The Eu and Algeria


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The Eu and Algeria

  1. 1. Country press pack The EU and AlgeriaProgress in Relations – National Indicative Programme (NIP) 2011-2013Algeria’s relations with the EU are defined by the Association Agreement (AA). Algeria does not havea European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) Action Plan with the EU. Nevertheless, in 2008 in an effortto accompany the implementation of the AA, the EU and Algeria signed a ‘Roadmap for theimplementation of the Association Agreement’. This document identifies a series of concrete actionsin the priority sectors of economic reform, trade, energy, circulation of persons and the fight againstterrorism in order to further exploit the potential of the AA.At the Association Council of 16 June 2009, Algeria confirmed the importance it attaches to theRoadmap, while the European Commission underlined the importance of achieving tangible results inits implementation. Algeria also agreed to establish a sub-committee on ‘Political diaogue, securityand human rights’.In terms of strategy, the major challenges for Algeria remain governance to ensure social andeconomic stability, as well as economic diversification to reduce the dependence on hydrocarbons.The overall budget for bilateral EU assistance to Algeria in the framework of the EuropeanNeighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI) will amount to €172 million, or an average of€57.33 million a year, according to the NIP. This represents a 4.2 % increase compared to theprogramming period 2007-2010, where €55 million a year had been earmarked.The Country Strategy Paper (CSP) 2007-2013 outlines eight areas eligible for support: • Human rights reform; • Reform in the field of justice, migratory flows and terrorism; • Diversification of the economy; • Sustainable development; • Development of education; • Reinforcement of social programmes; • Facilitation of trade; • Development of infrastructure.The EU is Algeria’s most important trading partner, accounting for 51% of Algeria’s internationaltrade.ENPI Info Centre Algeria NIP wrap up
  2. 2. Drawing: Rouili Abdel Malik, aged 10, Algeriawinner EuropeAid Gender competition 2009 ( Mediterranean region)Find out more…ENPI Info Centre webpage – Algeria Delegation – Algeria External Relations – Key documents Indicative Program 2011-2013 (French only) Term Review of the ENPI Programming Documents - Algeria de la délégation de la commission européenne en algérie Strategy Paper 2007-2013 & National Indicative Programme 2007-2010 Indicative Programme 2005-2006 Association Agreement (French only) Country Strategy Paper - Political and Economic relationsEuropeAid – Algeria country page External Relations – Algeria projects
  3. 3. Photo © Euromed Heritage IVDG Trade – EU and Algeria Trade – Algeria statistics II project – Algeria statistical profile report – 30 Years of Cooperation Feature - Facing the energy challenge in Algeria’s rural areas (2010) small businesses get bigger in Algeria (Aid For Trade: A Selection of Case Studies fromAround the World - EC publication 2008) News Magazine – focus on Algeria Info Centre – Algeria news Heritage project – meeting reportèse%20Atelier%20de%20Beyrouth.pdfMEDREG project (energy)- photo library photo library May 2010