Euroxpro 2012 Events Presentation


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Euroxpro 2012 Events Presentation

  1. 1. EuroXpro 2012 “Leading Greece to the Extra Mile” AIESEC Greece 17 – 23 March 2012AIESEC is the international platform for young people to explore and develop their leaderships potential.Present in over 2.000 universities and with over 60.000 members, AIESEC is the worlds’ largest youth-runorganization.In Greece AIESEC exists since 1958, and is present in 7 universities.Every year we offer to our members: 20.000 leadership positions, around 470 conferences, 16.000international internships opportunities, virtual and physical learning environments. One of theseopportunities is EuroXpro12 Conference. EuroXpro Conference |AIESEC Hellas|2012
  2. 2. What is EuroXpro 2012? EuroXpro12 Product PortfolioEuroΧpro is one of the biggest AIESEC conferences globally:a. Ensuring continuity and implementation of global strategythrough the presence of the national Boards of Directors of50 AIESEC countries from West Europe & North America - thetop talent executives of our organization.b. Providing skills, attitudes, knowledge and networks to drivethe global strategy in the region and in the member territory. Your Corner Duration: 1 – 6 daysc. Discussing and advancing on issues of regional or global Number of Delegates: 350relevance. Ways of participation:  Product promotion/usage EuroXpro 2012, in Greece mission  Services promotionEuroXpro 2012 in Greece will contribute significantly to  Info stand & Promotional materialAIESEC organizational performance leading the change in the distributionhosting of International Conferences& bringing us closer to  Fun branding activitiesthe realization of the 2015 vision. (competitions, innovation, creativity, surveys, feedback)Our outstanding results & proactivity will offer impactful  Promote the mindset, values,experiences to all stakeholders. employer brand of your company.There are a lot of opportunities and options for you and yourcompany to have a dynamic presence in the conference andengage as many delegates as you can in your activities.There are also a lot of opportunities to place your brand andensure visibility and interaction.Some of the activities or opportunities are:- Competitions with awards In kinds- Brand /sponsor a party night Duration: 1 - 6 days- Fun, innovative, creative activities Number of Delegates: 350- Promotional material in the delegates packs Ways of Participation:- Lanyards  Coffee breaks- Badges  Lunches, dinners- Lunches and dinners  Parties- Coffee breaks  Delegates packs  Product stand in the venue (Your Date & place: 17-23 March 2012, Athens Corner) For further Information: Sia Pechlivanidou |Sales & Finance Manager| +30 6975724218 EuroXpro Conference |AIESEC Hellas|2012
  3. 3. Partnership Benefits The benefits our partners enjoy derive from the AIESEC audience. AIESEC is the biggest organization in the world for young students to develop their leadership potential as well as their Gala Dinner skills and competencies.Duration: 2 hoursNumber of Delegates: 350 This talent development makes AIESEC the first choice of theWays of Participation: biggest brands in the world.  Brand Gala Dinner Night By participating to our conference you have the opportunity to - Promotional Materials & Banners address, interact, promote and support the most talented - Company Speech student community globally. 1. Employers of choice Build up your employer brand to AIESEC members who will in the next few years seek and apply for the best opportunities. 2. Access to youth voice AIESEC voice is valuable and worth-listening for our partners. Active, globally mobile, energetic leaders are waiting to share Greek Night their thoughts and ideas with you.Duration: 2 hours 3. Interaction with talented studentsNumber of Delegates: 350 You can get inputs and information from our members, but youWays of Participation: can also guide and develop them, contributing to their  Brand Greek Night development. - Company Speech 4. Product promotion By your participation to the conference you engage your brand - Promotional Materials & Banners to their powerful experiences and you link your brand with our  Delegates packs dynamic activities.  Product stand in the venue EuroXpro 2012 is one of the largest and most important AIESEC conferences worldwide. It attracts 350 AIESEC top executive members for 7 days. For the first time in our history Greece will be hosting this unique and valuable conference. Coffee Breaks The EuroXpro 2012 Conference Committee has designed aDuration: 1 – 6 days variety of options for our partners to capitalize on this rareNumber of Delegates: 350 opportunity.Ways of participation:  Brand Coffee Breaks It is our strongest belief that this conference and the brightest - Product promotion/usage young minds which will attract should create an impactful and - Info stand & Promotional material productive forum, contributing to Greece’s financial situation distribution but also contributing to the rest of the world’s socio-economic - Fun branding activities perspective and mentality. - Promote mindset, values, employer brand of your company. EuroXpro Conference |AIESEC Hellas|2012