Upcoming Webinar on Utilizing Hadoop in an Enterprise Data Warehouse


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Join us in this webcast on Tuesday, July 16 @ 11AM PST to learn and discuss about What is Hadoop ecosystem, A Case study showing how a large financial organization has put Hadoop to use and Develop your Hadoop skills.

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Upcoming Webinar on Utilizing Hadoop in an Enterprise Data Warehouse

  1. 1. Traditional database approaches don’t scale well or write data fast enough to keep up with the pace of business data growth. Purpose- designed data warehouses are great at handling structured data, but there’s a high cost for the hardware to scale out as volumes grow. This is where Hadoop shines. With Hadoop, you can store petabytes of unstructured data with low storage costs, and use this data to quickly perform meaningful analysis. The most frequent questions with Hadoop and MapReduce, are: “When should I use Hadoop, when should I put the data into a data warehouse, and how do I get started?” We will discuss a case study that Estuate did in a large financial firm. This case study will illustrate how Hadoop was adopted alongside the existing data warehouse infrastructure. Also we will highlight the benefits, cost savings and best practices we learned from this implementation. Join us for this webinar to learn and discuss about: 1. What is Hadoop ecosystem 2. Case studies showing how a large financial organization has put Hadoop to use 3. Wins for the organization and best practices around implementing Hadoop solution 4. Develop your Hadoop skills Date & Time - Tuesday, July 16 @ 11AM PST Speakers - Roger Nessier provides product development services to software companies and companies that use software in their business. He has delivered dozens of projects to a range of clients around the world, using global teams, from gathering initial requirements, to design/build, to long term support. He is currently VP of Client Management at Estuate, and has held services management and product development executive positions at i2 Technologies, Symphony Services, and Steelwedge Software. Sujee Maniyam is an experienced BigData architect. He consults and teaches Hadoop and he is a co-author of an open source Hadoop book 'hadoop illuminated' Shailesh Samudrala joined Estuate in 2012 as a Big Data Engineer He has participated in Hadoop deployments and application development in large Financial Organizations. He has also implemented Proof of Concepts demonstrating Hadoop’s capability to handle Big Data and its performance. Webinar URL- http://www.estuate.com/events/webinar-in-july-16 Have questions or need assistance? Contact us at - 408-400-0680 DL | sales@estuate.com REGISTER NOW About ESTUATE Estuate is a global information technology (IT) Services Company founded on the simple premise that our clients value a partner that is both technically proficient and highly responsive to their needs. Since our inception in 2005, we have been striving to stay true to that principle. We combine an agile, responsive U.S.-based culture with a strong technical offshore team to deliver high-value, cost-effective solutions to software companies and large IT organizations. We are headquartered in Silicon Valley and have offices in Canada and UK. Related Links - Oracle Technology and Applications , IBM Solutions Implementation , Product Engineering Services , Big Data Solutions ©2013 Estuate Inc - Estuate Extreme Service Webinar Date & Time: Tuesday, July 16 @ 11AM PST