EuroBioForum 2013 - Day 2 | Frank Molina


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EuroBioForum 2013 2nd Annual Conference
27-28 May 2013 - Hilton Munich City, Munich, Germany



EuroBioMed, France:
Private-public collaborations to boost open innovation

Dr Franck Molina
President of EDCA, Chair of diagnosis group of Eurobiomed
Director of Sysdiag


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EuroBioForum 2013 - Day 2 | Frank Molina

  1. 1. Franck Molina, Montpellier, FranceFranck.molina@sysdiag.cnrs.frhttp://sysdiag.cnrs.frPrivate Public collaboration to boost open innovation
  2. 2. Diagnostic in mutation+5-6%+14-15%Change of paradigm with theconvergence of diagnosis andtherapy, going to personalizedmedecine and theranosticNew role of biomarker in biomedicaland therapeutic, molecular assaydevelopment (nucleic acid,proteines, metabolites)explosion of POC Technologies andof home monitoring/testing)Integration with ITNew interfaces electronic/biology(Biosensor)Annualmarkerb€Diagnostic tests represent less than 5% of hospital costand about 1.6 % of all health cost. Their results influenceup to 60-70% medical decision”Source = The Lewin Group, Inc., The Value of Diagnostics Innovation, Adoption and Diffusion into Health Care,July 2005+8%
  3. 3. Clinicalquestion BiomarkersWhere is performed the testWho is taking the decisionDirect CostUndirect CostreliabilityMobility / miniaturizationCommunicationRemote controlScreeningDiagnosisMonitoringCompanion testMedicalDeviceEthicSecurityJuridicCoupling Biology with electronicsBiosensors
  4. 4. Translational Medicine
  5. 5. Diagnostic / Personnalized medicineinnovation is highly interdisciplinary scientific :biology, biochemistry, geneticchemistryphysicmathematiccomputingroboticEtc. medicalmedecineclinicpharmacologyetc. businessBusiness strategy / IPFinanceSocio-economic impactMarketingRegulationSalesEthicsBusinessmotivationScientistmotivationReduce possibilitiesIncrease possibilitiesReduce possibilities
  6. 6.  Crossing disciplines for innovation in Diagnosis Combining experimental biology and complex systems modelling approaches 70% experimentalists and 30% theoreticiansThe SysDiag modelPublic / private mix and interdisciplinary
  7. 7. SysDiag’s missions are :• to understand the bases of chronic and multifactorial diseases(neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes...)• to identify new biomarkers associated with these pathologicalconditions• to provide innovative solutions for clinicians that will contribute toimprove the health and quality of life of their patients.Dicovery innovation Industrial Transfert R/D Production
  8. 8. Eurobiomed, Southern FrenchHealth clusterMedicenParisCancerBioSantéToulouseLyonBioPôleLyonAlsace BiovalleyStarsbourgEurobiomedMarseilleFrench health clustersSmart-specialization in medical Diagnosis
  9. 9. Eurobiomed Mission Eurobiomed Added ValueDevelop Life science potential viadedicated and adapted workinggroups: Euromediag,Ophtabiotech…- Develop and federate anetwork of healthcarestakeholders- Provide development supportfor companies- Foster the implementation ofR&D collaborative projectsEurobiomed SharingStrong international cooperationnetwork in:- Diagnostics  access to 350SME in EU- Neurorescue  EUNeuroscience communityTo support 400 companies 4 science & technology parks Over 6000 academicresearchers 3000 industrial researchers 4 top-ranked universities
  10. 10. Eurobiomed : to create value and employmentNetworkingCompanies’GrowthTransnationalproject supportMarket accessR&Dpartnership /platform Innovation/funding/regulatory/HRInternationaldevelopmentEvents
  11. 11. From innovationto patientbenefitBuild and managea network of InVitro diagnosticexpertsContribute to theeconomicdevelopment ofthese regionsSpainScotlandCanadaIndiaChinaPolandUSEnglandGermanySwedenEuropeandiagnosticclusterAlliance>350 SMEsWalesEuropean Diagnostic Cluster AllianceBrasil
  12. 12. WP1 Organization/structure/Funding (short term)Main Resp. EuroMediag, Vice-resp: Wal-DxWP2 Mapping/Sharing expertise (DB) (short term)Main Resp. Wal-Dx Vice-resp: KrakowWP3 Access to the market/SME growth (long term)Reshaping Diag Market/Practices…Main Resp. OBN, Vice-resp: Nexxus, Uppsala BioWP4 Cooperation Model Comp/Acad/ClinicMain Resp.ZMDB Vice-resp: BioCatSupport from:T. PETRIN, European Cluster Policy GroupEDCA implementation
  13. 13. Market Reshaping ?Patient Individual BehaviorClinicianDecisionPatientbenefitDiag / MDIndustryPharmaIndustryLaboratoriestestClinicianPrescritiontreatmentClinicianNeedsAlternative routes to consumersNew practicesNew technologiesNew regulatory issuesEtc.Room for innovationNew innovative actors to come into the fieldPatient centred strategiesResearchPatient associations
  14. 14. What do we need ?Open-innovation targeting :- Individual or close to the patient marketNew technologies (@health), niche innovation,Mainly inspired by patient demand or new clinical practicesInterdisciplinary partnership, SMEs growth opportunities- Specialized laboratory asssay marketHeavy technology,Mainly inspired by clinician demandlarge public/private consortia (including pharma),To run/support international pionner projets able to induce :market reshaping (new clinical practices)  European « Patient Leadership »Early and dynamic interaction between innovation and Regulation
  15. 15. More than 350 reachable compagniesNetwork of technological platformsA set of international partnership eventsScientific, Clinical and Regulation expertise