How to neutralize vulnerabilities in a mixed cloud- on premise environment


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Join us for this webinar on Tue, December 03 @ 10AM PST, focusing on How to neutralize vulnerabilities in a mixed cloud- on premise environment.

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How to neutralize vulnerabilities in a mixed cloud- on premise environment

  1. 1. Webinar Date & Time: Tuesday, December 03 @ 10AM PST Modern cloud and on premise applications have become complex collections of Web 2.0 functionality, web services, NoSQL Databases, cloud platforms, technologies, etc. While this has resulted in immense benefits to customers, it has also increased the attack surface for web attackers. 60% of cloud apps are vulnerable and breaches of sensitive enterprise data can include customer information, financial information, healthcare data, etc. The webinar will focus on new “back door” threats that are introduced when you bring cloud applications into your organization.  Solid "take-home" strategies to protect complex application and data environments of private/public cloud, mixed with on premise  Securing modern web apps and cloud infrastructure  Attack examples and breach information from recent attacks  Cloud application security and its impact on compliance like PCI, SOX, HIPAA, etc. The webinar will also focus on practical and comprehensive solutions and processes to address the security of modern cloud applications. Presenters – Roger Nessier provides product development services to software companies and companies that use software in their business. He has delivered dozens of projects to a range of clients around the world, using global teams, from gathering initial requirements, to design/build, to long term support. He is VP of Client Management at Estuate, and has held services management positions at several Silicon Valley software firms Abhay Bhargav leads Estuate’s security practice, working with clients across multiple industry verticals like Banking, Software Development, Retail, Ecommerce, Government, Insurance, Healthcare, Payments, etc. Event URL - About ESTUATE Estuate is a global information technology (IT) Services Company founded on the simple premise that our clients value a partner that is both technically proficient and highly responsive to their needs. Since our inception in 2005, we have been striving to stay true to that principle. We combine an agile, responsive U.S.-based culture with a strong technical offshore team to deliver high-value, cost-effective solutions to software companies and large IT organizations. We are headquartered in Silicon Valley and have offices in Canada and UK. Esuate Services: Oracle Technology and Applications Family , IBM Optim consulting services , Product Engineering Services , Big Data solutions ©2013 Estuate Inc.