Scottish Life Sciences Strategy 2011            Creating Wealth, Promoting Health                                   2020 V...
Scottish Life Sciences Strategy 2011 | Creating Wealth, Promoting HealthContents02: 	   Foreword The global and economic i...
Scottish Life Sciences Strategy 2011 | Creating Wealth, Promoting HealthForewordIn 2005 the Life Sciences sector outlined ...
Scottish Life Sciences Strategy 2011 | Creating Wealth, Promoting HealthOur missionOUR 2020 MISSION is to double the econo...
Scottish Life Sciences Strategy 2011 | Creating Wealth, Promoting HealthOur visionOUR 2020 VISION is for our Life Sciences...
Scottish Life Sciences Strategy 2011 | Creating Wealth, Promoting HealthOur challengeOur Life Sciences sector stands at th...
Scottish Life Sciences Strategy 2011 | Creating Wealth, Promoting HealthOur strengthsWe’re building on solid foundations –...
Scottish Life Sciences Strategy 2011 | Creating Wealth, Promoting HealthOur strategy for successOUR 2020 STRATEGY synthesi...
Scottish Life Sciences Strategy 2011 | Creating Wealth, Promoting HealthOur action agendaOUR ACTION AGENdA will address th...
Scottish Life Sciences Strategy 2011 | Creating Wealth, Promoting HealthdETERMINEd TO REALISE OUR FULL                    ...
Scottish Life Sciences Strategy 2011 | Creating Wealth, Promoting HealthOur focus for growthOUR FOCUS will be on the most ...
Scottish Life Sciences Strategy 2011 | Creating Wealth, Promoting HealthFocus on KEY BUSINESS AREAS                       ...
Scottish Life Sciences Strategy 2011 | Creating Wealth, Promoting HealthA call to actionWe require the vigour, talent and ...
About the Life Sciences Advisory Board Formed in May 2009, the Life Sciences Advisory Board (LiSAB) is a joint industry,en...
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Scottish life sciences strategy 2011
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Scottish life sciences strategy 2011


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The Life Sciences Advisory Board has refreshed its strategy in order to double the size of the sector in Scotland by 2020. The mission, the vision, the focus but also the strengths of Scotland's Life Sciences field are all presented in this extended strategic report.

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Scottish life sciences strategy 2011

  1. 1. Scottish Life Sciences Strategy 2011 Creating Wealth, Promoting Health 2020 Vision
  2. 2. Scottish Life Sciences Strategy 2011 | Creating Wealth, Promoting HealthContents02: Foreword The global and economic imperatives driving this refresh of the 2020 Strategy for Scotland’s Life Sciences are outlined by the Co-Chairs of the Life Sciences Advisory Board, Dr John Brown and Nicola Sturgeon MSP, Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing.03: Our mission To double the economic contribution of Life Sciences to Scotland by 2020.04: Our vision To make Scotland the location of choice for business, investors and talented people, while securing Life Science’s contribution to Scotland’s economic growth.05: Our challenge The industry stands at the intersection of three mega-trends – in demographics, the environment and technology.06: Our strengths Scotland’s Life Sciences enjoy critical strengths in key business areas, business diversity, research and innovation, start-up creation and infrastructure.07: Our strategy for success Our prime objectives are to anchor key businesses in Scotland, build more resilient companies, and attract inward investment, talent and aspiring leaders.08: Our action agenda Our six-point plan is to accelerate growth with the emphasis on business and institutional collaboration.10: The focus for growth We will target support on the most promising areas of business endeavour, institutional research and significant emerging opportunities.12: A call to action Next steps for all our stakeholders. Acknowledgements: LiSAB would like to thank local companies, researchers and the NHS for permission to reproduce their photographs. 1
  3. 3. Scottish Life Sciences Strategy 2011 | Creating Wealth, Promoting HealthForewordIn 2005 the Life Sciences sector outlined The global need for first-class healthcare Life Sciences is an industry in which Scotlandits 2020 Vision for Achieving Critical solutions will continue to drive innovation already has an international competitiveMass. This Vision still remains in our within Scottish Life Sciences. This, in advantage with huge potential. We cansights. However, we face a very different combination with emerging markets in do even more to harness this potential inworld today. The deepest global developing economies, offers significant terms of higher growth; high value jobs;recession in a generation resulted in opportunities for the sector over the increased exports; to build on the strengthsa period of declining output for the coming years. Our ambition is to double the that Scotland has in innovation; in medicalScottish economy, but growth returned economic contribution of Life Sciences to the R&D; in technology and manufacturingin 2010, and the latest forecasts show Scottish economy by 2020. capability. And we must do so in even closerthat this is likely to accelerate in partnership, because our ability to work2011. It is within this context that the This is aspirational, however it is also collaboratively across Scotland is one of ourLife Sciences Advisory Board (LiSAB), achievable. Such significant growth in the biggest advantages.working closely with the Life Sciences sector will allow Scotland to build on oursector across Scotland, has reviewed the position as a location of choice for Life That is why this review of our Life SciencesLife Sciences Strategy. Sciences people, businesses, and capital, Strategy has been undertaken - to create allowing us to compete in the global an environment in Scotland that will help economy. the Life Sciences sector to create significant growth. We believe the Life Sciences sector To achieve this growth, our Life Sciences can do this, and help grow the Scotland of Strategy focuses on high productivity our future. sub-sectors including clinical, translational and regenerative medicine, and highlights significant areas of Scottish business strength in Medtech, Diagnostics and Pharma services. The Strategy also outlines the need to anchor, build and attract key businesses, people and capital, building on Scotland’sNicola Sturgeon, MSP Dr John Brown, FRSE reputation as a location of choice for LifeDeputy First Minister and Co-Chair, Life Sciences Sciences companies, and on the powerfullyCabinet Secretary for Advisory BoardHealth and Wellbeing collaborative nature of the Scottish LifeCo-Chair, Life Sciences Sciences community.Advisory Board 2
  4. 4. Scottish Life Sciences Strategy 2011 | Creating Wealth, Promoting HealthOur missionOUR 2020 MISSION is to double the economic contributionmade by Scotland’s Life Sciences Industry.We have set an aspirational target for Times are tough We’re doing this at a We’re confident that it is realistic to aim to2020 of doubling turnover to £6.2bn time of not only unprecedented challenge double current turnover and GVA in the nextand Gross Value-Added (GVA) to £3bn. but also attractive opportunity. At home, ten years. That certainly accords with the we’re operating in an era of pronounced aspirations of our businesses themselves.The Life Sciences industry in Scotland fiscal restraint. Abroad, our businesses areis recognised by both UK and Scottish seeking to make headway in an increasingly Analysis of some 400-plus companiesGovernments as one with high growth volatile and competitive environment. suggests the industry should have both thepotential and the capacity to contribute However, emerging markets of the East and strength and vigour to sustain the goodsignificantly to the nation’s productivity. changing business models are all driving new growth of the past decade. The excellent opportunities for our local companies. performance of sub-sectors such asScotland hosts the UK’s second largest Life medical technologies and contract researchSciences cluster and one of the most sizeable The challenge ahead The economic crisis organisations gives us a strong foundationin Europe.* The sector contributes some has dented confidence across many business for growth.£1.5bn of GVA a year and turnover worth sectors and has so far had a mixed impact£3.1bn to the Scottish economy.** on Life Sciences in Scotland. At our least And there’s significant further potential in ambitious, we could seek to secure recovery breakthrough areas such as regenerativeOur central challenge is to devise a Strategy medicine, stratified medicine and applications and then work on the basis of ‘business asthat builds on this growth to capitalise on of Life Sciences beyond human health in usual’. The alternative is to use the recoverythe sector’s promise. The Strategy must also markets such as energy and the environment. to kick start a bold new era for Life Sciencesbe sufficiently agile to capture emerging businesses in Scotland through a decisive,opportunities in this fast moving industry. targeted plan of action as set out in this Strategy.* Life Sciences Key Sector Report – Scottish Government, Nov 2009** Scottish Government and Scottish Enterprise Analysis (using Source Book definition of Life Sciences) 3
  5. 5. Scottish Life Sciences Strategy 2011 | Creating Wealth, Promoting HealthOur visionOUR 2020 VISION is for our Life Sciences industry to be asignificant contributor to Scotland’s sustainable economicgrowth and to establish Scotland as the location of choicefor Life Sciences companies.The over-arching aim of this refreshed • Key sites: We’ll attract innovative • The business and employmentStrategy is to consolidate and expand companies to locate in Scotland, linking opportunities in Life Sciences havethe role of the Life Sciences industry them to our world-class research base. established Scotland as a prime marketas a dynamic contributor to Scotland’s We will, for example, continue to find for both international and domesticeconomic growth and social wellbeing. tenants for our 100-acre Edinburgh investors and mobile talent.We have made excellent progress since BioQuarter (see aerial photo below).the launch of the 15-year Strategy back • The cohesion of the Life Sciences industryin 2005; we now plan ambitious short • Step change: We’ll continue to support has boosted its development of newand medium-term goals to fully realise the evolution and growth of sustainable products and services, measurablythat 2020 Vision. innovative companies capable of accelerating their commercial transforming their operational scale. exploitation.QUICK WINSOur refreshed Strategy underlines the LONG TERM Health promotionimportance of taking immediate steps to Beyond this, there are two longer-term Our vision is of a Scotland where:achieve our primary goal of establishing yardsticks against which we’ll monitor the progress of this Strategy. • Our National Health Service (NHS) movesScotland as an international location centre stage as a key customer forof choice among Life Sciences players, Wealth creation Scottish Life Sciences businesses and acollaborators and investors. Our vision is of a Scotland where: pivotal stimulator of innovative productsTo achieve this within the next three years, a and services. • More of our indigenous Life Sciencesnumber of stretching targets have been set: companies have grown into major • There is a more positive appreciation• Key deals: We’ll secure international international businesses with increased of the opportunities to participate in partnerships and inward investment – turnover and significant added-value. trials of the most advanced healthcare including in stem cells and regenerative products, and the associated economic, • Our Life Sciences sector has become an employment and investment benefits of medicine; and clinical and translational important source of additional high-value Scotland’s participation. medicine – to realise the value of prior jobs and managerial ambition. investments. • Our people increasingly benefit from the early adoption of innovations in diagnosis and treatment, contributing to a better quality of life and longer life expectancy. • The people of Scotland and our policy makers understand the role of Life Sciences in creating a healthy and low carbon environment through advanced applications in food and fuel. 4
  6. 6. Scottish Life Sciences Strategy 2011 | Creating Wealth, Promoting HealthOur challengeOur Life Sciences sector stands at the intersection of threemega-trends with massive global potential.There’s no denying the testing global GLOBAL TRENdS LOCAL OppORTUNITIESeconomic and financial conditions that Yet none of this can fully conceal the truly Out of all this grows a wide range ofprovide the context for this Strategy. huge global potential of the Life Sciences expanded and new business opportunities.These are tough times in most business sector. It stands at the intersection of three Exploiting them will require equally innovativeareas and, for Life Sciences in particular, mega-trends described below. business models. We have identified athe challenge is accentuated by a number of cross-sectoral opportunities –combination of factors peculiar to the demographic The ageing populations of both within and outside human healthcaresector itself. the developed world and the increasing disciplines. We will closely monitor the shape affluence of the more populous emerging of these opportunities as they emerge andThe healthcare industry is one whose route economies are together generating entirely develop a more detailed understanding ofto market for new products is characterised new markets. We’re seeing this most clearly how Scotland might derive economic benefitby high R&D costs. All sub-sectors are in: from them.experiencing pronounced downwardpressures on product prices, increased • the improving treatment and The areas identified as offering significantregulatory oversight, and with reduced public prevention of chronic diseases opportunity worthy of further explorationhealthcare budgets, an increasing demand include: • an increasing desire for, and ability to,for evidence of the cost-benefit of new enable independent assisted living • Assisted Living – aids to mobility,products. rehabilitation, patient monitoring and • a rising expectation of continued mentalThe shape of the pharmaceutical industry management to enhance independent and physical wellbeing with ageingis radically shifting as it is forced to address lifestyles.the effectiveness of product pipelines; • a growing pressure for more cost-the impact of diminishing returns from • Stratified Medicine – use of molecular effective and accessible healthcare‘blockbuster’ drugs as patents expire; and diagnostics to identify optimal treatmentsboth competition (and opportunity) from the • an accelerating impetus from for patients.East. Medical technology companies also face treatment to prevention of disease • Wellbeing – plant, animal andincreasingly onerous regulatory requirements Environmental Today’s sharpened focus on nutritional sciences aimed at promotingprior to product launch. halting climate change and reducing pressure health benefits in food and drink.For Life Sciences’ companies there is fierce on the planet’s finite natural resources • Sustainability – technologies thatcompetition for limited supplies of private confronts us with new challenges – how advance the ‘green agenda’ in the use offinance and the public stock markets are a we live, how our businesses operate, how the world’s scarce resources.hostile environment for many of our new government policies will be implemented.companies. These challenges are opening up new opportunities to apply Life Sciences outside traditional healthcare markets. Technological Huge advances in Life Sciences are combining with massively expanded capabilities in other disciplines such as Information Technology. This promises novel solutions to address these global challenges in ways inconceivable a decade ago – such as tailoring medicines to an individual’s own needs. 5
  7. 7. Scottish Life Sciences Strategy 2011 | Creating Wealth, Promoting HealthOur strengthsWe’re building on solid foundations – an industry whosediversity and depth provide springboards for growth.We’re building on solid foundations. This diversity widens the scope for multiple Strength in SIZE and INFRASTRUCTUREToday, Scotland has a diverse Life collaborative opportunities between our Scotland benefits from its compactSciences base with more than 640 commercial players and our world-ranking geography and the unified approach of itsorganisations employing over 32,000 academic research base. It ensures we’re business, research, educational and policypeople.* Since 1998, we have returned not made vulnerable by over-reliance on makers. We enjoy short, uncomplicated linesa 6% compound annual growth rate, any single sector and can grasp emerging of communication. That makes for strongincreasing turnover from £1.8bn to opportunities in lucrative, global markets. partnerships and effective policy-making.£3.1bn.** Strength in RESEARCH and INNOVATION Our centralised healthcare system offersWe’re one of the UK’s leading regions for new We have a long-established international unique patient identification and trackingLife Sciences business creation and we’re a reputation for excellence in basic, applied and processes. We have accelerated researchers’successful investment magnet: even in the clinical research in Scotland. access to clinical trials within our Healthtoughest conditions, venture funding raised Boards. We have established Scotland as oneby our Life Sciences enterprises held up well The Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), of the world’s top ten centres for biomedicalin 2010, more than three times the 2005 which evaluates the quality of UK research research and*** institutions, provides independent confirmation that Scottish institutions These strengths mean we can focus onThis track record is based on several have world-leading research strengths in areas where Scotland has the potential tomeasurable strengths. many areas of Life Sciences (for example develop sustainable global competitive neurosciences, cancer, immunology and advantage. We’re nationally collaborative toStrength in OUR COMpANY BASE cardiovascular disease) and also non-human be internationally competitive.Two sectors of the human healthcare industry health-related areas (such as agriculture andcomprise our strongest springboard for veterinary medicine).growth in Scotland: Significant prior investment has further• Medical technology, covering deepened our research excellence in stem diagnostics and medical devices, cells and regenerative medicine. We comprises more than 150 companies, also boast a broad base of translational ranging from global multinationals to and clinical medicine skills and resources. university start-ups. Both areas are now ripe for translation into new business opportunities and as targets for• pharma services, encompassing more inward investment. than 60 companies offering contract research in manufacture, pre-clinical, Strength in BUSINESS CREATION clinical and biosafety testing, and Scotland had the UK’s largest number of Life many more businesses providing allied Sciences start-ups per head of population professional services (such as intellectual (2005-09) according to an independent property, legal and regulatory advice). report.† “Scotland takes top slot,” it says – partly influenced by the quality of universityStrength in BUSINESS dIVERSITY research and partly by Scottish Enterprise’sIn addition there are several other small, but “significant support to promote the sector.”growing, clusters of companies serving othermarkets including animal health, consumercare, agriculture, food and drink innovations,and environmental technologies.* 2010 figures from Scottish Enterprises’s Life Sciences Source Book** 2008 figures from the Office of National Statistics and Scottish Enterprise*** Data derived from Young Company Finance† UK Life Sciences Start Up Report 2010, Mobius Life Sciences 6
  8. 8. Scottish Life Sciences Strategy 2011 | Creating Wealth, Promoting HealthOur strategy for successOUR 2020 STRATEGY synthesises three routes to an attractive,dynamic Life Sciences cluster in Scotland.Our Strategy is to concentrate efforts on those areas where we consider the greatest impact can be made during the nextdecade while also delivering near-term returns for the Scottish economy. Our refreshed Strategy therefore synthesises threecore objectives of fundamental importance to a growing and sustainable Life Sciences cluster in Scotland. Key objective: ANCHOR Key objective: BUILd Key objective: ATTRACT We must create an attractive, We must create a more robust We must strengthen our dynamic environment to business base out of the broadly- ability to attract key skills and retain our prized population based population of largely management talent, as well as of businesses. In today’s highly small players. We need to assist investment from both companies mobile business environment, companies to increase their and financial institutions. That Scotland has to be a competitive chances of achieving sustainable can be done only by fostering a place for a company to prosper on growth. dynamic, innovative environment, the global stage. with effective marketing of Scotland’s unique offering. We must embed the significant Previous interventions have put We need to help our entrepreneurs economic contribution made by Scotland ‘on the map’ as a generator craft opportunities that ‘stand out our key players. They make a vital of Life Sciences start-ups. But, typically, from the crowd’ among business contribution to our goals for turnover only a few of our smaller companies propositions to venture funders. We and high-value, ‘sticky’ jobs. They succeed in sustaining consistent high need to target new sources of funding supply advanced skills, ambitious and growth. We therefore need to think such as corporate venture capital and talented management, and ready creatively about how to support faster we must redouble our efforts to win access to markets. growth of our Life Sciences businesses. mobile business investment. Inward investors have been, and remain, We must be explicit about Scotland’s That means improved harnessing critical growth generators. essential contribution to the business of our academic and commercial success of companies located here: capabilities to accelerate new product Equally important is strengthening access to world-leading academic and service development. It means our human capital: attracting and clinical research; the strong, strengthening business offerings by management and leadership talent is comprehensive supply chain from building comprehensive supply chains vital if we are to steer Scotland’s Life R&D to manufacture and clinical and encouraging business-to-business Sciences towards greater international trials; a supply of suitably skilled staff. collaboration. success. Also essential is a pool of Scotland’s compelling package will suitably trained staff of all levels to encourage compaines to locate here, meet the growth needs of a diverse stay and grow. range of Life Sciences operations. 7
  9. 9. Scottish Life Sciences Strategy 2011 | Creating Wealth, Promoting HealthOur action agendaOUR ACTION AGENdA will address those business-critical areaswith the clearest need for concerted action.In Scotland, the Life Sciences industry those business-critical areas with the clearest A STRONG SHAREd MARKETINGhas a track record of good growth need for targeted and concerted action. pROpOSITIONand one whose global opportunities These form the key components of our We need to stand out from the crowd.promise to sustain that impetus. We Action Agenda. That’s the imperative behind clearhave a strong, broadly-spread pipeline marketing of Scotland’s promisingof companies at various stages making SUCCESS THROUGH COLLABORATION message at home and less vulnerable to systemic failure. Our objective is to encourageWe have an enviable international intensified partnerships which will In the international marketplace, a clearreputation in research and a high swiftly deliver the fullest commercial voice is essential if we are to win in the faceenterprise birth-rate. So we are well opportunities from our research and of intensifying competition. This meanspositioned to meet the challenges with business base. promoting a well articulated businessconfidence and vigour. proposition to promote Scotland’s global The key is collaboration – both business- standing as a location of choice.Faced with today’s testing economic and to-business and university-to-business – tofinancial challenges, however, some tough accelerate the process of getting products On the domestic front, there’s also a powerfuldecisions lie ahead. Ever more limited and services to market. That means need to articulate the considerable socialresources must clearly be concentrated for increasing the commercial partnerships and benefits of a dynamic Life Sciences industry.the highest impact. We need to be able ‘marriage-broking’ mergers and acquisitionsto compete on the global stage and grasp to strengthen our business environment. Scotland’s position at the leading edge ofemerging opportunities where economic It means increasing the assessment, innovative healthcare development gives ourbenefit for Scotland can be gained. sponsorship and uptake of innovative product people access to more efficient and ground- development by the National Health Service, breaking techniques of healthcare andWorking closely with the Life Sciences raising the tempo of contract work, and patient, we have therefore identified deepening our market penetration. SUCCESS THROUGH dETERMINEd TO REALISE A TALENT pOOL OF COLLABORATION OUR FULL VALUE INTERNATIONAL CALIBRE - encourage intensified business - capitalise on our private and - encourage our best talent and research partnerships public investments to make careers here - swift realisation of our fullest - hasten routes to market for - attract and develop the most commercial potential new products and services entrepreneurial business leaders A STRONG SHAREd ACCESS TO FUNdS FOR A VIBRANT INNOVATIVE MARKETING pROpOSITION BUSINESS GROWTH CULTURE - robust business propositions to - improve access to sources of - a culture of shared endeavour stand out from the crowd private and public funds between business, research - a deeper public appreciation of - raise our business profile with and the NHS major healthcare benefits VC and research funders - foster the contribution of the NHS as both collaborator and purchaser 8
  10. 10. Scottish Life Sciences Strategy 2011 | Creating Wealth, Promoting HealthdETERMINEd TO REALISE OUR FULL A TALENT pOOL OF INTERNATIONALVALUE CALIBREWe must continue to deliver on the Our success depends on the qualitypromise of our Life Sciences sector and of our people. Our Life Sciencesrealise the full value of its private and enterprises must attract, retain andpublic investments – with new products develop the best researchers and theand services, robust businesses and most entrepreneurial business leaders.high-value jobs. Our aim is to ensure that we build onA determined translation of past investment Scotland’s high reputation in science with ainto visible economic impact is both critical pool of suitably trained staff and managerialand urgent: measurable near-term results leadership that is fit for our internationalare essential to maintain the self-confidence ambitions. Our intention is to see Scotlandof the sector and to enable us to weather as a place where talented students at allthe ‘perfect storm’ of economic, fiscal and levels will choose to develop exciting andregulatory constraints that we currently face. interesting careers.This means driving hard to demonstrate thecommercial success and market readiness Aspirational leadership of both companiesof new products and processes. We’ll focus and the industry is just as critical.on strengthening the performance of ourexisting companies and our most promising A VIBRANT INNOVATIVE CULTUREprospects by helping them to overcome Our over-arching objective is theroute-to-market barriers and exploit quick creation of an environment whichgrowth opportunities both here and overseas. stimulates the rapid commercial exploitation of leading-edgeACCESS TO FUNdS FOR BUSINESS innovations in areas of Life SciencesGROWTH in which we have measurable globalWe must improve our routes to sources strengths.of private and public investment. This This requires a culture of shared endeavourmeans significantly raising our profile between business, universities, researchwith venture capital providers and institutes and the NHS. It is difficult toresearch funders. overstate the strategic importance of theEfficient access to finance is critical. Scotland NHS in Scotland in this: its dominance of theis strongly committed to using public finance healthcare market and access to patientsto pump-prime much-needed private means that it has a pivotal role as both ainvestment. Although private equity funding huge purchaser and a powerful sponsor ofraised by Scotland’s firms held up well in the research that involves the evaluation of newrecessionary conditions of 2008-10, it remains products and technologies. This will underpinscarce for an industry that’s cash-hungry. our Action Agenda.Life Sciences companies with credible androbust investment opportunities will needto be more imaginative in finding routes toattract venture funds. 9
  11. 11. Scottish Life Sciences Strategy 2011 | Creating Wealth, Promoting HealthOur focus for growthOUR FOCUS will be on the most promising areas of business endeavour and institutional research. Today’s challenging economic and fiscal • A pipeline of potential stem cell therapies environment underlines the need for a is being progressed towards the clinic Life Sciences Strategy fully focused on offering hope for those suffering from realising the value of private and public many chronic debilitating diseases. investment in the industry. Translational Medicine also offers exciting This means shaping and directing support potential to capitalise on Scotland’s tradition to those companies currently making a of medical research and clinical excellence. significant contribution to Scotland’s current Strategic initiatives already mean we’re and future growth plans and with the best now better equipped than ever to progress chance of doing so quickly. innovations efficiently from bench to bedside: In an era of increasing restraint in public • Scotland’s universities and the NHS finances, ‘triaging’ of current and future high- are working together to build a fully growth opportunities enables us to target the integrated platform for world-class most promising areas of business endeavour translational medicine to attract revenue and institutional research. from clinical trials, create new jobs and benefit the local population (for example, We have identified several opportunities for through the Scottish Academic Health making a significant economic impact. Sciences Collaboration). Focus on KEY RESEARCH STRENGTHS • NHS Research Scotland Permissions Coordinating Centre (NRS-PCC) is easing Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells access to Scottish Health Boards for multi- offer a massive opportunity to capitalise on centre clinical researchers. Scotland’s world-ranking research strengths. Since 2004, Scotland has invested some • Generation Scotland, and other local £100m to support the development of biorepositories, coupled with Scotland’s technologies underpinning regenerative electronic patient record system, medicine: offer a unique resource to improve understanding of major diseases and help • The MRC Scottish Centre for Regenerative design and develop new treatments. Medicine houses the UK’s most advanced pilot-scale embryonic stem cell clinical Emerging market opportunities in Stratified manufacturing facility. Medicine, Wellness and Assisted Living may provide significant opportunities for Scotland: • The Scottish Stem Cell Network now has more than 1,200 members including • increased clinical research revenues to international experts from commercial, academia and the NHS clinical and academic backgrounds. • wider exposure of Scotland’s patients to • A rapidly expanding cluster of companies innovative products forming a comprehensive supply chain, to • more collaborative business opportunities support the development, manufacture with international companies and trial of regenerative medicine tools and therapies. It is well placed to capture • greater market access for our indigenous new business in this rapidly moving field. healthcare companies 10
  12. 12. Scottish Life Sciences Strategy 2011 | Creating Wealth, Promoting HealthFocus on KEY BUSINESS AREAS Pharma outsourcing was valued at around Indeed, Scotland is already capitalising on $57bn in 2009.† As pharma companies these emerging opportunities. Over theMedical technology provides one of downsize internal R&D, they’re turning to next four years, £10m will be invested toScotland’s strongest commercial bases with nimble, highly-specialised SMEs as well as improve the care of more than 10,000 elderlya quarter of our Life Sciences companies. world-leading academic and clinical centres and people with disabilities by growing theThey’re well supported by specialist providers to bolster their product portfolios. That’s Scottish telehealthcare sector through theof intellectual property, legal services, the opportunity for our new generation of Scottish Assisted Living Demonstrator – theregulatory affairs as well as product design Life Sciences companies and researchers first joint project between the Technologyand manufacturing services.* clustered around our ‘knowledge hubs’. Strategy Board (TSB) and the Scottish Government. NHS 24, Highlands & IslandsMedtech contributes around a quarter of Focus on EMERGING OppORTUNITIES Enterprise and Scottish Enterprise are involvedLife Sciences GVA and has historically grown in the development of the Demonstrator,at well above average rates.** It’s a mature Significant global opportunities are also which is the first of several to be establishedsector with emerging opportunities in emerging in several new areas – both within across the UK by the TSB under its DALLASassisted living and telehealth. Our Medtech and outside human healthcare disciplines. (Demonstrators of Assisted Living Lifestyles atRoad Map*** has been designed to support These are very broad themes comprising Scale) programme.companies during the development of new many different markets and technologies,healthcare products and enhance their some of which are potentially disruptive. These thematic areas place Life Sciences atengagement with NHSScotland from product However, they offer opportunities worthy the interface with many very different sectorsinception through to sales. The first results of of further exploration by our company and – information technology, food and drink,this initiative look promising. Opportunities in research base. energy, agriculture, textiles – and serve tothis market are characterised by: highlight the world of opportunity awaiting • Assisted Living offers important Life Sciences in Scotland. • accelerating demand for more user- opportunities in telehealth with the friendly diagnostics as use shifts from growth of applications for remote hospital labs to GP surgeries and the diagnosis, treatment and management of home chronically ill and elderly patients. • growing popularity of digitally • Stratified Medicine plays to enabled devices to help the elderly live Scottish strength in the evolution of independently and be professionally next generation diagnostics for drug monitored development and patient stratification. • increasing need for devices to minimise • Wellbeing is creating new markets in invasive surgery, reduce healthcare costs nutraceuticals – food additives beneficial and improve patient recovery to maintaining health and preventingpharma services comprise a comprehensive disease.and dynamic sector offering contract • Sustainability sees the promotionresearch, contract manufacturing, clinical of industrial biotechnologies such astrial management and other services synthetic biology to develop greenerincluding testing and compliance, regulatory sources of base, tissue provision, genetic testingand provision of other specific researchenabling services.* Scottish Government and Scottish Enterprise Analysis (using its Source Book definition of Life Sciences)** 2008 figures from the Office of National Statistics and Scottish Enterprise***† Global Pharmaceutical Outsourcing - Trends and Growth Opportunities, Frost and Sullivan 2009 11
  13. 13. Scottish Life Sciences Strategy 2011 | Creating Wealth, Promoting HealthA call to actionWe require the vigour, talent and enthusiasm of allour stakeholders to secure a vibrant and commerciallyoutstanding Life Sciences sector. This Strategy is founded on the sector, its development depends on the achievements of Scotland’s Life Sciences vigour, talent and enthusiasm of all our industry in recent years. It takes account stakeholders. of the challenges that inevitably result from the recent global financial and This partnership will now be vital to achieve economic conditions. It responds the ambitious growth aspirations set out in ambitiously to the opportunities for the Strategy. Overseen by LiSAB, the Action growth of our Life Sciences community. Plan will drive the delivery of the Strategy, requiring the alignment of the investment The Strategy refresh results from extensive and activity of partners across private, public consultation with our Life Sciences players – and academic sectors. our businesses, our academic and research institutions, the National Health Service, The areas set out in the Strategy’s Action as well as industry bodies, the Scottish Agenda will form the building blocks of the Government and its agencies. Action Plan. The Action Plan will be published in the summer of 2011. It will remain a living This Strategy is, therefore, unambiguously document, enabling LiSAB to monitor delivery ‘owned’ by our private and public sector and progress towards our 2020 growth agencies in Scotland. To secure a vibrant mission, while nimbly responding to new and commercially outstanding Life Sciences opportunities as they arise. 12
  14. 14. About the Life Sciences Advisory Board Formed in May 2009, the Life Sciences Advisory Board (LiSAB) is a joint industry,enterprise and government strategy team with a very active remit to develop, driveand deliver the Life Sciences strategy in Scotland. It plays a crucial role in ensuringScotland has the best possible environment for fledgling technologiesand established Life Sciences companies alike.LiSAB fosters support and discussion between key players in the Life Sciences sector,and those responsible for government policy-making at the very highest level.LiSAB consists of representatives across the spectrum of the Life Sciencescommunity including CEOs and senior managers from pharmaceutical,biotechnology, medical devices and diagnostics companies, contract researchorganisations, the research community, the NHS and Scottish Government.LiSAB’s remit is to set the overall strategy for the growth of the Life Sciences sectorin Scotland, providing advice to government and the public sector on key issuesaffecting Life Sciences and to help develop a creative environment where ingenuityand innovation can create jobs and wealth for Scotland. For current members ofLiSAB please see and click on the “About Us” link.
  15. 15. If you require this publicationin an alternative format and/orlanguage please contact us viawww.lifesciencesscotland.comto discuss your needs.SE/3350/Mar11