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Picture Description for International Exams Cambridge

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Online class picture description 1

  1. 1. PICTURE DESCRIPTION Expressway or Motorway: A broad highway designed for high-speed traffic. Highway: A major road for any form of motor transport..This picture shows a motorway in a very nice area full of vegetation. There are bushes and trees on both sides ofthe road and in the centre. It is very well signposted. It isn’t congested with traffic or trucks, there are only a fewand actually there are more lorries as probably this leads to a holiday resort and they are transporting goods. On both sides of the motorway there are wide hard shoulders. Traffic is flowing freely on the motorway. The vehicles are not travelling too close to one another on the motorway In the background there is a very pronounced curve. It might be summer and there is a clear sky.Bushes: low plant to the size of a small tree.Lorries: motor truckSignposted: provided with traffic signs.Goods: merchandise.Hard shoulders:
  2. 2. This photo shows a busy rush hour scene. Most of the buildings in the picture are very tall and seem to be really luxurious. In my opinion it is an important city like Shanghay. Many people are walking along the coast. There is a crowded road as it might be rush hour. There are also many boats and ships in the sea. It is an important harbour and as I have mentioned before it might be Shanghai as the road signs are written in Chinese. The road is well singposted and seems to be a very neat and clean city.
  3. 3. This is a traffic jam in a highway. There are many lanes of traffic. Some of the cars have their brake lights on. There are no pedestrians on the hard shoulder. It seems to be early in the morning when people go to work or late in the evening when they are coming back from work. This is definitely rush hour. There is a traffic sign on the right. This congestion might have been caused by an accident or problems with the toll.
  4. 4. The boy and the girl are in a library which seems to be really huge as there are many rows of books. The man is showing a page to the girl and she seems to be interested in what he is showing her. The boy is wearing a green top or t-shirt and a necklace. The girl is wearing a white tank top, she seems to be in her twenties like the boy, and they are both young.
  5. 5. • This is one of the largest pyramids in the world and considered to be one of the great among the seven wonders of the world. There are actually 3 Pyramids . There are also two camels and two men wearing turbans and tunics to protect themselves from the heat or high temperatures of the desert. The two men aren’t sitting on the camels. There is a clear sky and a lot of sand. They are very high and composed of blocks of stone. Actually The Great Pyramid of Giza was one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Some of the Wonders of the World are: The Great Wall, China - Machu Picchu, Peru - The Roman Colosseum, Italy - The Taj Mahal, India
  6. 6. • They are having a stroll by the sea on the beach. It is probably a holiday resort or some place by the sea. Both camels are walking in line. One camel is rederless and they are both the same colour. The sea is bright bluema and it is a beautiful day. One man wearing a turban and a tunic is riding one of them and on the other he has load some things. He might be going from one place to another or maving moving out and taking with him all his belongings.• Pictures and descriptions taken from:
  7. 7. Expressions for Picture Description• Describing the fotographs: The first photograph shows a woman reading a book. In the background we can see a family sitting around a table outside a café.• Comparing the photographs: Both pictures are about being a parent. I think the common theme here is communication.• Contrasting: In contrast, the people in the second image look worried. On the other hand, the scene looks much more modern. Unlike the first photo, this looks like a happy occasion.• Speculating: Perhaps they are celebrating something. Maybe the reason they look so serious is because…..She might be a busy working mother.• Personal feelings: I wouldn’t like to be in their shoes. The first photo reminds me of my own childhood. Personally, I’d love to visit a place like that.• The following phrases are fo helping you while you speak.• What I really mean is that……. What I am trying to say is that…..Well,….. Hmm…. let me see.
  8. 8. Compare and contrast these two photos and say whythey have chosen to participate in the event and which of the parties you would choose to be at.
  9. 9. More expressions
  10. 10. Describing – Comparing – Contrasting - Speculating