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SharePoint Adoption: Bridging the Gulf presented by Bob Kreha
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SharePoint Adoption: Bridging the Gulf presented by Bob Kreha


I think we can all agree that any technology deployment works best when it is aligned with real business value. This has been demonstrated by the willingness of companies to invest millions in ERP …

I think we can all agree that any technology deployment works best when it is aligned with real business value. This has been demonstrated by the willingness of companies to invest millions in ERP systems, recognizing that although the implementation and configuration of an ERP is a painful process, the outcome of having better inventory, supply chain and financial management is a necessity for running a business. Similarly, business have come to rely on the vast array of desktop software, most notably MS-Office, as genuine productivity tools.

But what about the gulf in the middle, between the enterprise and the desktop? What about department level workflow, document sharing, social networking in the workplace, and automated services for internal employees? Is there genuine business value there? And is SharePoint 2010 really the first “ready for primetime” platform that can deliver on the third leg of an enterprise IT strategy, bridging the gulf between the enterprise and the desktop?

This presentation will explore the alignment between the capabilities of SharePoint 2010 and real business needs for team, department and enterprise –level collaboration, use real world examples of best practices for developing a roadmap for success, and explore the non-technical factors that have the potential to make or break the success of collaboration within your enterprise.

Published in Technology , Education
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  • 1. The New World of Collaboration It’s nice to share, or is it...? Bob Kreha, PMP BrightStreet Group, USA
  • 2. Agenda • What I’ve been doing lately • Collaboration as a “hot topic” – how we got here • Now what - strategies for providing an environment conducive to collaboration • Open Discussion
  • 3. What I’ve been doing
  • 4. Different Industries – similar objectives
  • 5. How we got here
  • 6. How we got here Lawson SAP Cerner Photo shop Excel Word The desktop
  • 7. What goes on in the Gulf • Less rigid than the relatively inflexible processes that run the core business • Requires a team that can last from 30 minutes to a year • More complex than desktop tools can handle
  • 8. The most successful collaborative workflow engine of all time!
  • 9. The “Who Cares” slide! Virtual workers Worker stratification (contractors, vendors, partners, etc.) Aging workforce Attachment hell and Outlook as your corporate document mgmt system • You can’t search for what isn’t there… • • • •
  • 10. A user’s perspective · My personal “Collaboration site” is ALWAYS full – if we are suppose to store documents there, give us more space (especially for mobile workers) · It seems to be the solution for everything – create a Collaboration Site, put it on Collaboration site, etc. People just roll their eyes when someone says this. · Shared / team sites seem to become “dumping” grounds, and never kept up-to-date. · User learning opportunity – with team sites, nobody puts anything out there, but still just sends emails with attachments, etc. instead of posting on “Collaboration site” to share with others · Rarely are the sites used to their full capacity – calendars, to do lists, etc. · It’s almost more of a chore to put things on “Collaboration site” (another learning opportunity for us) · User fear – it appears to be very overwhelming; especially when it’s MANDATED that you switch to “Collaboration site”, and you just have to learn it. (yes, we had classes but I didn’t attend, and I’m guessing most people didn’t – unless they were one of the people who were deemed “Collaboration site” expert for the team) · Understand that there will be different levels of user needs – marketing / communications could probably utilize the calendars, forms, etc. while another group simply does just need it as an archival spot for documents. · It’s frustrating when you are trying to save to your Collaboration site, for example from Excel, and it lets you do it one time, but then won’t let you another time. Fickle.
  • 11. It’s nice to share
  • 12. Maslow’s Hierarchy
  • 13. Bob’s Hierarchy for Sharing A wiki Document Libraries Network file share My C: Drive A printed copy on my desk
  • 14. The other side of the pyramid Information is power I don’t trust our VPN I’ll share it when it’s finished (as a PDF) Someone else could take credit for my work I don’t want department XYZ seeing what we’re doing
  • 15. Collaborate or drown?
  • 16. Barriers to Sharing? Best Practices Lessons Learned Project Status Documents
  • 17. I don’t want department XYZ seeing what we’re doing Someone else could take credit for my work I’ll share it when it’s finished (as a PDF) I don’t trust our VPN Information is power To be successful, you have to invert the pyramid
  • 18. Now what? Strategies to expand the adoption of collaboration without creating a new digital landfill
  • 19. Strategies Productivity Transparency Anthropomorphism Governance Wow, is it 5:30 already?? Really, I WANT you to know… The nirvana of personalization SPD’s and CDU’s
  • 20. Productivity if you build it, they will NOT come…
  • 21. Productivity Collaboration is not about proximity, it’s about trust…
  • 22. Productivity Employee Services Forms Management Project Truth News! Work Spaces Who’s on First
  • 23. Productivity A model portal
  • 24. Transparency
  • 25. Transparency Lawson SAP Cerner Photo shop Excel Word
  • 26. Transparency
  • 27. Transparency You know you make me want to shout!
  • 28. Transparency News Corporate Information universally of interest to all employees Executive Blogs Taking news and putting a face on it Projects What is everyone working on and how is it going Balanced Scorecards How are we doing, really Strategy Where are we going next and what is your role in that?
  • 29. Anthropomorphism
  • 30. Anthropomorphism
  • 31. The Art of Governance
  • 32. Governance – Dante was right
  • 33. Governance – Only nine circles?? • The Nine Circles of Hell • • • • • • • • • First Circle (Limbo) Second Circle (Lust) Third Circle (Gluttony) Fourth Circle (Avarice and Prodigality) Fifth Circle (Wrath and Sullenness) Sixth Circle (Heresy) Seventh Circle (Violence) Eighth Circle (Fraud) Ninth Circle (Treachery)
  • 34. Bob’s six circles of Governance Hell
  • 35. There’s no “I” in Governance
  • 36. Governance – good sports
  • 37. Governance – how much is too much?
  • 38. Summary
  • 39. Thank you!