"Experiences Of Test Automation At Spotify" with Kristian Karl
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"Experiences Of Test Automation At Spotify" with Kristian Karl



View webinar: http://www.eurostarconferences.com/community/member/webinar-archive/webinar-87-experiences-of-test-automation-at-spotify- ...

View webinar: http://www.eurostarconferences.com/community/member/webinar-archive/webinar-87-experiences-of-test-automation-at-spotify-

At Spotify, we want the manual testing effort to be focused as much as possible at feature testing, less on regression tests. But we still have to do regression. So, we tried to automate a big chunk of that. Regression tests are run on our Desktop, Android, iOS and WebPlayer clients, and also some backend services.

I will share with you how far we have come. What techniques, tools and methodologies we have tried. What experiences has been good, and what has been not that good.



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    "Experiences Of Test Automation At Spotify" with Kristian Karl "Experiences Of Test Automation At Spotify" with Kristian Karl Presentation Transcript

    • Experiences Of Test Automation @ Spotify Kristian Karl December 2, 2013
    • Scaling Agile @ Spotify with Tribes, Squads, Chapters & Guilds, by Henrik Kniberg & Anders Ivarsson
    • Why automation? • • • • We want to move faster Quick dev feed-back Continous Delivery Continously monitor the state of the product • Bug hunting From: ”Intelligent Test Automation” by Harry Robinson
    • What to automate? Graphical user interface testing Usability testing Software performance testing System testing Functional testing Load testing Volume testing Stress testing Security testing Scalability testing Sanity testing Unit testing Smoke testing Component testing API testing Regression testing Installation testing Maintenance testing Recovery and failover testing. Accessibility testing Monkey testing Integration testing
    • What to automate? Graphical user interface testing
    • Our goals • Create automated end-user regression tests on 4 major platforms 1) Desktop – Windows and OSX 2) iOS – iPhone and iPad 3) Android 4) Webplayer • • • Help testers, not replacing them Deliver automated regression tests for a feature as a part of definition of done Deliver short feedback loops to teams using Dashboards
    • Our challenges • Hard-to-test SUT (Experiences of test automation: Case Study 1, An Agile Team’s Test Automation Journey: The First Year), Dorothy Graham & Mark Fewster) • Maintenance of automation • Expectations • Flaky tests... or is it flaky SUT? • Testability • Test data, test environments • Supporting services
    • Model-based testing • Models are the abstraction layer • Testers design the automation using models • Developers implements the automation using the models as drivers
    • App not running Exit app Start app Toggle ’Remember Me’ Close Invalid credentials Login view displayed Log out Valid credentials Start app Main view displayed
    • public interface SimpleLogin { public void e_Close(); public void e_Exit(); public void e_Init(); public void e_InvalidCredentials(); public void e_Logout(); public void e_StartClient(); public void e_ToggleRememberMe(); public void e_ValidPremiumCredentials(); public void v_ClientNotRunning(); public void v_LoginPrompted(); public void v_WhatsNew(); }
    • Demo http://graphwalker.org/demo
    • Test automator • • • • Professional Java developer. Test experience is not mandatory. Embedded in the squad (team). Test automators form their own Guild
    • Developers and developers • Why not use developers for TA? • Why use developers for TA? • Test API’s - Defined by TA - Implemented by developers
    • 18 Section name Before Test model Test model After Test model Test model Test interface + wrappers Test model Test model QA/TA Java test interface JSON Strings ObjC test interface Client Devs Client
    • Before String cmd = "android.view.View seekBarView = solo.getView(com.spotify.mobile.android.ui.view.CancellableSeekBar.class, 0);"; cmd += "int[] xy = new int[2];"; cmd += "seekBarView.getLocationOnScreen(xy);"; cmd += "solo.clickOnScreen(xy[0] + 9 + (seekBarView.getWidth() - 18) * " + position + "f, xy[1] + seekBarView.getHeight() / 2.0f)"; BeanRemoteClient.sendToServer(cmd); After PlayerAuto player = Pages.remote(PlayerAuto.class); player.seekTrack(position);
    • Supporting services • • • • • Continuous testing QA Lab TDS – Test Data Service TRS – Test Result Service Virtualization
    • Open source (and freeware) tools that we use • yEd – editing FSM models [www.yworks.com] • GraphWalker – generate test sequences from models [graphwalker.org github.com/spotify/python-graphwalker] • Sikuli – image recognition tool [www.sikuli.org] • NuRemote - communicating with iOS client [github.com/nevyn/NuRemoting] • TestNG – group tests into suites and and run them [testng.org] • Java – code implementation • Jenkins – [test] job scheduler 24/7 [jenkins-ci.org]
    • Demo
    • Q&A