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Sustainable Construction InterCluster Club meeting - …

Sustainable Construction InterCluster Club meeting -
April 5th, Brussels

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  • 1. CLUSTER - BTP of Future Technological Platform certified by MESR CLUSTER - Grappe d’entreprises certified by DATAR Anchoring & Professional Governance More than 50 enterprises (72% of local SME) 10 industrial compagnies (St GOBAIN – GDF SUEZ– EIFFAGE...) Actors and representatives professional (ingeneering, architectural offices, social buildings organisation….) Resources Education and Research 3 South Aquitaine Engineering Schools – (ISABTP ESTIA CNAM…) 1 Architectural School in Bordeaux 3 University & Public and Private R&D Centers 3 Secondary schools for vocational training , 1 institut of technology in Civil engineering Key figures: 150 developed projects since 2002, 35 Professors (teaching and research), 234 students and … 20,5 % of the economic weight of the BTP 64 concerned Materials Energy Themes : energy saving and efficency and « Plan Bâtiment Grenelle » Low environmental impact Materials ( ACV FDES …) Process Materials & Process of construction skeels / Rehabilitation sectorwww.eskal.developpement.com activities
  • 2. The president is speeking : « ESKAL-EUREKA is a club , to developp our SME and teach the best practice to the young générations. We must build the future on our territory. Together, we will answer to the new challenges : energy saving, recycling activities and new materials, safe working method on construction sites, new and qualitativ process. » With ESKAL EUREKA : ACTIVITY/EMPLOYMENT & TRAINING /TERRITORY + than 50 companies , 10 industrialists, 9 Research&Teaching establishmentswww.eskal.developpement.com 234 Students, for 20,5% of the PAYS BASQUE’s companies
  • 3. What did they say ? 110 companies at ESKAL EUREKA inauguration the 29th January 2009 Etc…www.eskal.developpement.com
  • 4. Objectives of the CLUSTER - BTP of FUTURE ESKAL EUREKA : a way of minding, an atmosphere : 2010 2015 SME situation CLUSTER organization Task forces and lack -Modern - Structured In the context of crises - Attractiv - Compétitiv Where the compagnies OPERATIONNAL To create activity, dont’t pilote their PROCESSUS employment, and give markets chances to master and pilote the market Charter defined by members « In new buildings or in renovation activities, the ESKAL EUREKA BTP Cluster will contribute to the competitiveness of the BTP sector and the SME, by new technologies and materials with low-environmental-impact. ESKAL EUREKA integrate and adapt the new market requirements, and improve creation of activity and employment » www.eskal.developpement.comwww.eskal.developpement.com
  • 5. WAHT, HOW, WHY?...  6 Actions in the Cluster’s specification Action 0 : « Permanent functionement of the Cluster » Action 1 : « Give competitivity opportunity for the SME enterprises » Action 2 : « Favorise employment and activity creation » Action 3 : « Create a referent space for innovation ideas and exchange between the SME » Action 4 : « Increase visibility for the Cluster and of the locals SME – Value their own action and the collectiv actions » Action 5 : « Anchor the BTP on the territory – Territorial development strategy »  8 ACTIVITIES Club 1. Best & good practicies Club-réseau Services Network Services 2. Distribution/information 3. Formation ESKAL-EUREKA 4. Services for the SME 5. Innovation development Job 6. Monitoring/Testing Prospective School& Relation Formation métier-formation école/entreprise 7. PJT Accompagment Companies Prospectivewww.eskal.developpement.com relationship 8. Incubation/SME Support
  • 6. 150 References: Global Innovation 150 References: Global Innovation European & Cross- border Projects Individual Projects « One to one » Members Collectives Projects & PATENTS Conferences & Workshop EUROPEAN PROJECT Energy efficency Center Material/Concrete/ALC Floatting Construction Wood Construction Constructive Systems Software development Machine of Second works/insulation Energetic Efficiency construction site Thermal simulationwww.eskal.developpement.com & EXPERTISE Laboratories activities Professional Teaching &GPEC
  • 7. Thank you for your attentionwww.eskal.developpement.com