'Seven Questions to Help You on the Path of Testing' by Jean Paul Varwijk


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In this presentation I aim to provide a number of handholds for testers to use in this changing environment. I will do this by showing how to get and how to use the answers to the following seven practical questions:

1. Why do I want to test?
2. What will I test?
3. What questions do I have?
4. What do I already know?
5. When will I have achieved my goal?
6. What have I tested?
7. What if I do not know how to go further?

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'Seven Questions to Help You on the Path of Testing' by Jean Paul Varwijk

  1. 1. Seven Questions to Help You on thePath of TestingJean-Paul Varwijk, Rabobank International, The NetherlandsJean-Paul Varwijk is a senior Test Analyst at Rabobank International. He has testedand has managed testing of a variety of products such as Data Warehouses, CreditRisk Models, Internet- and Mobile banking. At work he participates in a number oflateral and multi-lateral workgroups on test policy, test improvement, tool strategyand organizes intervision sessions on testing. Outside of work he participates atTestNet meetings, is a member the TestNet Agile workgroup, is a member of theDutch Exploratory Workshop on Testing (DEWT), is a regular speaker at conferencesand actively promotes to follow other testers’ blogs and tweets.www.eurostarconferences.com
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  20. 20. Why do Itest?What will Itest?Whatquestionsdo I have?What do Ialready know?Timewww.eurostarconferences.com@esconfs#esconfs
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