Personalised Medicine, a cross-sectoral ambition
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Personalised Medicine, a cross-sectoral ambition



EuroBioForum 2012 | 18 April 2012

EuroBioForum 2012 | 18 April 2012
Presentation by Edvard Beem, Co-director The Netherlands Organisation of Health Research and Development



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    Personalised Medicine, a cross-sectoral ambition Personalised Medicine, a cross-sectoral ambition Presentation Transcript

    • The Netherlands organisation forhealth research and development Edvard Beem, co-director
    • PM: some wild perceptions• PM will divert from blockbuster drugs to orphan drugs• PM will involve decisions not to treat 90 of 100 patients to be treated, that means the courage to say NO
    • PM: an expert perceptionPM is a paradigm shift… • …from the one-treatment-fits-all approach • …to strategies based on individual biological makeup • …moving away from the average patient towards individualised assessments • …determining a person’s individual health care needs • …catching up with current needs regarding healthy living and ageing in our societies
    • P4 Medicine• It is personalised • Understands how genetic variation drives individual treatment• It is predictive • Enables an upfront development of a tailored health strategy• It is preventive • Shift form illness to wellness• It is participatory • Empowers patients, informed choices, own responsibility
    • Potential impact of PM: • …will affect ZonMw • …in it’s long term policy • …in it’s funding strategies • …in it’s funding instruments • …in it’s partnerships
    • New R&I policy in NL• Launch of nine topsectors• Among which Life Sciences & Health (LSH)• Co-ordinating existing & new resources• Shifts from public and private into PPP• From golden triangle to platinum pentagon• Innovation contracts with public and private partners, including charities and insurers
    • DEPLOY of innovative healthcare SOCIETY and MARKET pull solutions NL Life Sciences & DESIGN Healthof best practices sector DISCOVERY of new insights KNOWLEDGE push
    • Innovation Contract LSHTriple ambition • To improve of health and quality of life during life career • To provide a major boost to the economy through market growth for LSH enterprises • To maintain a sustainable, efficient and affordable health care sytem
    • Critical conditions for succes of LSHDISCOVERY DESIGN DEPLOYIncrease the number of Accelerate the development Accelerate and broadenpromising leads process and improve the effective application chance of success 1 Responding Dutch market with a portal into the world 2 Optimized legal and regulatory issues 3 Well educated, entrepreneurial people 4 Good accessibility to the targeted funds5 Strong, accessible knowledge base 6 Shared public-private innovation infrastructure 7 The Netherlands as one self-organized Life Sciences & Health sector*
    • Social and economic demands Services Products and technologies Society Economy > Patient information/Health Healthcare biobanks > E-health QUALITY OF PRODUCTIVITY > Clinical decision LIFE support A more productive > … population within Medical (Bio)- Longer, healthier Targeted therapies Self-management and beyond technology pharmacology Early diagnosis lives healthcare Prevention > Medicines LIFE > Diagnosis (e.g. Lab-on- > Vaccines SCIENCES chip) Techno- & / > "Biologicals" > (Molecular) imaging logy > … HEALTH techn. > Minimally invasive techn. > System SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS > … Regenerative medicine biology HEALTHCARE ACTIVITY > ... Cost conatinment Companies prosperingProsperity on the (inter)national markets > Biomaterials for implants > Stem cell therapies > …
    • Innovation Contract LSH• Structuring the sector LSH • Technology oriented approach • Disease oriented approach • Societal challenges oriented approach
    • Innovation contract LSH• Structuring the sector LSH • Technology-oriented approach • Where strengths, connections and priorities of public and private partners come together in a natural and logical way • Where people really meet • Where concrete actions are taken • Disease-oriented approach • Societal challenges oriented approach
    • IC-LSH: ten roadmaps• Molecular diagnostics• Imaging and image-guided therapies• Homecare & self-management• Regenerative medicine• Pharmacotherapy• One Health• Specialized nutrition, health & disease• Global health, emerging diseases in emerging markets• HTA and quality of life• Enabling technologies & infrastructure Ten roadmaps = ten strategic r&i agenda’s
    • Roadmaps # diseases• Six detailed examples as showcase for innovation along the health care chain • Breast cancer • Infectious diseases • Rheumatic disorders • Dementia • Diabetes • Parkinson’s disease
    • Roadmaps # health care chain PREVENT DIAGNOSE CURE CARE PRIORITIES ALONG THE HEALTHCARE CHAIN Keep Diagnose Individua- Reduce Replace Move Reduce Enable people early, lize side or repair from care symptoms chronic healthy as before treatment effects bodily to cure , slow patients long as complica- for best functions (unmet down to stay at possible tions results needs) disease home arise Molecular diagnostics Imaging & image-guided therapies Homecare & self-management Regenerative medicine ROADMAPS Pharmacotherapy One health Specialized nutrition, health & disease Health technology assessment & quality of life Enabling technologies & infrastructure Global health, emerging diseases in emerging markets
    • Roadmaps # other topsectors• Roadmaps LSH connect to: • High Tech Systems and Materials • Agro-Food • Creative Industry • Agriculture
    • Topsectors # EU Grand Challenges• 4 topsectors match with the EIP-AHA • Regarding its pillars • Prevention, screening & early diagnosis • Care & cure • Active ageing & independent living • Regarding its constituents • ERANET’s, JPI’s, Art 185 • ESFRI’s
    • The Dutch Topsector Policy Although the word is hardly mentioned, the Topsector LSH+ breathes Personalised Medicine
    • Next: Implementation• Find barriers and enablers• Find proper resources• Find proper instruments• Find lean & mean governing and managing structure • FIND TRUST AMONG THE PENTAGON PARTNERS