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Characters%20from%20 the%20alienist[1]


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  • 1. Characters from The Alienist Esthela Caito Professor M. Arguello History 141
  • 2. John Moore
    • John Moore is a crime reporter for The New York Times who is very focused on his work.
    • Moore is determined to solve the case of the murder of a male child prostitute named Gregorio “Gloria” Santorelli.
    • Moore also works well with the other investigators.
    • Moore & the team of investigators perform post- mortems on different individuals that relate to the case.
    • He shows his commitment to the investigation by having to deal with several mod attacks.
    • Toward the end of the novel, Moore and D. Kreizler’s (another investigator) lives are in danger when they come in contact with men from the mob.
    • Moore & Kreizler’s lives are saved when a fellow investigator comes into the scene and shoots the mod leader.
  • 3. Dr. Laszlo Kreizler
    • Dr. Kreizler is a psychiatrist or the “alienist” who also works with the murder case.
    • He is of great help to the investigation team.
    • He shows the team many of his psychology books & articles so that they can all try to understand what goes on the in mind of the killer.
    • Dr. Kreizler does numerous evaluations of murderers & analyzes the info to see if it helps with the case of Gregorio.
    • Later on, a fellow psychologist agreed that a female in the killer’s childhood most likely contributed to the killer’s psychological state.
    • Kreizler realizes that he experienced the “psychologist’s fallacy” and shows his humility by apologizing to Sara (the investigator that proposed the belief in question).
    • Later on in the novel, we find out that the reason why Dr. Kreizler refused to believe that a female played an active role in the killer’s childhood was because Kreizler himself was physically abused by his father as a child & his mother did nothing about it .
    • He shows a bit of hardheadedness in his character when he refuses to accept another investigator’s belief that a female played an active role in the killer’s childhood.
  • 4. Sara Howard
    • Sara plays an important role in the investigation team, she is the liason.
    • There is a point in the novel in which Moore suspects that Dr. Kreizler and Sara are romantically involved.
    • This idea is never confirmed though.
    • Sara contributes greatly to the investigation team.
    • Sara is the one who brought up the important idea that a female played an active role in the killer’s childhood.
    • Sara also shows that she is considerate and respects privacy because she and Moore did not reveal to anyone else- the personal information about Dr. Kreizler and how he was physically abused by his father as a child.
    • Sara also shows bravery in her character when she jumps in and shoots the head mob leader to save Moore and Dr, Kreizler.