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Euro Consulting EMEA | iGaming Marketing Development Brochure Euro Consulting EMEA | iGaming Marketing Development Brochure Presentation Transcript

  • iGAMING MARKETING DEVELOPMENT | ON DEMAND United Kingdom Euro Consulting EMEA Head Office, 23 Blair Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1QR, UK Netherlands Euro Consulting, EMEA, Leeuwerikplein 101, 144HZ, Purmerend, Holland Malta Euro Consulting EMEA, 104 Old College Street, Sliema, SLM 1377,
  • h Out Of The Box iGaming Packages: • Start-Up iGaming Marketing Package The Euro Consulting EMEA iGaming Marketing Development ‘Start-up iGaming Marketing Package’ offers an inexpensive way to provide your New iGaming Product, Service or Brand with an ‘Out of the Box’ set of Customisable Marketing Assets that are required according to your Business Plan and Marketing Concept, making the Introduction of your Product Easy, Convenient but most of all Attainable through out Modular Based Marketing Asset Program providing the Basic needs of your Marketing Campaign Strategy. • Executive iGaming Marketing Package Euro Consulting’s iGaming Marketing Development Executive Marketing Package offers iGaming Companies a full set of Campaign Assets, required to successfully introduce your launch of Products or Services on any National or International Surface, creating an Optimum in Image and Media Value for your Marketing Budget. • Premium iGaming Marketing Package Our Premium iGaming Marketing Package covers the full Spectrum of our Modular Based iGaming Marketing Scala, including every Marketing Asset required to successfully Develop and Place your Products and Services on the Markets of the World. While having Access to all our Services, Euro Consulting EMEA iGaming Marketing Development provides Dedicated Campaign Management and Marketing Asset Development to Maximise the Efficiency of your Campaign, offering a Solid and Professional Base to Introduce your Vision to the Global Markets, Accompanying you from Idea to Final Campaign Launch, Seamlessly Integrating into the Company Structure and set of Directives. iGAMING MARKETING DEVELOPMENT | ON DEMAND Contents • Out Of The iGaming Box Marketing Packages 1 • Products & Services 2 • iGaming Branding 3 • Audio Branding & Production 3 • iGaming Social Media Marketing (SMM) 4 • Advertisement & Brochure Design (Printing) 4 • iGaming Commercials & Media Production 5 • iGaming Product Development 5 • iGaming Product Design 6 • iGaming Marketing Strategy Development 6 • Corporate iGaming Content & Communications Management 7 • Corporate iGaming Creative Training 7 • Advertisement Agency Outsourcing 8 • Merchandise Management (Promotional Product Design) 8 • iGaming Event Planning and Development 9 • iGaming Marketing Business Development 9 • Promotional iGaming Management 10 • Website Design & Landing-Pages Development 10 • Web Activity Analytics & Reports 11 • International Campaign Development 11 • iGaming Email Marketing 12 • SEO iGaming Marketing 12 • 3D Visualisation 13 • iGaming Application Development (APP’s) & Corporate Game Development 13 • Press Communications 14 • Image Crisis Handling 15 • Creatives HR 16 • SMS iGaming Marketing 16 • Get In Touch 17 •
  • Products & Services: • iGaming Branding • • • • Audio Branding & Production • • • • iGaming Social Media Marketing (SMM) • • • • Advertisement & Brochure Design (Printing) • • • • iGaming Commercials & Media Production • • • • Advertisement Agency Outsourcing • • • • iGaming Product Development • • • • iGaming Product Design • • • • iGaming Marketing Strategy Development • • • • Corporate iGaming Content & Communications Management • • • • Corporate iGaming Creative Training • • • • Merchandise Management (Promotional Product Design) • • • • iGaming Event Planning and Development • • • • iGaming Marketing Business Development • • • • Promotional Management • • • • Website Design & Landing-Pages Development • • • • Web Activity Analytics & Reports • • • • International Campaign Development • • • • iGaming Email Marketing • • • • SEO iGaming Marketing • • • • 3D Visualisation • • • • iGaming Application Development (APP’s) & Corporate Game Development • • • • Press Communications • • • • Image Crisis Handling • • • • Creatives HR • • • • SMS iGaming Marketing • • • Out Of the Box iGaming Packages: (Products & Services marked with the relevant symbol is included in that package) • Individual Service Package • Included in the Start-Up Package • Included in the Executive Package • Included in the Premium Package •• iGAMING MARKETING DEVELOPMENT | ON DEMAND
  • iGaming Branding The First Impression is the most important when it comes to Trust and Faith, which makes Branding one of the Most Crucial Elements in Creating a Successful Brand Identity for you iGaming Company. Not only does it need to Represent the iGaming Company as such, but also virtually Represent the Quality that it eventually stands for. To create a Solid Branding requires not only a Deep Understanding of the Psychology of the Customer and the iGaming Industry, but also takes a thorough insight into the ways of what the Product or Service stands for, requiring an Extensive Research of the iGaming Industry to make sure that your Branding gets conceived in just the way it was intended to be. Euro Consulting Marketing Development can look back on over 10 years of Extensive Experience in iGaming Marketing, Creating Top Brands by Top Designers from all over the world, securing a Professional Approach in Creating any iGaming Company or Product Identity, making sure that your iGaming Brand makes the Best Chance for that most important ‘First Impression’. iGaming Audio Branding & Production Just like the Importance of Visual Remembrance, the Audial Representation of a Branding is Equally Important, adding to the efficiency of having a Brand Alternatively Identified during any Public Exposure Opportunity. Not only does Audio Branding offer the possibly to create Remembrance Value in Non-Visual Surroundings like Radio Broadcasts but also creates the possibility to get noted during moments when a iGaming player is only indirectly paying attention to a Commercial, for instance when being away from the TV device or not watching at a specific moment. Audio Branding can come in a variety of ways that can vary from short Branding tunes to full Songs that could even enter the International Charts. Euro Consulting Marketing Development works with a selection of the best composers and songwriters, assuring not only the most professional approach to Audio Branding but guaranteeing Top-Level Entertainment while communicating your Products or Services. ••• iGAMING MARKETING DEVELOPMENT | ON DEMAND
  • Advertisement & Brochure Design Along with most Product or Service Promotion Campaigns comes the need for Print Advertisement and Brochure Design and layout. Euro Consulting EMEA iGaming Marketing Development has years of Hands-On experience in the Development of iGaming Brand Specific Advertisement and Brochure Design, harmonising with the Brand Image or Product Specifications. Social Media iGaming Marketing Due to the raising Corporate interest into using Social Media as a general Image and Advertisement Carrier, the Development of (Interactive) SMM Campaigns becomes more popular every year, resulting in the need for: - Interactive content - Promotional Mini Games - Registration Required Contests to gain Newsletter Contingent Euro Consulting iGaming Marketing Development can provide the required Campaign Concepts and Interactive Content on demand, creating a Perfect Playground for Spontaneous Product Introductions or iGaming Market Research Queries. •••• iGAMING MARKETING DEVELOPMENT | ON DEMAND
  • Product Development Rather you want to turn Services into a Line of Products or Generate Completely new Sales Items, Euro Consulting iGaming Marketing Development always has the proper Concept and Strategy available to expand your Product Portfolio with a Guaranteed Innovative New Highlight. iGaming Commercials & Media Production Looking back on over 10 years of iGaming Media and Commercials Production for Television, Cinema and Social Media platforms, Euro Consulting provides the perfect base for any iGaming Media Campaign, rather it is Filmed in a Studio or 3D produced Material, Euro Consulting will always provide the Highest in Broadcast Production Standards, turning your iGaming Media Campaigns into True Entertainment, keeping your players engaged. With our network of Highly Acclaimed and Prize Winning Copywriters and Directors, Euro Consulting always pushes iGaming Media Production to the limits, offering the highest Quality and Up-to-Date Technology in Media Production. Our Worldwide Database of Broadcasting Outlets and Product Placement Ventures provides us with an optimum in finding the Perfect Advertisement Channels for your iGaming Media Content, wherever your Targeted Market or Audience is. Working directly with the various Sales Departments, Euro Consulting Marketing Development can always accomplish the Best International Deals for your Campaign Budgets. ••••• iGAMING MARKETING DEVELOPMENT | ON DEMAND
  • iGaming Product Design Product Design can come in a variety of ways, from Designing actual Products such as Devices to Designing Tools or Promotional. Every Product needs a basic or full Design Concept, serving as a guideline to the Production Facilities or CAD Translator. Euro Consulting’s iGaming Marketing Development can provide Product Design from Scratch to Finalised Product, working with nothing but the best in Industrial Designers from around the world, Producing Innovative and Original Products for the iGaming Industry, Serving a Purpose. iGaming Marketing Strategy Development Understanding the iGaming Market is an essential to finding the right Marketing Strategy, that is why we at Euro Consulting Marketing Development dive to the inner core of the iGaming Industry, finding the Ideal Strategy to Introduce and Place your Products or Services into the Markets of the world. We don’t just follow Marketing Standards, we set new ones, opening Frontiers, creating new Distribution Channels and Sales Opportunities for your iGaming Products and Services. With our Network of Business Intelligence and Business Development Specialists, Euro Consulting iGaming Marketing Development always has an Up-to-Date overview on what the potential possibilities are in acquiring new Sales Grounds, Maximising Profits, raising the General Product Profile. •••••• iGAMING MARKETING DEVELOPMENT | ON DEMAND
  • Corporate Creative Training (CCT) Euro Consulting’s Corporate Creative Training focusses on the Internal Training of the upper Management and Executive level of iGaming Companies to enhance their understanding of Marketing Assets Production, Creative Workflows and Current Media Standards. The goal of our Training is the enhancement of general Creative Understanding and the various implementations in Corporate Structures to Optimise decision making and Strategy Development on an Executive Level. Training sessions can be executed on a local i.e. internal level or external on distinctive locations such as Hotel Conference Rooms. Corporate iGaming Content Management Due to the immense need of iGaming Corporations to Communicate their Products and Services through monthly content such as Newsletters, Blogs, Social Media Posts etc., iGaming Corporations are generally forced to hire additional personnel to fulfill their Communicational needs, causing a raise in HR Spendings. Euro Consulting EMEA iGaming Marketing Development provides a cutting edge Original Corporate Content Service, tailored to the various industry’s communicational needs, developing a solid and constant stream of B2C and B2B Public Relation Material, lowering monthly spendings on Editorial and Copywriting costs. With our massive experience in the implementation of Corporate CMS systems, Euro Consulting EMEA iGaming Marketing Development provides the needed know-how to setup iGaming Content Surrounding, creating an optimum in Corporate Communications. iGAMING MARKETING DEVELOPMENT | ON DEMAND •••••••
  • Advertisement Agency Outsourcing Euro Consulting’s wide range of iGaming Marketing and Design services offers the perfect base for 3rd Party agencies to outsource their often overloaded Campaign and Design Departments. Due to the worldwide network of highly experienced Marketing Development Specialists, Euro Consulting can handle any Outsourced Project effectively and with Short Turnover Times to deliver the Highest Quality in Branding, Advertisement, Marketing, Design and Media Production, supplying an optimum in Outsourced Creativity. Euro Consulting can also Communicate directly with Clients, fully acting within the Agency’s Company Directives and Service Values, providing a full Concept-to-Publish Creative Outsource towards their respective clients. Merchandise Management (Promotional Product Design) Euro Consulting’s excellent contacts towards the Promotional Product Supplier Industry, assures a High Quality Standard in iGaming Merchandise Design and Production. Our cooperation with the Industry leaders in Custom Promotional Item Production from Producers all around the world, assures Short Turnover Times and a High Quality Standard that will suit any kind of Campaign Volume or Budget. iGAMING MARKETING DEVELOPMENT | ON DEMAND ••••••••
  • iGaming Event Planning and Development Networking is one of the most important factors in the world of iGaming Business, so is the constant Communication of your Products and/or Services. iGaming Events, Exhibitions and Congresses have become more and more important in communicating on an International level, pushing the Envelope of Markets. Euro Consulting EMEA iGaming Marketing Development guides your Company to the correct Networking Events, getting the most out of your Networking Activities, providing you with a Suitable and Effective International Introduction Surface for your activities. Whilst Exhibitions and Congresses are very effective, many iGaming Companies decide to invite to their own Events, Strengthening their Network, creating Additional Image Value. Euro Consulting EMEA iGaming Marketing Development is your Ideal Partner in Developing and Performing Tailor-Fit Event Planning and Organisation, making sure that your Event is as Effective and Profitable as possible next to Comforting your Guests during the Experience, providing everything from Invitation and Location Search to Organisation and Management. iGaming Marketing Business Development As the gap between Sales, Business Development and Marketing becomes smaller by the day, creating new Profit Points out of iGaming Markets becomes a more common practice. Alternative Services and Products such as Merchandise or Company Related Payed Online Services form Interesting Additional Profits, complimenting either Campaign Budgets or raising the general Profit Range of your Company. Euro Consulting EMEA iGaming Marketing Development provides the proper guidelines to creating those Additional Profit Sources, making the most out of your Campaign Efficiency. iGAMING MARKETING DEVELOPMENT | ON DEMAND •••••••••
  • Website Design & Landing Pages In times of Social-Media, having a Professional Web- Presence still is one of the most important Business-cards for iGaming Companies, offering the possibility to Directly Present and Communicate Products and Services to their potential clients. With our Network and Access to over 4000 Web-Design Specialists, Euro Consulting EMEA iGaming Marketing Development can always provide the required Web- Development to Design and Setup a Tailor-Fitted Web Presence. Euro Consulting, while being one of the Industry Leaders in CMS Technology Implementations can also provide the proper Integration into the Enterprise Asset Portfolio, getting the most out of your Web-Presence, Connecting your Visitors Directly to the Company’s Targets and Services, creating a reliable Stream from Visitor to eventual Client. Next to Web-Presence, Campaign related Web-Content such as Landing Pages and the Banner Campaign Development that usually comes along can Seamlessly be Integrated in any Programming Language, forming a solid Web-Based Backbone to any iGaming Company Marketing Campaign. Promotional Management Next to Media and Print Campaigning, On-Location Promotion Activities are the best way to Directly Communicate Products or Services towards the Public, creating an Instant Exposure Opportunity. Euro Consulting EMEA iGaming Marketing Development provides Effective and Direct Promotional Management on Location. Rather you want to have an Indoor or Outdoor Promotion Stand or Whole Promotional Teams Communicating Directly with your Market, Euro Consulting offers a Full On-Location Promotion Service, handling everything from Campaign Development and Representative Recruitment to Stand Design and Logistics, making On-Location Promotion more Accessible than ever before. iGAMING MARKETING DEVELOPMENT | ON DEMAND ••••••••••
  • Web Activity Analytics & Reports One of the most important issues when doing Marketing Campaigning is understanding the Efficiency and Reliability of your Web-Based Marketing Assets to always be Flexible in Optimising possible flaws within your Campaign. Euro Consulting EMEA iGaming Marketing Development offers a Wide Choice of Detailed Information through our Integrated Web Analysis Solutions, keeping track of all Web Campaign Activities, making it easy to React and Optimise your Web Campaign Assets instantly wherever it is required. Working with new Innovative and Experience Proven Solutions that Integrate Seamlessly, Euro Consulting EMEA iGaming Marketing Development creates a solid base for Reliable Report Delivery, giving a Detailed Insight into your Web Campaign Performance. International Campaign Development When taking your Product or Service out into the world, it is vital to make sure the world understands your Motives and Advantages, making sure your Idea gets Communicated in exactly the way you intended it to be. Every Culture and Society though has their own set of rules and mentality, often making it difficult to find a general common sense for one and the same thing, as when trying to work with the world, understanding the world is of crucial importance to introduce your Products and Services efficiently. Through our worldwide activities within EMEA and the rest of the world, Euro Consulting EMEA iGaming Marketing Development gained the needed Experience and Knowledge of the world’s Markets and the iGaming Industry, creating a solid base of ‘Know-How’ on the ‘ins and outs’ in how to Efficiently Adapt to new Market Grounds, creating a solid base for any Localised Product Launch. iGAMING MARKETING DEVELOPMENT | ON DEMAND •••••••••••
  • iGaming Email Marketing While the world thrives on the Communication by Email, Marketing Methods such as a monthly spreading of Emailed Newsletters became one of the Most Important Marketing Campaign Assets over the past few years to Directly and Quickly Communicate New Offers, Products or Corporate Information. Due to Euro Consulting’s intense experience in IT Development, we are able to offer some of the Finest Applications in iGaming Newsletter Distribution, being able to handle high numbers of Receivers at once, making it one of the ‘Most Powerful iGaming Newsletter Service Applications in the world’. Not only can we provide the Technology, but Euro Consulting can also provide the required HTML Layouts, adapted to your Branding and Campaign specific needs, offering a full Package, making iGaming Newsletter Campaigning More Accessible than ever before. iGaming SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Search Engines became the ‘Mother of all Information’, rather one is looking for Product Reviews or Company Services, the most important is that when the Keywords that fit your Company or Product profile are entered, your Page is On top, and Search Engine Optimisation does exactly that. Euro Consulting iGaming Marketing Development can take your iGaming Organisation’s SEO right to where it is supposed to be: On Top! With our Extensive Experience in Search Engine Optimisation we are able to add that Additional Extra of Efficiency to your Campaign, creating a Solid Base to make sure when a user searches on your Keywords or just looking for a Product or Service based on Mouth-to- Ear Information he or she gained, that your site will be listed on the Best Position Possible. We at Euro Consulting EMEA iGaming Marketing Development know what it takes to get your SEO ‘To the Top’. iGAMING MARKETING DEVELOPMENT | ON DEMAND ••••••••••••
  • iGaming 3D Visualisation Living in an Age of Multimedia, iGaming Companies are more and more forced to Visualize, rather than only describing their iGaming Products or Services, making it necessary to Constantly Offer new Media Content, which is often 3D based. Nowadays 3D Visualisations can be found anywhere in the iGaming Industry, from Commercial TV and Media Production, Product Design, Presentations, Flash Productions and Branding, simply everywhere. Euro Consulting EMEA iGaming Marketing Development with their own In-House Design Team can always create the required High-End 3D content On-Demand, making sure your Idea, Product or Service gets visualized in the most Visually Appealing and Entertaining way possible, touching the Imagination of your Clients. iGaming Marketing Application (APP’s) & Corporate Game Development Euro Consulting EMEA iGaming Marketing Development is constantly on the search for New Innovative Software Solutions to Enhance the ways an iGaming Company can Present and Develop themselves in a more Dynamic manner. We Develop tools and solutions that make any interaction with your iGaming company a true experience, rather it is Custom Solutions to present your Corporate Content in Customized Media Players or creating Truly Addictive Social Media or iGames, Euro Consulting always comes with the Right and Entertaining Solution to Astound your Audience. More and more, iPhone and Android Applications become part of our daily life and a necessary Point of Presence for iGaming Companies that want to intensify the bond with their Customers towards their Products and Services in a more Interactive way. Euro Consulting EMEA iGaming Marketing Development, with our Network of programmers can always offer the right APP Solution, Integrating Seamlessly with any of your Enterprise Asset Management Systems, making it a Valuable and Efficient Additional Resource for your Customer Relationship Management or Online Integration. iGAMING MARKETING DEVELOPMENT | ON DEMAND •••••••••••••
  • iGaming Press Communications When Communicating with the Press in regard to your igaming Products, it is always important to know how and when you provide Corporate Information, as nothing can harm more than a potentially bad review of your iGaming Company. Euro Consulting EMEA iGaming Marketing Development can either provide you with a proper Press Strategy or place suitable Press Representatives and Speakers at your key PR positions. While working with our own Euro Consulting EMEA Human Resources Department with a database of over 15.000 specialists, we are always be able to provide you with Short or Long term Press Speakers or PR Specialists, offering you the confidence in the quality of your iGaming Press Communications. Rather you Communicate with the iGaming Press or require Press Releases, Euro Consulting always provides you with the Highest Profile possible to convince and Catch the Enthusiasm of the Media World. iGAMING MARKETING DEVELOPMENT | ON DEMAND ••••••••••••••
  • Image Crisis Handling Sometimes an iGaming Company experiences a Crisis in their Public Image, often a result of either Development Mistakes or bad Press Coverage, causing their Market Shares to drop, loosing valuable Clients and Corporate Image. ‘Often only a Re-Branding will not solve these problems, as nothing is more damaging than a Bad Reputation.’ Getting back the confidence in a Product or Service when lost is a highly complicated process that requires not only looking into the heart of the Corporate Image and Product Communication, but mainly into what and where it exactly went wrong to analyze what Strategies need to be Developed to bring the Corporate Image back to a Neutral or even Positive Level. Euro Consulting EMEA iGaming Marketing Development can offer a full scale of Actions that will Bring your Brand Back to Full Efficiency: - Re-Branding - Campaign History Analysis - Product Development - Campaign Strategy Development - Asset Management and Software Optimization - HR Optimization - SEO’ing - Optimised Press Communication through creating new Press Outlet Channels - Media Campaign Asset Development All these factors and more are the path to a New and Healthy Image, Successfully Bringing your iGaming Company Back to the Targeted Markets and Gaining Back the Required Market Shares. iGAMING MARKETING DEVELOPMENT | ON DEMAND •••••••••••••••
  • Creatives HR Working closely with Euro Consulting EMEA’s HR Services, we profit from having access to over 15.000 Experts and Specialists from all around the world, specialized in any Creative Skill-Set that is required for your Internal Creative Teams, such as: - Web Designers - Front and Backend Developers - 3D and 2D Graphic Designers - Post Production Specialists - Award winning and highly acclaimed Directors and Copywriters - Motion Picture Producers - Cameramen and Lighting Specialists - Audio and Music Production Experts - Voice Talents - Game Designers and Developers - Campaign and Marketing Managers Whatever kind of Creative HR Asset you require, Euro Consulting EMEA iGaming Marketing Development will always find the Perfect Candidate for your Internal Creative Positions, no matter what part of the world you are located in. SMS iGaming Marketing Euro Consulting EMEA’s extensive Telecommunication Network makes it easy to Offer and Seamlessly Integrate Short Message Service (SMS) Campaigns into your Marketing Strategies, reaching your Offline Clientele at any moment in time, whenever it is required according to your iGaming Marketing Strategy. Due to our Deep Knowledge on Enterprise Asset Management Systems, we can even guarantee a Suitable and Effective automated solution that will always inform your Offline Client Assets about the Latest in iGaming Products, Latest Services or General Information, making Offline Campaigning and Direct Marketing more Effective than ever before. iGAMING MARKETING DEVELOPMENT | ON DEMAND ••••••••••••••••
  • Get In Touch Euro Consulting EMEA | Marketing Development Head Office (UK): +44 (0)131 220 2820 Malta Office: +356 2778 0717 e: w: iGAMING MARKETING DEVELOPMENT | ON DEMAND ••••••••••••••••• United Kingdom Euro Consulting EMEA Head Office, 23 Blair Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1QR, UK Netherlands Euro Consulting EMEA, Leeuwerikplein 101, 144HZ, Purmerend, Holland Malta Euro Consulting EMEA, 104 Old College Street, Sliema, SLM 1377, Malta, EU