Obesity And Ginseng

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Ginsengcare in Toronto promotes ginseng business opportunity to people looking for health and wealth.

Ginsengcare in Toronto promotes ginseng business opportunity to people looking for health and wealth.

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  • 1. Obesity and Ginseng Eugene Fung www.ginsengcare.com
  • 2. Obesity : Belly Size
  • 3. What is Obesity
    • Excess body fat has accumulated in the body
    • An adverse effect on health
    • Reduced lifestyle
    • Increased health problems
    • If your BMI is 30 or over …….Hm
  • 4. What is BMI
    • BMI stands for B ody M ass I ndex
    • The BMI is a statistical measurement derived from your height and weight
    • Drawback: It does not measure the percentage of body fat.
    • A muscleman may have a high BMI but have much less fat than an unfit person whose BMI is lower.
    • However, the BMI measurement can be a useful indicator for the 'average person'.
  • 5. Calculation of Your BMI
    • BMI (kg/m²) = Weight in kg/ (Height in meters) ²
    • BMI (lb/inch²) = Weight in lb *703 / (Height in inches) ²
    • http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/info/obesity/bmi-calculator.php
  • 6. What Your BMI Tells You ?
    • BMI
    • Below 18.5
    • 18.5 – 24.9
    • 25 – 29.9
    • 30 or Above
    • Weight Status
    • Underweight
    • Normal
    • Overweight
    • OBESE
  • 7. Why You Become Obese?
    • Consuming too many calories
    • Leading a sedentary lifestyle- Modern convenience devices e.g. TV, Dish washers etc etc
    • Not sleeping enough
    • Endocrine disruptors, such as some foods that interfere with lipid metabolism
    • Lower rates of smoking (smoking suppresses appetite) – Only 6-8 lbs wt gain
    • Medications that make patients put on weight – Herbal supplements recommended.
  • 8. Ginseng Helps Weight Loss
    • Ginseng may also be used to supplement a weight loss diet.
    • Ginseng has the ability to act as a thermogenic.
    • It increases bodily heat therefore increasing metabolism and the conversion of fat into muscle.
  • 9. Ginsenoside Stops Fat Formation
    • Phytotherapy Research Journal reports:
    • Ginsenoside Rg3, a ginseng saponin, focuses on its ability to inhibit differentiation in the cells that store energy as fat.
    • Rg3 makes the cells less able to complete the fat storage process.
  • 10. Research on Ginseng and Weight Loss
    • Ginseng was administered orally to the mice for 4 weeks.
    • The mice showed a loss of body weight and a decrease in blood glucose levels when compared to the control mice.
    • The anti-obesity effect of ginseng may result from inhibiting energy gain.
    • It related to the control of weight gain.
    • For more info: www.ginsengcare.com