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Coaching Software Testers with Anne-Marie Charrett

Coaching Software Testers with Anne-Marie Charrett



This presentation was given at a webinar for the EuroSTAR Software Testing Community in July 2012. ...

This presentation was given at a webinar for the EuroSTAR Software Testing Community in July 2012.

In English, the verb "to know" can mean one of two things. You can know a fact or you can be in a relationship with a person or a thing. I know March 17th is St Patricks Day and I know I'm Irish.

Similarly, I can "know" software testing by rattling off and regurgitating terminology or I can "know" software testing by understanding how to ask useful questions, think critically and apply this knowledge to my testing. You get this authentic knowledge (tacit knowledge) by performing testing and observing and reflecting on how you test.

The coaching model that myself and James Bach use teaches testers to inquire and think for themselves. The student performs testing tasks and through their observation and reflection learn to know software testing.

In this webinar, Anne-Marie uses examples from coaching sessions that demonstrate the coaching we do as well as give insights as to how this coaching helps to motivate and eventually liberate the tester



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    Coaching Software Testers with Anne-Marie Charrett Coaching Software Testers with Anne-Marie Charrett Presentation Transcript

    • Today’s webinar is presented by Anne-Marie Charrett andshe will discuss coaching software testersWelcome to the EuroSTARWebinar Serieswww.eurostarconferences.comThis webinar is due to start at 2pm. Make sure you stick around at the end for theQ&A session and continue the conversation with the speaker on Twitter after theshow!@esconfs#esconfs
    • Coaching for SoftwareTestersAnne-Marie Charrett, Testing TimesAs a testing coach and trainer, Anne-Marie helps testersdiscover their testing mojo and become the testers theyaspire to be. She also has a knack of transforming testteams into power houses of tester skill.Blog: MaverickTester.comWebsite: Testingtimes.com.auTwitter: @charrettwww.eurostarconferences.com
    • Q&Awww.eurostarconferences.comIf you have a question, the control panel on the righthas a Questions box. All questions will be answered atthe end of the presentation.The GoToWebinar attendee interface is made up of twoparts. The Viewer Window shows the presenter’sscreen. The Control Panel is where attendees caninteract and ask questions.The webinar will be recorded and you willbe notified via email when it is available.
    • How can I get the slides?www.eurostarconferences.comSlides and all materials will be posted on the EuroSTAR blog aswell as emailed to you.
    • Join the conversation on Twitter#esconfs@esconfs@charrettwww.eurostarconferences.comContinue the conversation with the speaker on Twitter after the show!
    • Coaching Approach@esconfs#esconfswww.eurostarconferences.com
    • Coaching Session• Social– Qualifications, Previous Coaching & Testing Exp• Diagnostic– What is Testing?– What is an Oracle?– Test a website• Therapy– Debrief•@esconfs#esconfswww.eurostarconferences.com
    • www.eurostarconferences.comWhat is Testing?• Simon: In my point of view testing is trying out a system andhis functions to see if it works as expected by somebody• AMC: what do you mean by "see if it works as expected"?• Simon: checking against somebodies requirements: that canbe a specification, UserStories, Acceptance criteria,prototype.....• SB I just read today the "Testing without a map" by MB - sothere he explains the ORACLE• AMC: how does that fit into to what we are discussing?• Simon:checking against an oracle....• Simon:which provides the right answer of a requirementfrom somebody would that be correct? in your view?• AMC: what is an oracle?• Simon: source of THE right answer@esconfs#esconfs
    • Escapa
    • Is it a bug?• AMC: tell me your tests• Simon: ok, tested if touching the walls or get hit by the square blue rocksby moving around the red square, quits the game and yes it does. So I wastesting the description of the game• AMC: is your test an important test?• Simon: yes• AMC: why?• Simon: main functionality in my point of view - hit the wall or get hit by theblue squares - quits the game• AMC: who says it quits the game - how do you know its not a bug?• Simon: you are right, could be a bug...@esconfs#esconfswww.eurostarconferences.com
    • Is it a bug?• AMC: what do you think? Is it a bug?• Simon: I dont know - missing specification ;)• AMC: you seem to think that without a spec your unable to determine ifthis is a bug or not• Simon: no no• AMC: well then, is it a bug?• AMC: you play the game, you hit the edge, the game quits - seriously, youthink this is a bug?• Simon: yes, nothing says that the game has to be quit@esconfs#esconfswww.eurostarconferences.com
    • Is it a bug?• AMC: so its a bug• Simon: yes• AMC: why is it a bug?• AMC: what we are looking at here is an example of a unidentified oracle• Simon: ahhh• AMC: you think its a bug, but youre unable to explain why you think its abug• AMC: because you dont know the oracle you are using• Simon: yes@esconfs#esconfswww.eurostarconferences.com
    • Debrief on Oracles• AMC: you mentioned that an oracle was a source of the right answer• AMC: it is the source but also its how you apply that source in your testing• Simon: ahh• AMC: an oracle is a principle or mechanism used to *recognise* a problem• AMC: requirements on their own are just that - they are a source ofknowledge• AMC: its only when you compare and evaluate your product against therequirements that they become an oracle• AMC: you *use* them to recognise a problem• Simon: ahh, so requirements are becoming oracles...www.eurostarconferences.com@esconfs#esconfs
    • Debrief on Oracles• AMC: yes• AMC: its like saying "water puts out fires" - well ...yes it does....but• AMC: its useless unless someone pours water over the fire• AMC: I mean it could be sitting in a bucket beside the fire• AMC: people could use it to wash their hands and all• AMC: all very useful , but its not putting out the fire• Simon: so oracles have to be applied...• AMC: yes exactly!• Simon: wow great!www.eurostarconferences.com@esconfs#esconfs
    • Homework• AMC: but I want you to think about why you thinkyoure bug is a bug• AMC: what oracle are you using• AMC: but to be an excellent tester you need to becomfortable with these terms and be able to applythem in your testing• AMC: I look forward to your email• Simon: ok• AMC: bye for now and thanks for contacting me.• Simon: thank you@esconfs#esconfswww.eurostarconferences.com
    • Homework• I thought ...& I feel confident that this isn’t a bug finally.• The oracle I’m using when there is no specification .. and Ican’t decide whether it works properly according to someone,• I should test this functionality according to “What could be theusers’s expectations”. So I’m using an oracle which maysound “a functionality should behave consistently with myunderstanding of what the user reasonable expectation mightbe.”• I checked the behaviour game quits now against the oracleand come to the result, that from my point• of view the oracle is fulfilled  conclusion: the “game quits”works as the user would expect, so this isn’t bug.www.eurostarconferences.com@esconfs#esconfs
    • Poll• What is your goal in coaching softwaretesters?@esconfs#esconfswww.eurostarconferences.com
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