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  • 1. By Fialho (design) and Eunice Afonso TBI-Challenge
  • 2. Recreart While I was preparing my presentation about rehab activities for survivors of TBI, I found out that artistic activities wouldn’t be enough. I discovered many free online games and I will show you some images and a link to find them. Everything is about searching, about the way we make our brains work in order to achieve self well being. Finally, I wish that everyone that, like me, suffered an TBI, have a nice recovering. I also wish a good work to all the health professional. Now, I’m going to start my presentation. Analyzing together the work of painters, poets. musicians and then externalize, communicate, think .... Rearranging us as people and citizens … Many people, after suffering a TBI remain various difficulties with communication. The RecreArt proposes that, in a recreational and non- formal they find symbols that allowing to express themselves. I'll leave here some examples:
  • 3. Worriedwithworld Like citizens Reused matchboxesReused Plastic bottle
  • 4. Reusing in Christmas Wire netting in the structure of all trees 1 -lids of plastic bottles 2- tissue debris 3- tins (UK) or cans (EUA)
  • 5. Artistic and healthy activity Advice in my country Central Europe advice We know that our physical activity it’s not the best. “Aside from not smoking, the most important determinants of good health are what we eat and how active we are. “ in: http://www.arfamilies.org/health_nutrition/healthy_steps/nutrition/healthy_steps_healthy_eating.htm
  • 6. Now, the artistic activity Cutout and collage Correct completion of the form Outcome
  • 7. Painting with cider vinegar Natural pigment cidervinegar Dishwashingliquid, sugar…
  • 8. Painting with milk Natural pigment
  • 9. José de Guimarães Born in Portugal in 1939, José de Guimarães’ work was first discovered in the 60s in Belgium. Since then, it has been exhibited all around the world. José de Guimarães first took an interest in African ethnography and art, and worked on the idea of merging it with European culture. From there, he applied his method to other civilizations discovered during his travels. Cultures are linked by his work, which becomes a mean of communication and understanding. He lives and works in Lisboa and Paris. In http://www.portunes- online.com/index.php/Ou tros_Eventos Based “in her arts ” Signaling
  • 10. Painting pebbles
  • 11. Painting pebbles
  • 12. Painting pebbles 23-09-2013 Arts in Rehabilitation 12
  • 13. Develop skill to focus attention • Bubble games
  • 14. Another kind of game • Words to play and develop vocabulary, we have so many games.
  • 15. Table games • Can help us with problem solving, combat stress...
  • 16. To access games copy Link • http://www.gamesgames.com/
  • 17. Bye