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Collaborative Consumption and New Business Opportunities (updated 4 Jul 2011)
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Collaborative Consumption and New Business Opportunities (updated 4 Jul 2011)


Presented at Green Drinks Singapore on 30 Jun 2011.

Presented at Green Drinks Singapore on 30 Jun 2011.

Published in Business , Technology
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  • Another example of collaborative consumption: http://sharemystorage.com/cr6dg.
    It is now even possible to share storage space. Whereas people have now had to rely on sometimes impersonal and expensive self-storage companies, instead of simply asking the neighbour if they have space in their garage or shed like we did some years back... sharemystorage.com brings back some of that social aspect of sharing space and at the same time saving some money for the storer and making the some money for the person with the space.

    Take a look: sharemystorage.com
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  • 1. Collaborative Consumptionand New Business Opportunities Eugene Tay Green Future Solutions
  • 2. Pay for the benefit ofusing a product withoutneeding to own theproduct outright
  • 3. Redistribute used or pre-owned goods from wherethey are not needed tosomewhere or someonewhere they are
  • 4. People with similarinterests are bandingtogether to share andexchange less tangibleassets such astime, space, skills, andmoney
  • 5. • Understand your product life cycle• Sell services instead of products• Design for durability and reuse• Allow customers to talk to and rate each other• Crowdsourcing ideas from the community
  • 6. Green Collaborative TechCommunity Consumption Community
  • 7. Im trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you thedoor. Youre the one that has to walk through it. - The Matrix Eugene Tay www.greenfuture.sg eugene@greenfuture.sg fb.com/eugenetay
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