Eastern neighbours regional cooperation


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Eastern neighbours regional cooperation

  1. 1. ENPI EASTERN Regional cooperation With the support of the ENPI Info Centre: www.enpi-info.eu Realised by the regional Information and Communication Programme Major donor The EU is the region’s major donor, with Financial Instruments and Tools Multi-Country Cooperation and Thematic programmes are other funding channels designed as part of the EU’s e ort Aims European Neighbourood Partnership NEIGHBOURS S ince the EU’s enlargement in 2004 and 2007 an ever deeper relationship is being built between Challenges faced by the countries of the region, such as developing transnational corridors, the management of cross- border rivers and basins, and the fight against terrorism and the European Commission providing to support change in the Neighbourhood Partnership countries. Instrument the Union and the countries on its transnational organised crime, have an inherent cross-border the lion’s share of its regional support through its EuropeAid Co-operation Regional Cooperation contributes to: Eastern borders, within the European character and can be better tackled through a cooperative effort Interregional ENPI Programmes Neighbourhood Policy (ENP). The Office. For the period 2007-2013, the EU at regional level. Thus, the EU funds regional cooperation. The Partnership with the Eastern neighbours E Cross Border Cooperation (CBC) Reinforce regional integration EuropeAid aim of the ENP is to bring these choice of regional projects reflects the defined priority areas, E Neighbourhood Investment Facility (NIF) Regional is being financed through the ENPI, for Promote the sharing of experiences and the transfer of expertise neighbours closer to the EU and which are: Transport; Energy; Sustainable management of natural which a total amount of €12 billion is E Support for the Improvement in Governance and Management (SIGMA) support their efforts for economic, resources; Border and migration management, the fight against E Technical Assistance and Information Exchange (TAIEX) Set and promote best practice social and political reform. The ENP has transnational organized crime and customs; People-to-people foreseen, of which approximately 10 percent is allocated for regional projects. E Twinning De ne common thematic strategies and action plans been developed with the objective activities; Landmines, explosive remnants of war, small arms and The ENP allows every country to E of avoiding the emergence of new light weapons. cooperation Erasmus Mundus II and Tempus IV Carry out together concrete projects articulate its own ambitions in dialogue E Cooperation in Urban Development and Dialogue (CIUDAD) dividing lines between the enlarged with the EU. Some want to work Create networks of people and organisations EU and its neighbours, and instead Regional cooperation has a strategic impact, as it deals with towards free trade. Others have different Other funding Instruments available for neighbouring countries strengthening the prosperity, stability issues that different Eastern Partners have in common. The Reinforce capacities of national and local authorities ambitions, for example to work together E European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) and security of partners and the EU. It Regional Programmes function as a forum for dialogue, bringing on infrastructure, environmental or E Environment and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources Advance the strengthening of civil society is the first single EU policy embracing people from the Partner Countries to the same table, despite energy related issues, create closer E Food Security its Eastern neighbours. sometimes obvious differences, helping them to engage in cultural relations or chose to stimulate E Investing in People discussion, and exchange views and experiences. December 2010 All Eastern Partners, and Russia, the exchange of students, journalists or E Instrument for Nuclear Safety and Cooperation (INSC) are beneficiaries of the European The EU seeks to support regional cooperation with its Eastern other professionals. E Instrument for Stability (IfS) European Commission EuropeAid Cooperation O ce Neighbourhood and Partnership neighbours and between them, and helps them to deal E The European Union is committed to Migration and Asylum Centralised operations for Europe, the Mediterranean and Middle East, B-1049 Brussels Instrument (ENPI), the financial tool taking this cooperation further through with common challenges through a number of major policy its Regional Programmes and by E Non-State Actors (NSA) http://ec.europa.eu/europeaid/where/neighbourhood/regional-cooperation/enpi-east/index_en.htm that turns decisions taken on a political initiatives. The latest, the Eastern Partnership (EaP) launched providing the platform for continuous E Local Authorities in Development level into actions on the ground. in spring 2009, foresees stronger political engagement of the dialogue. Partner Countries with the EU. The EaP seeks to bolster political Find out more and socio-economic reforms in the Partner Countries, facilitating www.enpi-info.eu/main.php?id=309&id_type=9&lang_id=450 their approximation and convergence towards the EU. ENP countries Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Moldova, Morocco, Occupied Palestinian Territory, Syria, Tunisia, Ukraine. “ If we look back to these years of cooperation and what we have achieved, I think we have good reasons to be proud. Despite certain obstacles and setbacks, we have built up over the years a robust partnership, I should even say a friendship that is built on mutual trust, frankness and our willingness to discuss all issues, Regional Cooperation builds bridges between the EU and its Eastern Partners however di cult and sensitive. Cooperation is, indeed, a win-win through the funding of multi-country programmes and projects that contribute graphic design Studio Scibilia printed by Grafiche Veneziane – Venice, Italy towards creating an area of peace, security and shared prosperity. process for the EU and our partners. ” Štefan Füle, Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy
  2. 2. Economy Media Why Culture Regional Programmes Funded Regional Cooperation E encourage cooperation among Eastern Neighbours Who bene ts How to get involved Culture Regional Cooperation invests in people who come To participate in funded projects, look out and together to share knowledge and experiences, learn apply for the calls for proposals, announced on E empower citizens through training, create networks and build on best the EuropeAid website: Environment E finance activities with no frontiers practices. Government officials and bodies, NGOs, http://ec.europa.eu/europeaid/index_en.htm Border Management Economy Energy Environment Social and Human Transport Investing in People municipalities, professionals and hundreds of others Dimension E define common priorities Much of the work done by the projects About a month before a new call is launched, EU Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine (EUBAM) East-Invest - Support to the SME sector Projects under INOGATE programme Air Quality Governance in the ENPI East Countries Projects under TRACECA programme who participate in the funded projects benefit directly. BUDGET €12 million plus in-kind contribution BUDGET €7 million WEBSITE www.inogate.org (AIR-Q-GO Project) CIUDAD – WEBSITE www.traceca-programme.eu E solve cross border issues revolves around training, seminars But there is a broader long-term impact on the public there is a Forecast so that participants have from Member States (seconded experts) TIMEFRAME 2009-2011 TIMEFRAME 2010-2013 WEBSITE www.enpi-info.eu/maineast.php?id=315&id_type=10 Strengthening of the INOGATE Technical Secretariat in support BUDGET €7 million TIMEFRAME 2011-2015 Sustainable Urban Development BUDGET €14 million Civil aviation safety and security and workshops that build on people’s at large, as citizens are the final beneficiaries of any time to prepare. The European Commission and of the Baku Initiative TIMEFRAME 2009-2013 BUDGET €5 million E transfer knowledge WEBSITE www.eubam.org TIMEFRAME 2008-2011 BUDGET €2.9 million Civil Protection (PPRD East) WEBSITE www.ciudad-programme.eu/index.php Security knowledge and capabilities – this ranges political, economic and social change brought about Delegations often organise Information Days on Support to Integrated Border TIMEFRAME 2009-2012 €6 million BUDGET International Logistical Centres E harmonise and coordinate activities Eastern Partnership Culture Youth from the training of border guards (EU through this Partnership. the various calls. Management Systems in the TIMEFRAME 2010-2013 €3.5 million Political Dialogue Capacity Building for Energy Programme – Parts I and II BUDGET South Caucasus (SCIBM) WEBSITE www.enpi-info.eu/maineast.php?id=211&id_type=10 TIMEFRAME 2009-2011 Youth Regulators in Eastern Europe BUDGET €12 million Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and BUDGET €6 million E support change and modernisation and Central Asia TIMEFRAME 2010-2013 TIMEFRAME 2009-2012 Co-investment funding in the Land transport safety and security BUDGET €0.83 million WEBSITE www.enpi-info.eu/maineast.php?id=286&id_type=10 Ukraine - EUBAM) or journalists (European WEBSITE www.undp.am/?page=DemocraticGovernance TIMEFRAME 2009-2011 eld of water and sanitation BUDGET € 3 million BUDGET €10 million TIMEFRAME 2009-2011 Neighbourhood Journalism Network) and Energy e ciency investments TIMEFRAME 2006-2010 Erasmus Mundus II – in Ukraine & Moldova WEBSITE www.enpi-info.eu/maineast.php?id=275&id_type=10 Maritime safety – support to contemporary artists (Eastern BUDGET €9.5 million Action 2 Partnerships Black Sea and Caspian Sea Forest Law Enforcement BUDGET €29 million (East and South) Partnership Culture Programme), to TIMEFRAME 2006-2011 and Governance (FLEG) TIMEFRAME 2009-2010 BUDGET €3.5 million TIMEFRAME 2009-2011 Energy saving in the building WEBSITE http://eacea.ec.europa.eu/extcoop/call/index.htm strengthening the knowledge of experts in In Practice sector in Eastern Europe BUDGET €6 million Education TIMEFRAME 2008-2011 Motorways of the Seas - Political Dialogue urban development (CIUDAD). and Central Asia WEBSITE www.enpi-fleg.org Tempus IV - Higher Education The Financial Instrument Black Sea and Caspian Sea E Reform of forestry law and practice BUDGET €5 million BUDGET approx € 35-39 million per year (East and South) BUDGET €2.5 million Support to Kyoto Protocol TIMEFRAME 2008-2013 Some projects, like Aviation safety and Since 2007, the regional programmes and projects TIMEFRAME 2010-2014 TIMEFRAME 2009-2011 Audiovisual Implementation, SKPI WEBSITE http://eacea.ec.europa.eu/tempus/index_en.php Partnership and Dialogue Motorways of the Sea, may mainly involve E Sustainable urban development are being funded by the European Neighbourhood Harmonisation of electricity standards BUDGET €1.5 million BUDGET €5 million Regional Information & Strengthening of transport TIMEFRAME 2008-2011 training capacity E Judicial reform Regional Cooperation offers a unique officials on the government level, but the and Partnership Instrument (ENPI), which has replaced TIMEFRAME 2009-2011 WEBSITE www.inogate.org Communication Programme BUDGET €2 million BUDGET €19 million TIMEFRAME 2008-2010 opportunity for people from the Partner citizens are the ones who will benefit from TACIS that was operational from 1991 to 2006. The Harmonisation of gas and oil technical Transboundary river management TIMEFRAME 2008-2011 E City to city partnerships standards and practices in Eastern WEBSITE http://ec.europa.eu/europeaid/where/neighbourhood/index_en.htm for the Kura River – Phase II their outcomes as they promote security Transport dialogue Environment Countries to sit around the same table and overall amount allocated to the ENPI for the period Europe and Caucasus BUDGET €2.9 million BUDGET €5, 2 million and networks interoperability E Culture Economy engage in a dialogue, even in difficult times and economic growth. The same concept 2007-2013 is €12 billion, of which €223 million was TIMEFRAME 2007-2010 TIMEFRAME 2008-2011 BUDGET €6.6 million Telecommunication WEBSITE www.kuraarasbasin.net TIMEFRAME 2009-2012 or on sensitive issues, like safeguarding applies to East-Invest, which promotes earmarked for the East until 2010. Pre-investment project for the investment and supports SMEs. E Increased investment Trans-Caspian-Black Sea Gas Corridor human rights. For the period 2010-13, a total of €348.57 million has BUDGET €5 million Through this exchange, people learn to E Solid waste management been allocated to the Regional East Programme. TIMEFRAME 2009-2012 Support to energy market integration Training work together, experiences are shared, E Maritime and aviation safety and security and sustainable energy, SEMISE BUDGET €5.7 million partnerships formed, relationships built E Conflict resolution TIMEFRAME 2009-2012 Transport Civil society and networks created. The partners carry Supporting participation of Security Civil society E Harmonizing policies and legislation Eastern Partnership and Central out common activities, while civil society Asian Cities in the Covenant of Mayors organisations and stakeholders are often BUDGET €5 million TIMEFRAME 2011-2014 involved, giving them a say. WEBSITE www.eumayors.eu