"ISO 29119 - The New Set of International Standards on Software Testing" with Stuart Reid


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In May 2007 ISO formed a working group to develop new standards on software testing - a new area for ISO - the first three of these standards were published in September 2013. This initiative is closely-supported by IEEE and BSI, both of which have donated existing standards as source documents to the project (these standards will be retired as the new standards are published).

There are currently six new software testing standards either published or in development:

Concepts and Terminology (ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119-1)
Test Processes (ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119-2
Test Documentation (ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119-3)
Test Techniques (ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119-4)
Keyword-Driven Testing (ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119-5)
Test Assessment (ISO/IEC 33063)

This webinar will initially introduce the purpose of standards in general as there are quite a few widely-held misconceptions on standards. Next we will look at why there is a need for internationally-recognized software testing standards, followed by a brief look at how they have been developed. The main part of the webinar will cover what standards are included in ISO 29119, their content, and how they are related. How these standards apply to your work, the current status of each of the standards, and details of how you can get involved, will be explained at the end.

ISO 29119 has already been released in draft form for review (and subsequently been updated based on literally thousands of comments) and is already being used within a number of multi-national organizations. These organizations are already seeing the benefits of reusing the well-defined processes and documentation provided by a standard reflecting current industry best practices.

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  • Conflicts in definitions, processes & proceduresplethora of standards to be replaced by onee.g. IEEE 829, IEEE 1008, BS 7925-1/-2, IEEE 1028practitioners do not know which standard to followLacking in current standards:Organizational Testing not coverede.g. Test Policy and Organizational Test Strategyno Project Test ManagementBS 7925 only covers unit testingcommon functional techniques missingpoor coverage of non-functional testing
  • Typical ISO standards take over 7 yearsISO 12207 was conceived in 1988 and published in 1995 and represents 17,000 person hours (8.5 person years)BS 7925-1 & -2 took 8 years to developIEEE estimated 2-4 years to develop a standard, at a cost of between $2,000 and $10,000 per page [1998]Parts 1, 2 & 3 passed their FDIS ballots in JunePart 4 is due for its 5 month DIS ballot to end in October
  • "ISO 29119 - The New Set of International Standards on Software Testing" with Stuart Reid

    1. 1. Welcome to the 2013 www.eurostarconferences.com This webinar is presented by Stuart Reid and he will discuss: ‘ISO 29119 - the new international software testing standards’ Join us on Twitter! @esconfs #esconfs
    2. 2. Scope • The purpose of standards • Motivation for software testing standards • Development of standards • Overview of ISO 29119 • Applicability • Timeline • Future involvement www.eurostarconferences.com @esconfs #esconfs
    3. 3. What are standards? • Guidelines documents as they are not compulsory unless mandated by an individual or an organization • Agreements because they should reflect a certain level of consensus “Guideline documentation that reflects agreements on products, practices, or operations by nationally or internationally recognized industrial, professional, trade associations or governmental bodies” - ISO www.eurostarconferences.com @esconfs #esconfs
    4. 4. Why use standards? • Consumers • Confidence in compliant products • Authors provide expertise in standards • Manufacturers • Conformance and Marketing • ‘Safety’ from liability • Guidelines on production • But not ‘Best Practice’… www.eurostarconferences.com @esconfs #esconfs
    5. 5. Quality and Standards www.eurostarconferences.com @esconfs #esconfs
    6. 6. What use are standards? • Basis for: • Communication – common terminology • Professional qualifications • Certification/compliance schemes • Benchmark of ‘good industry practice’ • Contracts • Interoperability and consistency…… Standards describe a current ‘body of knowledge’ that provides the basis for a professional discipline www.eurostarconferences.com @esconfs #esconfs
    7. 7. A Case in Point www.eurostarconferences.com @esconfs #esconfs
    8. 8. Motivation for ISO 29119 • Demand for existing 'standards’ • Conflicts in current definitions and processes • Gaps in the current standards provision • A Baseline for the Testing Discipline • Current industry practice is lacking • Buyers unclear on what is 'good test practice' www.eurostarconferences.com @esconfs #esconfs
    9. 9. Standardization Bodies www.eurostarconferences.com @esconfs #esconfs
    10. 10. ISO/IEC Software Standards 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Published Maintained www.eurostarconferences.com @esconfs #esconfs
    11. 11. ISO/IEC JTC1 SC7 – WG26 www.eurostarconferences.com ISO TC176 Quality JTC1 Information Technology SC7 Software & Systems Engineering WG2 .................. WG26 Software Testing Representatives of National Standards Bodies SC22 Programming Languages SC27 IT Security SC32 Data Management & Interchange IEC TC56 Dependability @esconfs #esconfs
    12. 12. ISO/IEC 29119 – Structure www.eurostarconferences.com @esconfs #esconfs
    13. 13. Part 1: Concepts & Vocabulary www.eurostarconferences.com @esconfs #esconfs
    14. 14. Part 2: Testing Processes TEST MANAGEMENT PROCESSES ORGANIZATIONAL TEST PROCESS DYNAMIC TEST PROCESSES www.eurostarconferences.com @esconfs #esconfs
    15. 15. TEST MANAGEMENT PROCESSES ORGANIZATIONAL TEST PROCESS DYNAMIC TEST PROCESSES Instantiating Testing Processes www.eurostarconferences.com @esconfs #esconfs
    16. 16. ISO 29119 Test Processes www.eurostarconferences.com @esconfs #esconfs
    17. 17. Organizational Test Process www.eurostarconferences.com @esconfs #esconfs
    18. 18. Test Management Processes www.eurostarconferences.com @esconfs #esconfs
    19. 19. Test Planning Process www.eurostarconferences.com @esconfs #esconfs
    20. 20. Test Monitoring & Control Process www.eurostarconferences.com @esconfs #esconfs
    21. 21. Dynamic Test Processes www.eurostarconferences.com @esconfs #esconfs
    22. 22. Test Process Description - Organizational Test Process • Each testing process is described using a standard template (following ISO 24774), for example: • Purpose • The purpose of the Organizational Test Process is to develop and maintain organizational test specifications, such as the Test Policy and Organizational Test Strategy. • Outcomes • As a result of the successful implementation of the Organizational Test Process: • The organizational test specification is developed based on stakeholder requirements; • The organizational test specification is agreed by stakeholders; • The organizational test specification is published and accessible to stakeholders; • Conformance of stakeholders with the organizational test specification is managed; • The organizational test specification is reviewed on a periodic basis; • Minor updates to the organizational test specification are made as necessary. • Activities and tasks • The tester shall implement the following activities and tasks in accordance with applicable organization policies and procedures with respect to the Organizational Test Process. • Develop Test Specification • This activity consists of the following tasks: • Analyze any relevant source documents and the current testing practices within the organization to identify requirements for the organizational test specification. • etc. • Gain Consensus on Test Specification • etc. • Information items • The output of the Organizational Test Process is the organizational test specification. The Organizational Test Policy and Organizational Test Strategy are typical examples of organizational test specifications. www.eurostarconferences.com @esconfs #esconfs
    23. 23. Part 3 – Test Documentation www.eurostarconferences.com TEST DOCUMENTATION ANNEXES - EXAMPLES Scope, Conformance, Normativ e References @esconfs #esconfs
    24. 24. Part 3: Test Documentation • Organizational test documentation • Test policy • Test strategy • Project test documentation • Project test plan • Test project completion report • Test level documentation • Test plan • Test specification • Test results • Anomaly reports • Level test status report • Test environment report • Test level completion report www.eurostarconferences.com @esconfs #esconfs
    25. 25. Part 4 – Test Techniques www.eurostarconferences.com @esconfs #esconfs
    26. 26. Are they applicable to you? • Intended to be a generic standards • Full vs. tailored conformance • Small and large organizations • Agile and Traditional • Financial, Safety-Critical, Games... • Following Regulatory Standards? • Can you afford not to? www.eurostarconferences.com @esconfs #esconfs
    27. 27. Current Status www.eurostarconferences.com @esconfs #esconfs
    28. 28. Conclusions • Parts 1, 2 & 3 published September 2013 • International standard will provide practitioners with guidelines for testing that cover all aspects of the life cycle • Provides a consistent set of definitions, processes, procedures & techniques for software testing • Will be adopted by IEEE, BSI, ISO and other national standards bodies • Get involved – through your national standards body www.eurostarconferences.com @esconfs #esconfs
    29. 29. Finally… • sreid@testing-solutions.com • if you have any questions on the standards • if you are interested in trialling the standard on a project, reviewing drafts or writing examples • http://softwaretestingstandard.org/ • WG26 website • http://www.jtc1-sc7.org/ • access to official documents released by WG 26 www.eurostarconferences.com @esconfs #esconfs
    30. 30. Thanks for listening! @esconfs #esconfs www.eurostarconferences.com Go to www.eurostarconferences.com for more information