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JCSA hosted a webinar about using Twitter, featuring me (@estherk), Andy Neusner (@jfederations, @jewishevents) and moderated by William Daroff (@daroff). This is my component of the presentation, …

JCSA hosted a webinar about using Twitter, featuring me (@estherk), Andy Neusner (@jfederations, @jewishevents) and moderated by William Daroff (@daroff). This is my component of the presentation, which focuses on creating content that builds relationship and adds value, and also some tips for Tweeting for small organizations or programs.

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  • When we look at these people, we see the stories that shaped their relationships. Twitter brings us
  • Strategy not as cold and calculated as it sounds. Just means its in the realm of subjects that you and your audience are interested in.Authentic


  • 1. Tweet Success: Creating Content @EstherKFacebook.com/esther.kustanowitz
  • 2. Let’s Think About Relationships• Encounter (perhaps w/initial skepticism)• Engage (humor, personality)  relationship building• Deeper investment, working together, partnership, bonding, shared experience• Challenge, distress• Resolution, equilibrium restored, relationship stable
  • 3. Content Relationships
  • 4. Encounter•Healthy skepticism•First impressions – good or bad•Immersion can be “too soon” – youlearn too much•Right organization/person at thewrong time is the wrong person/org•Sense that the person/project adds aunique value
  • 5. Engagement• Dynamism• Sense of Humor• Relationship building through experiences
  • 6. Deepening Relationship•Deeper investment – time & emotion•Working together•Partnership•Building trust•Shared experience  creating history
  • 7. Challenge•Period of instability•Moment of dissent or distress•Acknowledging when you’re wrong•Intense work to repair relationship•Showing value
  • 8. Resolution•Trespasses forgiven•Equilibrium restored•Understanding•Trust restored•Happy relationship
  • 9. Let’s Think About ContentContent is an opportunity to:• Establish your voice/tone• Tell your story• Connect with &engage audience• Show respect for audience time• Add value (*your definition here*)• Respond to questions & challenges• …Deepen relationships
  • 10. 5 Tips Toward Creating Engaging Content1. Be Strategic2. Be Authentic3. Be Considerate – time & length / “the ask”4. Be Engaging – personality & humor5. Be Valuable – add value
  • 11. Personal Twengagement Josh Malina&Mazon, Part 2:Josh Malina&Mazon, Part 1 NFTY Strikes Back (at Hunger) http://mazon.org/2013/01/30/we- heart-joshua-malina/ http://estherkustanowitz.typepad.com/myurbankvetch2005/2013/01/josh- malina-and-mazon-project-update.html
  • 12. Engaging Content Scorecard• Strategic (explained mission of org)• Authentic (trusted voice)• Considerate – time & length / “the ask” (reasonable)• Engaging – personality & humor (throughout)• Valuable – added value (knowledge about org, mitzvah factor, connection to celebrity)IN SUMMARY…GO @joshmalina @stophunger @nfty!
  • 13. Small Orgs• Opportunities – Ability to be more engaging & more responsive – Responses can be personal – Can ask “the people” what they want• Challenges – Fewer resources - $ & people – If you ask for feedback, have to be willing to respond – Qualitative metrics* may not show engagement *also true in larger organizations – engagement is not a number of participants
  • 14. Twitter in a Small Organization (followers/following)• @ROICommunity (4,180/1,106)• @nei_jfedla (425/355)• @bjparchive (1,434/1,910)• @ikar_la (999/272)• @LimmudLA (439/76)• @LimmudNY (2203/226)• @EstherK 5,879/4,198
  • 15. Best Practices - TheorySet a Manageable ScheduleListen 3x day – lurk, read, absorb thelandscapeCheck out Twitter users that interest you– who do they follow?Aim to Tweet 2-3x dailyFollowersListen to themMeet & get to know themEngage their interests (no agenda)Pitch them (maybe)The EcosystemThink expansivelySeek out complementary conversations,even if they don’t directly benefit youBe part of the conversationBe Valuable“Live generously” – “make lifemeaningful”With every Tweet, add value
  • 16. Best Practices – Practical140 Characters & You•Use the space (strategically)•Shorten links•Shorten language•Account for #tags•Proof before you tweet•Acknowledge sources (RT/HT)•Involve other people in theconversation (strategically)•Avoid txtspk if poss, LOLTiming•Depends on content http://roicommunity.org•You can plan tweets, but also leavethe ability to be flexible & responsive•Ensure a mix of content•Think about how much posting youcan manage•Pay attention to when peoplerespond, RT
  • 17. Resources• http://www.evolutionfiles.com/15-tips-to-build-twitter-following/• http://topnonprofits.com/posting-guide/• http://infographics.fastcompany.com/miscellaneous/rules-of-social- media-poster.pdf• http://www.bethkanter.org/• http://estherkustanowitz.typepad.com/myurbankvetch2005/2009/ 11/the-ga-as-seen-through-twitter.html• http://estherkustanowitz.typepad.com/myurbankvetch2005/2013/ 01/josh-malina-and-mazon-project-update.html• http://estherkustanowitz.typepad.com/myurbankvetch2005/2009/ 11/manifesto.html