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Relationship Building Activities are those interesting activities that can make your relationship more stronger and also grow healthier. These activities helps in building a good relationship.

Relationship Building Activities are those interesting activities that can make your relationship more stronger and also grow healthier. These activities helps in building a good relationship.



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Relationship building-activities Relationship building-activities Presentation Transcript

  • Marriage Relationship Building Activities -Top Activities That Helps to Keep YourMarriage Relationship More Stronger. By
  • INTRODUCTIONDo you want to keep the fire burning in your marriage, the wayit was when you first met with your spouse. Marriage could bedifficult at times, because there are now new challenges todeal with, something you may probably have not broughtyourself to think about before. There are kids to deal with,Money issues are there too. All these things has a way ofcreating a divide between husband and wife. As a matter offact, a tons of marriages do not make it through this time, theyend up in divorce. The American Academy of Child andAdolescent Psychiatry confirmed that one or two marriagesends up in shambles. This is very alarming and the reasoncould not be far from apathy in marriage relationships. If youlove your spouse, there are somemarriage relationship building activities you can get involved inas soon as you get married. Yeah, the earlier you start the
  • Some Of the Interesting Relationship Building Activities That Will Make Your Relationship More Stronger.Many relationship has collapsed or at the point of collapse dueto they are nor really Involved in that relationship, been intorelationship for a very long time, I have come To know thatthere are some activities that makes your relationship morestronger when applied correctly.They are:-Play gamesDate NightMarriage Conference and RetreatJoin ClubsPray Together View slide
  • Playing of GamesThe choice of games now depends on you but I am sure thereare lots of games you can play together. Playing games has away of reconnecting you, even when you are not aware of it. It isgoing to be fun really and it will help your relationship. Laughand enjoy silly things together. Yeah, you may say "I have got notime", they are responsibilities and thats true but if you valueyour marriage, then you will make time. Remember that tenminutes game played in a day can go a long way. You can playpuzzle or board games together. Thismarriage relationship building activity will not only keep yourmarriage but it will also help you relax and get your mind off thatstress. View slide
  • Date NightsYou probably have not gone out for a night date since you gotmarried to your spouse. The truth however is, marriage is just anextension of dating and the things that held you together then arestill supposed to continue. Date nights give couples chance tohave fun outside their home. You can go to a restaurant you havealways been going when you are both dating, from there you maydecide new one you can also visit. One night in a week is notgoing to be bad. You can sample new parks or even go watch amovie. The bottom line is just to have fun. Couples having Date Night
  • Marriage Conferences and RetreatsThis is a part that most couples have neglected for too long. Somecouples even never attend any marriage conference, not for once.It is bad. Marriage conference and retreat is one of the mostpotent marriage relationship building activity as it helps you tolearn new things you probably do not know before. You will hearpeople sharing their real life experiences which you can apply toyour life. You will learn how to maintain a healthy relationship andhow to improve your relationship. Effective communication andvacation tips are also some things you will learn. Such can keepyour marriage steaming. You can also ask question on someaspect of marriage that you dont understand. Couples at Marriage Retreat
  • Join ClubsThis club has to be of common interest. If you both lovemovies, then join a movie club. If you both love cookingor hiking, then join a club that focuses on that. You willlearn new things together. The bottom line of suchmarriage relationship building activities is to keep youtogether always and the more you do things together, thecloser you become and also the healthier yourelationship will also become. Club with your Spouse
  • Pray TogetherThis is true. "A Family that prays together staystogether!". I have seen this work many times.Regardless of your belief, you should find a way ofpraying together with your spouse. I dont know how itworks but I know it works. Always Pray Together
  • Thanks For Reading This Article !!!!For more information on the RelationshipBuilding Activities Visit