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07 europeana tech

  1. 1. EuropeanaTech Exploring the Future of Europeana September 25, Project Group Assembly 2013, The Hague
  2. 2. Europeana v2.0 “The aim of this Thematic Network called Europeana v2.0 is to provide the Europeana Foundation which is responsible for Europeana with the majority of the funding required to ensure the continued running and development of Europeana from October 2011 to February 2014.” WP7 Innovation “Objective of this work package is to continue to develop the Research and Development Community that has built up around Europeana. This community needs to be facilitated to continue to meet, to innovate and undertake research needed for the future of Europeana. Such innovation and research is also beneficial for the broad cultural heritage and research communities.”
  3. 3. Key objectives of WP7 - Innovation  Continue to develop the R&D Community around Europeana  Identify future innovation potential for the development of Europeana services  Encourage experimentation with new applications Main areas of work:  Further establishment of the developers network  Extension and maintenance of FLOSS inventory  Solutions for user interaction and user generated content  Semantic Web and Linked Data  Contribution to multilingual features of Europeana
  4. 4. Developers Currently: • EDM Model Refinements • Multiligual & Semantic Enrichment Strategy Focus 2012: • FLOSS inventory Focus 2013: • Software development EuropeanaTech Community From MS37 Mission Statement: "The mission of the EuropeanaTech community is to gather task forces on specific technical points (metadata display issues, extensions to the Europeana Data Model, etc) and foster a Europeana Software Developers Network” Task Forces Europeana Tech
  5. 5. Inventory of FLOSS in the Cultural Heritage Domain
  6. 6.  Prototype instance of the further developed code base of the Waisda? Video Labeling Game  Contributor: Sound and Vision in close collaboration with Humboldt University and Europeana Foundation  Follows Functional Specifications for Social Semantic Functions and showcases some of its recommendations  Open source code is available for reuse by EuropeanaTech and beyond on GitHub: https://github.com/beeldengeluid/waisda/tree/master- 0.0.2-SNAPSHOT Waisda? for Europeana Results
  7. 7. http://waisda.tuxic.nl:8080/
  8. 8.  Report by Task Force: Recommendations for the representation of hierarchical objects in Europeana  Case studies provided by the various domains represented in Europeana  EDM models proposed for various types of hierarchies  Set of recommendations for Europeana Recommendations for the representation of hierarchical objects in Europeana
  9. 9.  Report by Task Force: Report on EDM – FRBRoo Application Profile  The aim of the task force was to extend, correct or restrict this suggested mapping and provide examples for the use of the combined EDM and FRBRoo namespace clusters.  This report delivers combined models in terms of properties and classes of EDM and FRBRoo illustrated by sample data.  The report also provides principles for modeling and mapping rules based on the experiments of the working groups. Report on EDM – FRBRoo Application Profile
  10. 10. Task Force on EDM Mappings Refinements and Extensions  The main work of the task force will consist of collecting mappings / extensions to / of EDM and summarizing as well as documenting all strands of work from different partners and projects into an overall 'big picture’ • The number of contributing content partners is steadily increasing within this network and with this also the number of metadata formats, schema, etc. the EDM has to integrate. • A lot of different projects and partners have been working on different adaptions, refinements and mappings  Chairs: Valentine Charles and Marlies Olensky
  11. 11. Task Force on Multilingual & Semantic Enrichment Strategy  Focus on collections that are multilingual  Identify vocabularies that can be used to enrich them  Workshop in Berlin, November 8  Chairs: Vivien Petras, Juliana Stiller & Antoine Isaac
  12. 12. Thank you! Maarten Brinkerink Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision mbrinkerink@beeldengeluid.nl Follow us on Twitter: @EuropeanaTech http://pro.europeana.eu/web/network/europeana-tech/