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Senior Project Speech - Rizzi Senior Project Speech - Rizzi Document Transcript

  • Jonathan Rizzi April 18, 2012 7th Period Senior Project Speech According to InfoTrends, a leading market research and consulting firm tracking movements indigital imaging technologies and markets, the penetration of Digital Camera purchases and use in theNorth American market would reach 80% of US households. Considering that the current population ofthe United States is roughly three hundred and fifteen million people. That would mean that twohundred and fifty million of those people own some sort of digital camera. It is truly amazing,considering that only 30% US households in 2003 owned digital cameras. Over the course of 9 years,that percentage has increased by fifty percent. Those numbers are staggering, considering that camerasfixed into cell phones are not being regarded as a “digital camera.” But, the more interesting thing isthat 76% households had a cell phone with camera by the end of 2010. So if you count cell phone digitalcameras, there will not be many households left without a digital camera by now. Digital cameras andamateur photography is such a widespread and common occurrence now, it has become increasinglyclear that the industry will be successful for many years to come. This is why I chose Digital Photography as the topic of my senior project. I thoroughly enjoytaking photos and learning how to use new camera-related technology. One must consider how far wehave come in regards to cameras.
  • I started my project with my research paper, which addressed the history and evolution ofphotography from Camera Obscura to Digital SLR and the overall use of cameras by people. Throughthat research paper, I learned how far back the camera truly went. While cameras were not prevalentitems purchased and used by “middle class” citizens until the late 1800’s, with the creation of the KodakCompany by George Eastman, they were still heavily utilized by the military and professionalphotographers until they were widely adopted by the populace. My topic directly links to my careerfield. Now, I’ll be realistic and say there are enough starving writers and photographers in the world forme not to become one of them, but for the rest of my life I will practice the art of photography ineverything I do. I may not pursue a career in photography, but I will always be a photographer. I chose this topic because I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed photography. As you will see in mypresentation, I have a few photos of myself that date back six or seven years ago where I used my firstcamera, a black and white film based Nikon, to take photos of Amicalola Falls. I have been extremelypassionate about photography from that day forward. In the past 6 years, I’ve collected many camerasfrom different periods of time in American history. I have cameras from the 1800’s, the 1960’s and1970’s and cameras from the late 90’s and this past decade. Currently, I own over seventeen cameras.Photography is my true life’s passion, and when I found out that I would be completing a senior projectduring my final year of high school, my first and only thought was to create a photo based product. Mypaper helped me prepare myself for the amount of work my product was going to take. My project tookme a monumental amount of time; I started it last March and finished it during the first week of April. Itwas a work in progress before we even began the preparation for the research paper. I’ve beeneffectively creating my black and white book, my product, since March of last year. Truly, it has takenme an entire year to gather and edit all of the photos I wanted to include in my book. Now, I’d like totalk a little bit about the journey I took part in while creating my product.
  • First of all, the primary step in creating my product was reaching out to a project facilitator toassist me in plotting out the right course of action for myself. I wanted a facilitator who was extremelyexperienced in the art of photography, who would be capable of providing insight on photo editing ifnecessary, and wasn’t going to hold my hand throughout the entire process. I had to look no furtherthan the halls of Creekview High School, where I approached Mr. Scott Martin, a professionalphotographer and a primary contributor to the Yearbook Staff at Creekview, and a Social Studiesteacher. I had dealings with Mr. Martin in the past regarding Yearbook photography, so he was theobvious choice for my project facilitator. Mr. Martin has been taking photographs for most of his adultlife. He owns multiple cameras and is one of the most professional and skilled photographers I have everhad the good graces of meeting. There was definitely a process in creating my product at one point, but whatever planning Ioriginally had went out the window during the winter. At first, I had wanted to cover different aspects ofmy friends and their talents. My book was to be titled “The Passion of People” and it would focus ondifferent students at Creekview who had different abilities and notable skills. And then I realized howdifficult that would be, so instead I decided to take photos of some very different objects. In my product,you will notice photos of nature, friends and family, inanimate objects and locations. I thought thatwould prove to appeal to a wider audience then just having pictures of my friends in my book. This isn’ta glorified Facebook; this is a physically hard-covered black and white book filled with my amateurtalents. Though, while this may sound like a simple process, I can attest to the fact that it is not at all.There were many problems I encountered while on this photographic journey I embarked on last spring. The first problem I encountered, which I mentioned earlier, was my lack of scheduling with myfriends for my original idea. I didn’t really have the ability to tell them what I needed. I just knew thatwhen I took a photo, it was one I wanted to use. That was my first roadblock, and it was what led me to
  • throw out the entire primary idea and move on to my use of nature photos and inanimate objects. Thesecond problem was my over-involvement in just about every extracurricular program offered atCreekview High School. As a Yearbook staff member, International Drama Thespian, and Part-TimeManager at the local Office Max, I was busy nearly every day of the week. I even took on a second jobduring the first semester of this school year, but quit in December when my work load became toomuch. Now, being as committed as I am, I took parts in two plays, one in late winter and another thatwill be opening the week of my project presentation. You may begin to see my problem. Between workat Office Max, my commitment to the Yearbook staff, and my inclusion in multiple plays, I was a verybusy student; not to mention my A.P classes and standard class work. I could barely find the time tobreathe, let alone take precision-based photos of what I wanted to. These were my main obstaclesduring the creation of my product, but somehow I overcame them with sheer force of will, a huge lackof sleep, and lots of caffeine. That caffeine helped me write this speech, which allowed me to form mythoughts into coherent sentences. Over the course of this project, I’ve learned quite a bit about myself. I have realized that I canaccomplish anything that I set my mind to, regardless of the difficulty or length of the obstacles Iencounter. While this was a year long project for me, there were periods of time where I didprocrastinate, mostly in the fall of last year. Had I not done that, I would have been able to ship off mybook at a much earlier date than I ended up doing. Though, I’m glad that I did wait longer than I hadoriginally planned because I allowed myself the ability to completely finish my book. The early productwas certainly not as fine tuned and polished as it is now. While I would love to pursue a career inPhotography, I’m not sure that it would be the best idea for me financially.As I stated earlier, I will continue to take photos throughout the rest of my life, but photography is moreof a hobby then a job for me.
  • Thank you very much for your time and consideration, I certainly appreciate it. This has been avery long and difficult journey for me, but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Now, do you have anyquestions about my presentation, product or the examples I brought for you to observe today?