EuroXpro 2012 Product Portfolio Presentation


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EuroXpro 2012 is AIESEC's one of largest conferences globally. This is the presentation of the product portfolio

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EuroXpro 2012 Product Portfolio Presentation

  1. 1. From 17 to 23 of March 2012
  2. 2. Contents I. Who we are II. Who we are in GreeceIII. What is the EuroXpro conferenceIV. Product Portfolio a. International Youth Forum b. Your corner c. Greek Night d. Gala Diner e. Coffee Breaks f. Brand ActivitiesV. BenefitsVI. Summary
  3. 3. AIESEC is the largest international platform for young people to discover and develop their leadership potential. In the organization, students from around the world develop their skills and competencies and they connect in order to achieve a positive societal impact globally. The core operation of AIESEC is the international internship program where students from all over the world work abroad with our international partners. AIESEC Globally  110 countries  1700 universities  50.000 members  650 conferences  12.500 International
  4. 4. AIESEC in Greece, since 1956, has Who we are in Greecebeen operating in the seven biggestnational universities.AIESEC Greece partners with morethan 30 corporate and non corporateorganizations which empower us toprovide Greek students with unique,life-changing, internationalexperiences.The last years AIESEC Greece isexperiencing a vast growth in both,results and positioning in universitiesand business environment as well. AIESEC Greece  7 universities  450 members  4 National conferences  150 International Internships every year
  5. 5. EuroXpro is the biggest international AIESECconference held in the WesternEurope/North America Region. It is a 6 daysconference. What is the EuroXpro Conference?One of the 5 biggest annual AIESECconferences globally, hosted by differentcountries every year and attracting globalpartners and global AIESEC executives The objectives of the conference are to: Regional strategy setting with the top executives Set organizational regional goals with the Board of Directors of each country participant International networking and internal cross-country partnerships Interaction with global and internationally oriented partners Delegates Profile: 350 International Students, ages 18 – 28 from 50 different countries (Western Europe, North America, and others). Top Management level executives from each country for the regional strategy setting
  6. 6. Global Think Tank4GreeceProduct Portfolio - 17-03-2012 - The first day of the conference AIESEC will host the Global Think Tank4Greece, where more than 700 people will participate. Global Think Tank4Greece will be hosted by DEREE- The American College of Greece. a) National Boards of Directors of 50 AIESEC countries b) 350 recent graduates from Greek universities and colleges. These young talents will interact with national partners, media, and organizations. Global Think Tank4Greece has 4 parts Talks (60min – 600 delegates) Workshops (60 minutes – 100 delegates/workshop) Open Space (90 min – 600 delegates) Global Village (90 min – 1000 delegates) GTT4G is a forum where AIESEC will provide a platform for young people and all sort of organizations to brainstorm and express their ideas, perspectives and innovation towards growth, globally but also for Greece!
  7. 7. Your CornerIn the venue of the conference youcan place your booth presentinganything from a product to a value oractivity of your organization.AIESEC members in the 6-dayconference have many activities so itis a good opportunity to engage yourbrand, your products or anythingelse in their everyday leisure time(coffee brakes, dinners, lunches,night parties). Interact with 350 toptalent international AIESECexecutives. Product promotion/usage Services promotion Info stand & Promotional material distribution Fun branding activities (competitions, innovation, creativity, surveys, feedback) Promote the mindset, values, employer brand of your company.
  8. 8. Greek NightDuring the conference there will be anight dedicated to Greek culture, afestive night different from all theothers.A night full of Greek cultural eventsand activities, traditional products andpromotion of Greece culture, historyand treasures presented to the 350international delegates.This event will be sponsored bypartners and organizationsempowering the tourism, exports andcultural understanding of foreigncountries.It is a great opportunity to promoteand advertise Greek products, Greektourism, and Greek entrepreneurshipon our physical resources.You can participate in this event with Product Stands Company stands Promotional activities Funds / sponsorships
  9. 9. In kind partnershipsOur partners equip the conferencewith products that will be useful tothe delegates throughout theconference or even after it.The conference lasts for four days There is a total of 90 minutes coffeeand all our delegates’ needs are breaks every day during the 6 days of thecovered by the in kind partnerships conference.we ensure for them.The opportunities for product You can be the coffee break sponsor ofdistribution are: one or more days.  You are responsible for the coffee breaks Coffee breaks cost and delivery Lunches, dinners  You have 90 minutes of any promotional Parties activity Delegates packs Product stand in the venueAdditionally, you can conductsurveys to the delegates forfeedback and valuable inputs on yourproducts.
  10. 10. Gala NightDuring EuroXpro 2012 we host theGala night. It is a dinner different thanthe others.It is an official night where we dress upin our suits and enjoy a fancy night.The night is also followed with nationalawards to the entities of AIESEC. Theawards are centered on theirperformance and % success of theirplan and goals.In this event, we invite our alumni andpartners to be present and share theiropinion on AIESEC now days.The event can be sponsored by apartner of AIESEC. We place bannersand other promo material in the venueand there is a video wall for spots anda 10 minutes speech by the sponsorrepresentative. Gala night Sponsor In-kinds Promotional activities
  11. 11. Branding activitiesThere are a lot of opportunities andoptions for you and your company tohave a dynamic presence in theconference and engage as manydelegates as you can in youractivities.There are also a lot of opportunitiesto place your brand and ensurevisibility and interaction.Some of the activities oropportunities are: Competitions with awards Brand /sponsor a party night Fun, innovative, creative activities Promotional material in the delegates packs Lanyards Badges Lunches and dinners Coffee breaks
  12. 12. Benefits The benefits our partners enjoy derive from the AIESEC audience. AIESEC is the biggest organization in the Employer of Choice world for young students to develop their leadership potential as well as their skills and competencies. Recruit talented Greek recent graduates This talent development makes AIESEC the first choice partner for the biggest Interaction with top talented int students brands in the world. By participating to our conference you have the opportunity to address, interact, Access to youth opinion promote and most support the talented student community in the world. Brand/product visibility and promotion
  13. 13. Employer of choiceThere are a lot of opportunities for ourpartners to build and enhance theiremployer brand.In the conference you can show caseyour culture, mentality, values, ethics,activities, recruitment profile, talentprocesses, people management etc.This gives you the opportunity to be thefuture “employer of choice” to atalented pool of students.Build up your employer brand to AIESECmembers who will in the next few yearsseek and apply for the bestopportunities. Capitalize in the talentdevelopment that AIESEC offers.Any support to the organization isperceived by our members as support totheir experience. International Youth Forum - Workshops Open Space Your corner Branding activities Anything that show cases your culture and mentality
  14. 14. Access to Youth opinionAIESEC is engaging and developing themost talented students. In everydayactivities and especially in ourconferences there are interestingideas and opinions generated andshared.Throughout the activities in aconference you can get inputs onspecific topics and issues. You can getinputs on how young people perceiveyour brand, your activities, and yourideas. You can share and provokethoughts and new topics.AIESEC voice is valuable and worth-listening for our partners.Active, globally mobile, energeticleaders are waiting to share theirthoughts and ideas with you. International Youth Forum Your corner Survey Open Space Stand
  15. 15. Interact with talented young leadersIn the conference you have theopportunity to interact with top AIESECexecutives and promote your brand,your activities, your products etc.Through workshops, info stands,promotional material, launches, boothsand branding activities you can have anintense interaction with AIESECmembers in the 6-day conference.Your interaction with AIESEC membersis a great value as you address to thefuture leaders of society, futureemployees and future consumers.You can get inputs and informationfrom our members, but you can alsoguide and develop them, contributingto their development.You have the opportunity to getfeedback as well, for example throughthe feedback sheet after a workshopand surveys alongside your in-kindsponsorships.
  16. 16. Brand/Product visibility and promotionEnhance your brand to our members.By your participation to the conferenceyou engage your brand to theirpowerful experiences and you link yourbrand with our dynamic activities.You empower your social image bysupporting and enabling a student sorganization to develop more youngtalents.You enter the group of AIESEC partnersand you enjoy the appreciation andwillingness of our members to knowyou better.You have the opportunity to addressinteresting and attractive messages toAIESEC members. You have theopportunity to promote your servicesand products with a direct and effectiveway.Your participation in AIESEC conferenceis creating a dynamic corporate profileto all our stakeholders.
  17. 17. Recruit Greek TalentsMany Greek universities and collegeswill participate in the InternationalYouth Forum gathering their mosttalented recent graduates.You will have the opportunity to assessand access hundreds of Greekgraduates in a variety of fields andmajors.The International Career Fair is suitablefor all the international and nationalorganizations who want to attack toptalent applicants and capitalize on theincreased supply of Greek talentsthrough the AIESEC efficient HRoperations.The event will last for 8 hours andInternational but also national partnerswill be there to recruit and assess theyoung talents of Greece. In case ofinternational selection AIESEC will offerthe services pack of InternationalInternship Program delivering thereception of the new employees aswell.
  18. 18. SummaryAIESEC is a unique organization that provides life-changingexperiences to its members. During an AIESECinternational conference you will be amazed by the talent,energy, passion and motivation of our members.EuroXpro 2012 will be hosted for the first time in Greeceattracting the top management level executives of AIESECfrom 50 countries. We, the conference committee,strongly believe this is an opportunity to drive growth andimpact our stakeholders in the best possible way.In times like these, we need to focus on enabling anddeveloping international youth talent. AIESEC talentcreates positive impact on a socio-economical level byenabling thousands of students globally. Be part of itand contribute to the development of youth leadership inour conference.
  19. 19. Follow us on Social Media (hyperlink) AIESEC Hellas |64 Ermou str | Athens | +30 2117109047 Sales Team Sia Pechlivanidou | Sales & Finance Manager | +30 6975724218 | Katerina Arslanoglou | Logistics & In Kind Sponsorships Manager | +30 6984161955 |