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Dare to be GREAT for success in ANY endeavor you undertake

Dare to be GREAT for success in ANY endeavor you undertake

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  • 1. Presented by:Ethan Chazin, PresidentThe Chazin Group“Dare To Be GREAT!”The Chazin Group
  • 2.  Street Fairs, Bazaars & FleaMarkets In-home Parties Antiques & Collectibles Shows E-Commerce Business CatalogsThe Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupWhat We’ll Cover
  • 3. • X.• X.• X.• X.• X.The Chazin GroupThe Chazin Group F
  • 4. Get off the beaten path andon the road to GREATNESS
  • 5. A L
  • 6. It starts with asingularmission…Start With a Mission
  • 7. Dare to be GREAT ineverything YOU do.
  • 8. Communication isCRITICAL to YOURCareer SuccessCommunication is the KEY
  • 9.  Embrace TEAM meetings. Coaches and Mentors. Listen at 100%. Follow through on deliver-by dates. Communicate issues BEFORE they escalate.CommunicateCommunicateCommunicateCommunication is the KEY
  • 10. Achieve 100%Resident Satisfaction
  • 11. If you only have ahammer…
  • 12. • Take CalculatedRisks• Set STRETCHGoals• Embrace Change• Run TowardsChallenges• Lean IntoDiscomfort• Take on NEWResponsibilities• Find GREAT Allies
  • 13. How have YOU tappedinto the diversity &strengths of your team,for the continuedgrowth of yourorganization?It Starts With YOU
  • 14. “Good is theEnemy of Great.”Jim Collins
  • 15. In EVERY type oforganization thattransforms from GOODto GREAT, certainqualities exist.
  • 16. “Your work is going to fill alarge part of your life, and theonly way to be truly satisfiedis to do what you believe isgreat work. . .”Steve Jobs
  • 17. A L
  • 18. Creative ProblemSolving
  • 19. • X.• X.• X.• X.• X.The Chazin GroupThe Chazin Group F
  • 20. That’s How It’sALWAYS Been Done
  • 21. DO IT Approach
  • 22. • X.• X.• X.• X.• X.The Chazin GroupThe Chazin Group F
  • 23. D Define the problemO Open your mind & applycreative techniquesI Identify the SolutionT Transform: implement thesolution using an action plan
  • 24. Task Owner Contributors Start End Contingencies Status1. Findnewmeetingspace forHHA staffLourdesPriestley9/5 10/7 Available HHAcapacityOpen1a: PlanfutureHHAGoingGreenprograms10/3 10/21 Funding in 2011budget?In-progress
  • 25. Brainstorming
  • 26. Brainwriting
  • 27. The Disney CreativeStrategy
  • 28.  Dreamer Realist CriticGo through all 3stages
  • 29. Starbursting
  • 30. StarburstingIDEA / IssueChallengeWHOWHATHOWWHEREWHENWHY
  • 31. MetaphoricalThinking
  • 32. TeensAfterSchool“GreenPrograms”Child CareAdultServicesMaintenanceEventsHousing
  • 33. Provoation
  • 34. Attribute listing
  • 35. Marketing Sales HumanResourcesProductDevelopmentHV Pg Sg CoWa Re On P
  • 36. Reframing Matrix
  • 37. • X.• X.• X.• X.• X.The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupReframing Matrix
  • 38. 4-P Approach
  • 39. 4 Perspective Approach!• Product/Service Perspective: Issomething WRONG with the product?• Planning Perspective: Are ourbusiness plans faulty?• Potential Perspective: If we increaseour workload, projects, serviceofferings, how would we achieve this?• People Perspective: Do we have theright people in the right jobs?4 Perspective Approach
  • 40. Problem Perspective: X X XPlanning Perspective: X X XPotential Perspective: X X XPeople Perspective: X X XProblem Being Addressed
  • 41. Seek InspirationEVERYWHERE
  • 42. Help is ALLAround You
  • 43. Conflict’s a GOOD Thing
  • 44. “Conflict is the gadfly of thought.It stirs us to observation andmemory. It instigates toinvention. It shocks us out ofsheep like passivity, and sets us atnoting and contriving.”John DeweyConflict’s a GOOD Thing
  • 45. “Each problem has hidden in it anopportunity so powerful that itliterally dwarfs the problem. Thegreatest success stories werecreated by people who recognizeda problem and turned it into anopportunity.”JosephSugarman