Diapos ingles physiotherapy's techniques


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Diapos ingles physiotherapy's techniques

  1. 1. ¿ What is? Is the use of electrical energy as a medical treatmentIn medicine, the term electrotherapycan apply to a variety of treatments,including the use of electrical devices
  2. 2. Several different electrical stimulation devices exist, each producing differentfrequencies, waveforms, and effects. Electrical modalities include: Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) Interferential Current (IFC) Galvanic Stimulation (GS)
  3. 3. Pain manageme Urine and nt Treatment of fecal neuromuscul incontinenc ar e dysfunction ImprovesIontophore sis Use range of joint mobility Periphera Tissue l blood repair flow Acute and chronic edema
  4. 4. It is the use of the ozone in the human organism, by meansof different technologies, with therapeutic purposes.
  5. 5. What medical equipment is used? It is the equipment of ozonoterapia For IONEX exampleThe charitable effects that this gasproduces in the organism: The ozone acts like antirust and inmunomodulador, that is to say, it increases the defenses of the organism before external aggressions. Also it increases the liberation of oxygen, increasing his transport towards the cells and improving this way the cellular function and the traffic general. It is in addition the powerful germicidal one since, to the contact, it produces elimination of fungi, bacteria and virus.
  6. 6. Ozone therapy in dentistryIt is possible to use in treatments periodontales, surgeries,stomatitis, dental decayThe generator of Ozone in plasma in cold offers a wide spectrum of indicationsin the Odontologic therapy. One works of sure form, without pains, of rapidform and without side effects.
  7. 7. Other benefits of ozone therapy•It increases the blood irrigation. •Action desintoxicante.•It stimulates the cicatrization of thewounds, which they treat more fast. Itis specially useful for serious burns andof sores. •It regulates the compounds of the blood •Sedative
  8. 8. The ozone therapy also drives to a significant general improvement of many physiological processes of the organism, improving the quality of life and capacity of work, especially in cases where they begin to notice these effects.IN SHORT Equally it compensates and retards the deterioration that is taking place in the organism with the aging. His effects are also lasting in the time.
  9. 9. What is it ?Ultrasound therapy is a treatmentmodality used by physicaltherapists to treat pain conditions,and to promote tissue healing.
  10. 10. While ultrasound therapy is not effective for allchronic pain conditions, it may help reduce yourpain if you have any of the following: ☻ Osteoarthritis ☻ Myofascial pain ☻ Bursitis ☻ Carpal tunnel syndrome ☻ Pain caused by scar tissue ☻ Phantom limb spain ☻ Sprains and strainThe ultrasound therapyis used for?
  11. 11. Will I Feel Anything Duringthe procedure?Some people feel a mild pulsing during ultrasoundtherapy, while others may feel slight warmth in the skin.
  12. 12. Is Ultrasound Therapy Safe? Ultrasound therapy should not be used on these body parts: Over the abdomen in women who are menstruating or pregnant Over lesions, broken skin or healing fractures Around the eyes, breasts or sexual organs Over any areas with plastic implants Over or near areas with malignant tumors
  13. 13. SEX : MALE / AGE: 29 YEARS DIAGNOSIS: Lumbar disc hernia (L5 - S1) extrudingSYMPTOMS:Severe lumbosacral pain radiating toright leg Treatments with Negative results: kinesiology . Antineuríticos . inflammatory
  14. 14. OZONE THERAPY RESULTS: Significant pain relief . Remission of symptoms . better MobilityEnd result: Patient painless after completion of treatment resumed his normal activities.
  15. 15. Patient: 63 years old Hypertensive Diagnosis: cold paralysis The diagnosis was wrong because within twenty- four hours following a spill on her nose and is twenty-two blood pressure. Facial paralysis was due to a cardiovascular problem and not cold.
  16. 16. TREATMENT:On the second day of passing the electrodethrough the affected area and the otherside of the head begins to be sensitive inthe facial area paralyzed The plate can be applied to the neck, but always in session not exceeding 20 minutes at low intensity.