Alastair Dunning, Europeana Newspapers, The European Library
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  • 1. Europeana Newspapers 17 September 2013 – Amsterdam – Morning Edition Published by Alastair Dunning, The European Library
  • 2. On 15th April 1912, the passenger ship Titanic, carrying over 2000 passengers and crew, crashed into an iceberg on its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York
  • 3. Responses to the Titanic Disaster
  • 4. Responses to the Titanic Disaster
  • 5. Responses to the Titanic Disaster
  • 6. Responses to the Titanic Disaster
  • 7. Responses to the Titanic Disaster
  • 8. News travels at different speeds, with importance that diminishes at different rates. This is true now as is was in 1912. (though the web changes things …)
  • 9. The Europeana Newspapers project is making this kind of investigation easier, in several ways
  • 10. 1. By creating full text for 8m pages
  • 11. 2. By undertaking article segmentation for 2m pages
  • 12. 3. By undertaking named entity extraction for 2m pages
  • 13. 4. By developing a crosssearchable newspapers browser at The European Library (with metadata forwarded to Europeana)
  • 14. Europeana Newspapers - Partners Blue– Providing Content Yellow –Providing Technical Services Green – Associate Partners,11.777344&spn=42.275511,114.169922
  • 15. Timetable for rest of project Now - Test version of interface shared with project yesterday Throughout 2014 - Ongoing creation of OCR, and other related technical work (OLR, Named Entities) Throughout 2014 – Live version of website improved / usability testing Late 2014 - Final project conference Late 2014 - Newspaper browser completed with content and tools from project More information at