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– RathinLahiri:What are the things you can do take advantage of Digital Channel? Talk about various eMarketing Tactics viz Search, Social, Mobile, eMail et al

– RathinLahiri:What are the things you can do take advantage of Digital Channel? Talk about various eMarketing Tactics viz Search, Social, Mobile, eMail et al






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    – RathinLahiri:What are the things you can do take advantage of Digital Channel? Talk about various eMarketing Tactics viz Search, Social, Mobile, eMail et al – RathinLahiri:What are the things you can do take advantage of Digital Channel? Talk about various eMarketing Tactics viz Search, Social, Mobile, eMail et al Presentation Transcript

    • Digital Marketing : 101 Rathin Lahiri CMO – Loyalty One
    • Who is the bigger brand?
    • The Customer Funnel Organic Traffic Visitors Paid Traffic Organic Traffic Registered Users Paid Traffic Organic Traffic First-time Buyers Paid Traffic Great Experience Repeat Buyers Great Value
    • Digital Marketing Toolkit Social Media Marketing Search Engine Optimization / Search Engine Marketing EmailMarketing Online Advertising Mobile Marketing Online Public Relations
    • Display Advertising• Display Advertising, e.g. Banner ads, Google AdSense • Banner ads can drive both brand awareness and response • Ads may be static, dynamic, fully interactive, form-based • Choice of ad format depends on campaign goals • Ad space can be bought from publishers or through ad networks • Publishers: Yahoo!, Microsoft, Rediff.com, Sify.com • Ad Networks: Tyroo, Komli, AdMagnet, Vdopia • Display ad performance metrics can vary based on campaigns
    • Brand Advertising
    • Response-driven Advertising
    • Online Public Relations• Online publications offer targeted and efficient access to both partners and vendors• Use online publications to augment offline coverage • Blogs: your own, industry trackers, business insiders, etc. • Social networks: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. • Content sharing platforms: YouTube, SlideShare, etc.• Response-friendly releases: use keywords and linkbacks• Augment press releases with visual and video content• Share across platforms and monitor response
    • eBay.in DreamHouse (over 500k visitirs )
    • Search Advertising93% of buying cycles start with online searches.Google is a $ 50 Bn company Paid Search Natural Search
    • Search Advertising• Search Advertising, e.g. Google AdWords • One of the most effective channels to drive response/action. • Pay-per-click text ads that accompany organic search results. • Appearing in both organic and ad lists increases traffic 4X. • Crisp copy with clear call to action increases clickthrough rate. • Landing page specific to the ad campaign increases conversion.
    • Search Advertising Organic Results + Ad Results = 4x response High rank on search results page leads to increased brand awareness.
    • Search Advertising Call to Action Product Details with clear value proposition
    • Search Engine Optimization93% of buying cycles start with online searches. High rank on search results page leads to increased brand awareness.
    • Search Engine OptimizationOn-page content: Use the right keywords Page Title Page URL Page Description; Subsection Links Page Header
    • Content Optimization• On-page Content: • Update regularly – minimize broken links and “out-of-stock”. • Provide product details, specifications, shipping information. • Showcase user reviews and images.• Off-page Content: Link to pages using the right keywords • Consistent, reliable content drives more links. • Reliability of linking sites adds value to the links. • Social networks drive large volumes of links.
    • Top Tips – SEO/SEM• Use relevant keywords in content.• Keep content relevant and updated.• Use descriptive page title and section headers.• Organize your sitemap for easy crawling by search engines.• Allow sharing on social networks to build link quality.• Claim relevant keywords for search ads. • This builds brand relevance and awareness.• Measure effectiveness through web/campaign analytics.• Test and learn – adapt communications based on results.
    • Email Marketing Brand Logo Share! Call to Action Share!
    • Top Tips – Email Marketing• Cardinal rule of email marketing: Do not spam!• Opted-in consumers: More receptive to communication; hence more valuable to your business.• Effective email: Concise, focused, with clear call to action.• Mobile phone compatibility: Design to be read on the move• Test regularly: Layout, content, offers, schedule, etc.• Customize content based on user segmentation.• Use response data to fine-tune future contacts.• “No means no”: Do not contact customers if they opt out.
    • Mobile Marketing• Mobile Is Personal• Mobile is with you everywhere• Mobile is immediate• Mobile is Localizable• Mobile provides a wide range of Marketing Tools • Website / App / Sms / MMS/ Location Based Targeting / Qr codes
    • Mobile Marketing• The smartphone is a computer that can make calls • Deliver a rich, interactive mobile experience • Make offline messaging come alive• The smartphone is not a computer – design differently • Mobile web experience • Mobile application experience• Customize the mobile experience • Platform – customize for the customer’s phone • Geolocation – customize for where the customer is • Contact network – customize for what the customer’s friends like• Respect the customer’s privacy• Protect the customer’s data
    • Mobile Marketing• Always on, always at hand• Mobile devices are becoming primary online touchpoints. • Mobile has overtaken the desktop as a gateway to the internet. • 40% of all Google searches come through mobile. • 27% of all emails are opened on mobile phones.• Mobile access is no longer just a “good to have” feature.• All digital channels must be mobile-friendly.• Highly personal and highly personalized medium: • Platform • Geolocation • Network• Challenges: Permission to contact, privacy, data security.
    • Mobile Web
    • Mobile App
    • Social Media Marketing• Social media: Word-of-mouth in a digital era • Archive of opinions and sentiments • The forest-fire effect – rapid expansion of reach • Two-way street for marketers – broadcast and listen • Measurable, but what does the data mean?• Three elements of social media • Publish • Share • Discuss
    • Top Tips – Social Media• Share/promote published content • Blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+• Monitor content published by others • Search and News: Google News, Google Alerts, Blog search • Social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ • Bookmarking: Delicious, Reddit, StumbleUpon• Discuss: participate in online conversations • Blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Quora
    • Publish Content• Content platforms• Networking platforms• Bookmarking
    • Blogs: Publish, Share, Promote
    • Conversations: Facebook
    • Conversations: Twitter
    • Conversations: Q & A
    • Social Media 4.3 million Likes 31,702 conversations
    • Social Media 69,896 Likes 1,509 conversations
    • Top Tips – Digital Marketing• Clearly define your Objectives• Use a balanced mix of search and display (brand/response)• Drive brand engagement through rich media and interactivity• Even search ads are a branding tool – use them effectively• Strong call-to-action words drive high clickthroughs• Measure effectiveness through web/campaign analytics of each channel• Test and learn – adapt advertising based on results• Nobody knows it all : Learn from the specialists
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Thank You