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  • 1. Border 2012 Program
  • 2. Border Environmental issues and adverse healtheffects Home to 12 million people Waste generation pollution inadequate water supply andwaste treatment facilities• Cancer, hepatitis A, intestinaldiseases, birth defects
  • 3. Management of water in the border region There must be cooperation betweenthe U.S. and Mexico! Why? The two countries share rivers . They have different institutional frameworks for managingwater.- Rio Grande
  • 4. The best solution- Border 2012 Program Border 2012 uses a bottom up approach to watermanagement by having decentralized decision makingbetween state, local, and tribal actors from both sides of theborder and it led to tangible success in improvement ofwater management and public health of the border region.
  • 5. Attempts at Cooperation prior to Border 2012• International Boundary and WaterCommission- 1889• California Energy Commission- 1974• Border Environment CooperationCommission & North AmericanDevelopment Bank – 1994
  • 6. Border 2012 The structure allows for collaborative decision making. National coordinators are the Environmental ProtectionAgency (The U.S.) and the Secretariat of Environmentaland Natural Resources (Mexico). Border- Wide workgroups Policy Forums Regional Workgroups Task Forces
  • 7. Success Stories• Mexicali- a new wastewatertreatment plant provided for250,000 residents.• Water infrastructure for indigenouscommunities in Baja California• Sonora- 3,000 gallon storage tankwas built.• Nogales, Sonora- upgraded NogalesInternational Wastewater treatmentPlant• San Luis, Sonora – wastewatertreatment plant and collectionsystem for 80,000 residents.• Infrastructure in Metamoros andNuevo Leon (in Mexico).• Almost completely eliminateuntreated wastewater that went intothe Rio Grande.