NetworkAggregation infrastructureData ModelTuesday, June 25, 2013But the underlying value of that excercise was probably much greater: have havecreated a thriving network of hundreds of professionals from libraries, museums,archives and increasingly creative industries, who join forces to do new meaningfulthings on the internet. We have setup an aggregation infrastructure that is able tohandle many thousands of contributions from every corner of Europe and beyond.And we have agreed on a datamodel that is scalable, and fit for the challenges of the21st century.
  13. 13. Is it a sharedinfrastructure to solveissues together?Tuesday, June 25, 2013Is it instead a shared infrastructure that allows us to solve issues together that we wouldnever been able to solve before on such a scale?
  14. 14. Phase 2: DistributionTuesday, June 25, 2013But that was only the beginning.
  15. 15. Tuesday, June 25, 2013We soon realised that having data available in a uniform format would not be enoughto meet the needs of an increasingly savvy audience of consumers.
  16. 16. Tuesday, June 25, 2013The first thing we needed to agree on was to change the licensing on the metadata. We endedup agreeing on one of the most open licensing form available, the Public Domain Dedication.This was extremely challenging, and took a leap of faith, but we did it.
  17. 17. Tuesday, June 25, 2013This is allowing many more audiences to use the metadata to their own benefit and thatof the participating institutions. Currently over 750 organisations, commercial and non-commercial, are using our API.
  18. 18. Tuesday, June 25, 2013We are now looking into segmenting these audiences
  19. 19. Tuesday, June 25, 2013So that we can better cater to their specific needs.
  20. 20. Tuesday, June 25, 2013We are now many websites.
  21. 21. Tuesday, June 25, 2013But more importantly we have developed a scalable mechanism
  22. 22. Tuesday, June 25, 2013For others who are much better equipped to do useful things with.
  23. 23. LicensingDistributed accessUGCTuesday, June 25, 2013We have developed an infrastructure for licensing metadata, distributed access, and to a certain extend UGC.
  24. 24. How:CollectiveInnovativeNetworkedScalableTuesday, June 25, 2013Most of the value that we can create in the Europeana context seems to be not the things wedo, but HOW we do them. We seems to be most successful when we develop formats that arecollective, innovative, networked, and scalable.
  25. 25. Phase 3:Core Service PlatformTuesday, June 25, 2013So how do we move into the next phase?
  26. 26. Can we be a HadronCollider?Tuesday, June 25, 2013
  27. 27. Tuesday, June 25, 2013
  28. 28. Tuesday, June 25, 2013
  29. 29. ReducinghostingcostsTuesday, June 25, 2013
  30. 30. ExtendinglicensingframeworkTuesday, June 25, 2013
  31. 31. Outreachprogramme fordevelopersTuesday, June 25, 2013
  32. 32. ExtendingCollection DaysformatTuesday, June 25, 2013
  33. 33. NowTuesday, June 25, 2013
  34. 34. What can Europeana dofor you?Tuesday, June 25, 2013
  35. 35. What can you do forEuropeana?Tuesday, June 25, 2013
  36. 36. Europeana needs to:• Be a catalyst: driver of innovation, change,connector with other industries...• Be a hub: of data, of knowledge, ofconnections, of new ideas,...• Be a coordinator: of principles, of licenses, ofpartnerships, of standards...Tuesday, June 25, 2013
  37. 37. What can you do?• Ensure that letters of support are sent fromcultural institutions to Brussels• Sign the petition and send it on• Dig up case studies, facts, and tweet/FB them#allezculture!Tuesday, June 25, 2013
  38. 38. Tuesday, June 25, 2013Make no mistake: This is a fundraiser.
  39. 39. Harry Verwayenharry.verwayen@kb.nlThank youTuesday, June 25, 2013
  40. 40. Toolbox (white)Replace text andadjust sizeReplace text andadjust sizeReplace text andadjust sizeReplace text andadjust sizeReplace text andadjust sizeReplace text andadjust sizeTuesday, June 25, 2013