Digital Snapshot - February 2013


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A compilation of the most recent India-specific statistics on digital marketing, social media, smartphone and tablets, mobile commerce, social commerce, etc.

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Digital Snapshot - February 2013

  1. 1. A Snapshot of Digital India - February 2013 Compiled by Ethinos Digital Marketing
  2. 2. Internet Users Statistics 1200 1000 960 960.9 903.72All figures in Millions of Users 800 701.63 600 Mar-12 Aug-12 400 Nov-12 Feb-13 200 200 120 123 137 111 87.1 32 31 30 29 13.3314 15.08 15 20 25 0 Landline Connections Mobile Connections Internet Connections Broadband Internet Through Connections Mobile * Internet Only through Mobiles- 20 Million
  3. 3. Smartphone Market Share Statistics Country 2011 Market 2012 Market 2016 Market The number of active mobile Shares Share Shares subscribers in the country is about 700 Brazil 1.80% 2.30% 4.70% million which represents less than 60% of the total population. China 18.20% 20.70% 20.20% Various recent estimates have put the UK 5.30% 4.50% 3.70% number of smartphone users in the country at 44 million, 6.3% of the active USA 21.30% 20.60% 15.30% subscriber population and 3.5% of India’s India 2.20% 2.90% 9.305 total population. Others 51.20% 48.90% 46.80% India had 2.5% share of the smartphone world in 2012. The same is predicted to reach 8.5% in 2016 and by that year Global Smartphone market share in 2011, 2012 and 2016 (estimated) by country.
  4. 4. Smartphone Market Share Statistics Indian Market Share held by leading Smartphone operating systems 2012 (Estimated) Smartphone operating system Market Share Android 50.6% Symbian 23.3% Bada 10.2% Blackberry OS 9.9% iOS 2.4% Windows Phone 3.6% Total OS share 100% Indian Market Share held by leading Smartphone brands Smartphone Brand Market Share Samsung 41.6% Nokia 19.2% Blackberry 12.1% Apple 9%
  5. 5. Tablets Tablet Brand Market Share The tablet market in India has seen tremendous growth. It has increased from Samsung 23.9% 350,000 units in 2011 to three million Micromax 15.3% devices last year. Datawind (Aakash) 12.3% This segment is expected to see sales Tablet Market Share Distribution by Brands touching six million units this year. It is growing at 100%
  6. 6. Social Media 50 million March ‘12 51 million Aug ‘12 65 million Nov ‘12 71 million Feb ‘13 13 million March ‘12 1,34,000 Aug ‘12 16 million Aug ‘12 1,680,000 Nov ‘12 33 million Nov ‘12 1,232,000 Feb ‘13 33 million Feb ‘13 14 million March ‘12 15+ million Aug ‘12 17 million Nov ‘12 18 million Feb ‘13
  7. 7. Social Commerce Globally, social media influences less than 1% of all online commerce. Conversion rates are approximately 0.3% for Facebook, 0.2% for Twitter and 0.1% for Pinterest. Revenue generated from social commerce still contributes a significant $2.2 billion out of the total $226 billion online commerce revenue. Revenues from the markets of social commerce are slated to reach approximately $30 billion by the year 2015. The most interesting discovery about Social Commerce is the fact that small businesses have been the ones to adopt it the quickest and have understood the need of the hour i.e. transparency with a social connect.
  8. 8. Social Commerce In India it is estimated that over the next few years thesocial commerce industry will grow at 16%, surpassingother recurring activities such as downloading onlinecontent in social networks by up to 22%. Since India has a large social-media population withactive users who mainly use it for communication, thepromising social commerce market in India is likely to beOtoO (Online to Offline) type. The social commerce market in India is estimated to be$700 million by 2013, $1,890 million by 2014, and $3,180million by 2015. The most interesting discovery about Social Commerce is the fact that small businesses have been the ones to adopt it the quickest and have understood the need of the hour i.e. transparency with a social connect.
  9. 9. Mobile Commerce Statistics All combined mobile channels generated 5% of total e- commerce revenue through m-commerce in 2012 globally. Mobile usage in India is considerably higher than the global average, and this channel brings the biggest opportunity for retailers looking to sell to Indian consumers. Currently, 25% of all the web searches in India are through mobile devices . In India 40% and 19% Smartphone and Tablet users respectively, shop using their device. TechNavios analysts forecast the mobile commerce market in India to grow at a CAGR of 71.06% over the period of 2012-2016
  10. 10. Mobile Commerce Statistics The key vendors dominating this mobile commerce market space are Bharti Airtel Ltd., mCheck India Payment Systems Pvt. Ltd., PayMate India Pvt. Ltd., and State Bank of India India is the largest user of the Opera Mini mobile browser and mobile e-commerce is among the top two categories of websites, next only to news, that are accessed by users. E-commerce sites,, and experienced growth rates of over 100%, 75%, and 50%, respectively, in 2012 over 2011. 79% of Indian consumers are apprehensive about shopping online because of concerns over security. Google India recently reported that 30% of online shopping queries in 2012 came from mobile phones. India accounts for 9% of the world’s online shopping traffic that happens on mobile devices.
  11. 11. Social Media Usage 163+ 71 32+ 0.5+ million million million million *400+ 288 33 11 Million million million million (Sina Weibo) 18 75+ **2.8 11 million million million million *Twitter numbers not available ** LinkedIn has no official license to operate in China yet
  12. 12. Near Field Communications (NFC) The growth of the applications market is expected to be exponential with the revenue growth from $7,686 million in 2011 to $34,515 million by 2016. The most attractive of all the segments is the mobile payments segment; followed by the ticketing and access control. The major players that provide chips and controllers for the Near Field Communication products are NXP Semiconductors (U.S.), Broadcom (U.S.), and Renesas (Japan). Payment via NFC and other proximity payment technologies is expected to be the second largest form of mobile payments by 2017. A market research from Markets and Markets has predicted that the NFC market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 38% from 2011 to 2016. It is estimated that by 2016, the NFC market will cross $10.01 billion
  13. 13. Digital Marketing in India is BIG...VERY BIG! The growth of Facebook in India has been 132%;higher than many other countries, including its homemarket in US. More than 350 million photos per day were uploadedto Facebook in Q4 2012 and over 240 billionphotos have been shared on Facebook till date (thisdoes not include Instagram photos) Google display reaches 90 per cent of Indian webusers, which is close to 100 million users. Second isYouTube; it has close to 25 million users. On a year-on-year basis Google display advertisingbusiness is growing at a rate of 100%, search advertisingat a rate of 60%, enterprise business is growing at 300%and mobile YouTube at 300%
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