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Atom: Payment Solutions for Modern Retail
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Atom: Payment Solutions for Modern Retail


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Payment Solutions for Modern Retail Dewang Neralla Atom Technologies Limited Confidential
  • 2. Basic Facts • • • • • • • • Country of over 1.20 billion people with over 900 million mobile connections. 120 million Internet subscribers 20 million+ credit cards, 300 million+ debit cards, still a large part of the country is unbanked Mobile payments introduced around 7 years back RBI introduced mobile payments guidelines around 5 years back IMPS introduced by NPCI thus permitting interoperability between banks’ mobile banking systems and merchant payments Electronic commerce has seen acceptability in the last three years with India being among fastest growing online market and has registered about 40% growth in about a year Industry is undergoing changes with players providing multiple touch points for payment acceptance Confidential
  • 3. The idea • It all starts with the idea - Business - Deciding on customer demographics • domestic v/s international • Metro or across India • Only internet facing or would there be other channels – call center as well as brick and mortar • Delivery model – through own logistics or outsourced Confidential
  • 4. Technologies adopted • Easy to access • Easy to spread Internet IVR Point of Sale Mobile • Application – Experiential • USSD – Operator Specific • SMS – Ubiquitous • In Person Payments Confidential
  • 5. Technology features • Internet • • • • • Standard Integration Kits Availability of Integration with standard shopping carts & framework Secure using encryption over an above HTTPS Mail based invoicing Solution IVR • • • • • • Multi Lingual support Anytime / Anywhere accessibility No training required for Usage Multiple Variants (Inbound, Outbound dialers, Automated, Agent Assisted, Integrated) Option for Multiple Payment Instruments Customer Identification based on Caller Id. Confidential
  • 6. Technology features • Mobile • • • • • • Point of Sale • • • • • Availability to add service into standard product Customizable white labeled solution Availability on different OS For handsets which are not capable of hosting any application, WAP / USSD / SMS based solutions are supported End to End Encrypted Support for Chip & PIN Support for RUPAY acceptance Mobility Security Kiosks • • • • Support for Card Present transactions Support for Card Not Present transactions Ease of access & use Multi Lingual Confidential
  • 7. Signing up a Payments Service Provider • • • • Age of the payment player Product capabilities Success rates Availability of horizontal service offerings – Internet, IVR, mobile and POS • Ease of integration – availability of shopping kits and flexibility for customization And • Of course “Pricing” Confidential
  • 8. Getting MIDs • Compliance • Completeness of KYC documents • Providing proper information on the business • Displaying the refund policy, shipping policy, and terms and conditions properly on your site Confidential
  • 9. Settlement Process • Receiving funds for the sales – • Understanding the RBI regulations • Escrow mechanism • Refund processing Confidential
  • 10. Risk and Fraud Management • Understanding key risks – financial, reputational, legal • Core understanding of initiation of chargebacks and chargeback management • Dealing with fraud Confidential
  • 11. Visit us at: Confidential