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How will consumers shop in 2020? Major trends in cross-channel retailing by Axel Groothuis
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How will consumers shop in 2020? Major trends in cross-channel retailing by Axel Groothuis


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Major Trends in cross-channel retailing from Google, Facebook, Stanford University the Shopping2020 field in San Francisco, U.S. …

Major Trends in cross-channel retailing from Google, Facebook, Stanford University the Shopping2020 field in San Francisco, U.S.
By Axel Groothuis, partner for Eurogroup Conslting Netherlands

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Shopping in 2020 Major trends in cross-channel retailing from Shopping2020 Field Trip U.S. Axel Groothuis, September 2013 23-09-131
  • 2. About Shopping 2020 §  How will consumers shop online in 2020 and what actions should be taken at national, industry and at company level to embrace this? 18 Work groups, 3 tracks •  Future trends •  Special themes •  Customer Journey And many more, see
  • 3. Shopping Today congress: 26 September in Almere
  • 4. USA trip “Shopping 2020”
  • 5. Mobile commerce •  Mobile commerce (smartphones plus tablets) almost exceeds desktop commerce -  20.000 cars / week sold via Ebay via smartphones -  53% of in store buying stopped because of phone (NL 9%) •  Mobile payments current threshold, but will be overcome soon •  Native apps brings the best customer experience but no SEO contribution •  Compression: Know your customer, personalize offering “Whether Google will do it or not, it will happen”
  • 6. Location based services •  “Why queuing to pay?” [Apple] •  “Why start communicating when leaving” •  Personalized campaigns based on customers preferences and location •  People get delivered at the GeoCode instead of their address “Online and Offline are gone”
  • 7. Merge of commerce and entertainment •  Inspiration based commerce fasted growing segment [Ebay] •  Google can show comparable products based on analyzing and comparing pictures •  Homepages will evolve to digital magazines “Publishing is at the heart of it”
  • 8. “Do not ever ever ever give your data to Amazon” EX- Shopping behavior •  “Knowledge about shopping behavior - on an individual basis – is the sustainable asset” [Ebay] •  Never invest in Amazon, judge cooperation only on a short term P&L effect •  “Do not be afraid of a total “Amazonation” as the ultimate power remains with the consumer” [Ebay]
  • 9. Big data •  Current investment in data much bigger than the current use •  Find the meaning of your data -  Look at the context of your data -  Look at individual cases •  “Climb the hill step by step” -  Step by step approach with a clear ROI per step •  Getting a 360 degree view of a customer •  Visualize data to increase impact •  Invest in people with statistical / data analysis skills “Do not look at your database as a database”
  • 10. Customization •  “Customization may accelerate disintermediation of retail” [ex-Amazon] •  Customization will increase importance of tablets in store [Apple] •  Think of customization for retailers [Apple] •  3D-printing: -  Currently small, but figures are promising -  Will start with parts and handcrafted items like jewelry -  Printers probably at manufacturer or retailer -  Will lead to tremendous power shifts when it really gets off with a broader scopex “3D printing is a disruptive change”
  • 11. Vertical integration •  The advantages of the vertical supply chain -  Higher margins which can be used for innovation -  Shorter time to market -  Ability to make ‘real decisions on a quarterly basis’ -  Best equipped for customization and personalization “Vertical integrated supply chains may become the winner” EX-
  • 12. (Dis)intermediation •  Retail = match making + distribution -  Google search -  Google shopping -  Google insight in local stock -  Google express -  Google wallet -  Google glass -  … •  Current pilot of Paypal in the Valley •  “Retailers are lacking behind on selection and convenience” [Ebay] •  “One click buy” / “One comment buy” “If I was a brand, I would sell to my consumers wherever I could”
  • 13. 7x24 connected, wearables
  • 14. Culture & organization ! •  Facebook did not have a mobile proposition in 2012. -  Now it’s 50% of their traffic. •  Failure must be accepted to allow employees to innovate -  Apple tries 1.000 times before it is perfect. -  Google stopped 70 public projects in the last two years •  Bringing the “right” message to the “right” customer at the “right” time across all channels requires intensive organizational alignment “What holds us back is organizational and cultural thresholds, not technology”
  • 15. The war for talent…
  • 16. Who will win…?
  • 17. In the end…the consumer will win!
  • 18. Axel Groothuis, partner for Eurogroup Consulting Netherlands Learn more about Axel For more Insights, check out