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Customer Service to make all your customers happy.

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Cust svc queensy_em_tclass_oct2012

  1. 1. Customer Care Best PracticesPresented to:Presented to:
  2. 2. 2Today’s DiscussionA Foundation for Lifelong Learning• You Are a Good Will Ambassador• Your Uniform is Your BRAND• Customer Care…Not Just for Retail
  3. 3. 3Today’s DiscussionA Foundation for Lifelong Learning• Timeless Communication BEST PRACTICES• Teamwork, Critical Thinking Skills• Punctuality• Mentor OpportunitiesCustomer Service
  4. 4. 4Today’s DiscussionSocial Diversity• Embracing Our Differences• Today’s Global Workplace• Team-Based Best Practices• Ex-Pats & Job Rotations• Tolerate and Appreciate Differences
  5. 5. 5Today’s DiscussionSocial Diversity• Issues/Conflict Resolution• Appropriate Workplace Behavior• Flexible Work Arrangements• Changing Regulatory Environment• ROLE PLAY!
  6. 6. 6Foundation for Lifelong Learning• You Are A Goodwill Ambassador– You May Be The First Contact for the College– You Directly Influence the Student CenterCustomer Experience– You Represent the Conference Center AT ALLTIMES– Exemplary Behavior at ALL TIMES … ExudeProfessionalism
  7. 7. 7Foundation for Lifelong Learning• Your Uniform is Your Brand– Signifies Part of a Team– Identifies You As Someone Customers CanEngage– Take PRIDE In It– Wear It!
  8. 8. 8Foundation for Lifelong Learning• Communication Best Practices– LISTEN!– Maintain Eye Contact– Speak With Respect & Civility– Ask Clarifying Questions• Repeat for Confirmation/Clarification– Watch Your Tonality
  9. 9. 9Foundation for Lifelong Learning• Communication Best Practices– Control Non Verbal Cues:• Posture• Hand Gestures• Facial Expressions• Folded Arms• BODY Language
  10. 10. 10Foundation for Lifelong Learning• Communication Best Practices– Follow Through: If You Make A Commitment,Honor It– DON’T Respond to Aggressive Behavior:• Attempt to Pacify• Seek out Management
  11. 11. 11Foundation for Lifelong Learning• Teamwork– Support Each Other– Your Success is Contingent on Others– It Goes BOTH Ways• Punctuality– Set A Standard for Leadership– A Good Practice: Proves Reliability• Pursue Mentor Opportunities– Formal & Informal– Continuous Learning
  12. 12. 12Top Qualities/Skills EmployersWant• Communications• Strong work ethic• Teamwork Skills (works well with others)• Initiative• Interpersonal Skills (relates well to others)• Problem solving Skills• Analytical Skills• Flexibility/Adaptability• Computer Skills• Technical SkillsNACE Job Outlook 2008 survey of college recruiters
  13. 13. 13Customer Service• Not Just For Retail – Critical For ALLIndustries• Where Companies Gain a CompetitiveAdvantage• A CORE Skill Required for Success• Affects Conference Center Profitability• Major Area for Jobs Growth• Call Centers
  14. 14. 14Customer Service Resources•
  15. 15. 15Social Diversity• Understand/Embrace Differences:– Culture– Ethnicity– Gender, Age, Physical, AlternateLifestyles– Religion– Language– Dietary Laws– DressThe World Is Flat
  16. 16. 16Social Diversity• Today’s Global Workplace– More Ethnic Diversity– Introduction to Foreign Cultures– EMBRACE Our Differences– What’s a Stereotype?
  17. 17. 17Social Diversity• Team-Based Work Best Practices– Many School Projects Require It– The Real World/Workplace DEMANDS It– Practice Applying to Your Social Network– Fill Each Other’s Shortfalls With Your Strengths– Coach / Be Coached
  18. 18. 18Social Diversity• Ex-patriots and Job Rotations– People Come to Work in America– You Go Work Overseas– Enables You to Develop Cultural Diversity– Learn/Practice a Foreign Language– A Great Benefit of Employment
  19. 19. 19Social Diversity• Issues / Conflict Resolution– Interpersonal, Manager-Direct Report– Physical Contact/Aggression is NEVER Tolerated– Seek Out Management at the Onset– Explain Feelings in Non-threatening Manner– LISTEN
  20. 20. 20Social Diversity• Appropriate Workplace Behavior– Respect & Civility For Others– Seek Exceptional Performance– Always Look to Grow– Coaching & Mentoring– Customer Care is CRITICAL!
  21. 21. 21Social Diversity• Flexible Work Arrangements– Job Sharing– Satellite Work Locations– Extended Leave of Absence– Maternity Leave
  22. 22. 22Social Diversity• The Changing Regulatory Environment– Diversity:– Physical Ability (ADA)– EEOC Compliance– HR Policies & Procedures
  23. 23. 23Social Diversity• The Changing Regulatory Environment– Your Due ProcessDue process is guaranteed by the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to theU.S. Constitution and is required whenever "a persons good name, reputation,honor, or integrity is at stake because of what the government is doing to him..." (Wisconsin v. Constantineau, 1971, p. 437).KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!
  24. 24. 24Role Play
  25. 25. 25Think about all the times you’ve gone into a storefor service, or had to go to the hospital, or abookstore, or a fast food restaurant, or had to callan 800#...all those times you needed the help of acustomer care professional...Were those positive experiences?
  26. 26. 26You are on an emergency call and whileyou are treating a patient in their home,a family member begins speaking to youin a confrontational, agitated tone. Asthey berate you, their voice raises, theyget up in your face.How should you react?
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