Euroclad - Green Roof System


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Euroclad Standingseam Roof incorporating a Living Green Roof System

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Euroclad - Green Roof System

  1. 1. Why Use a Green Roof? NEW PRODUCT INFORMATION Standing Seam Aluminium Roof Featuring Green Roof Systems
  2. 2. Why Use a Green Roof? NEW PRODUCT INFORMATION Greenroofs are an age old solution to arid urban environments, nowadays the are increasing in popularity due to the many benefits.
  3. 3. Intensive Green Roof • What’s it look like on the inside? Liner Profile
  4. 4. Green Roof FACTS • Mechanical engineers can reduce the air conditioning costs within the building • Civil engineers can use the greenroof in their run-off rate calculations as a storm water source control mechanism • Ecologists and landscape architects can provide space for biodiversity and amenities • Developers can balance the cost of the green roofs with savings on reduced energy demand and reduction in underground water storage solutions
  5. 5. Green Roof benefits  Water managements benefits to assist local SUDS planning and flood defences  Remove CO2 and harmful pollutants from the atmosphere  Mitigate the Urban Heat Island Effect  Regulate internal building temperatures  Acoustic performance improvements – reducing noise by a further 8dB
  6. 6. Green Roof Types Intensive : High maintenance – Replicates a ground level garden. Provides amenity space. Bio-Diverse : Low maintenance – local aggregate colonises naturally. Recreates pre-existing ground ecosystem. Extensive : Low maintenance, low growing plants. Sedum blankets for instant greening.
  7. 7. Suitability for Standing seam Roofs  Extensive Green Roof  Intensive Green Roof  Bio-Diverse Green Roof
  8. 8. Green Roof • Build Up Planting Substrate Filter Fleece Biodrain Standingseam Roof
  9. 9. Supply Partnership - Source the Standing seam Roof from Euroclad. - Source the Green Roof System from SKYGARDEN
  10. 10. Green Roof • What’s it look like on the inside? Structural Deck
  11. 11. Green Roof • What’s it look like on the inside? Liner Profile
  12. 12. Can you have roof penetrations? Yes, of course.
  13. 13. Making it Happen… • Euroclad products – Supply Only • Sky Gar – Supply Only – Supply and Fit
  14. 14. Roof Pitch • Minimum Roof pitch of 2.5° • Maximum roof pitch of 40° • A roof pitch more than 15° requires Sedum Roof Cells to prevent slippage of growing medium.
  15. 15. CAD details • Available on the website
  16. 16. NBS Specifications • Available on the website Green Ro ofs Green Ro ofs Gr een Ro ofs Green Ro ofs
  17. 17. Installer Confidence • Euroclad Training Centre CITB Accredited Courses
  18. 18. Installer Confidence Euroclad Training Centre Don’t Guess – get trained
  19. 19. Do you need any more information? • Call our Sales Hotline on 02920 839 035 For more information visit our web site – or email us at