Best Quality of Toughened Glass


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Flat Glass industry is a supplier of Toughened Glass of best quality. We are committed to customers satisfaction and provide higher quality of glass.

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Best Quality of Toughened Glass

  1. 1. Toughened Glass Toughened or tempered glass is a type of safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength compared with normal glass. Toughened glass is a glass produced by applying a special treatment to ordinary float glass. The treatment involves heating a glass so that it begins to soften then rapidly cooling it. The treatment is applied after all cutting and processing has been completed. When the toughened glass is broken, it breaks into small pieces without sharp edges. Toughened glass acquires a degree of strength in excess of the strength of normal glass, sheet or plate glass, which if broken shatters into small and comparatively harmless pieces. Toughened glass is made from annealed glass treated with a thermal tempering process. A sheet of annealed glass is heated to above its "annealing point" of 600°C; its surfaces are then rapidly cooled while the inner portion of the glass remains hotter. Toughened glass also has an increased resistance to breakage as a result of stresses caused by different temperatures within a pane.
  2. 2. Applications Transport Industry Toughened glass is used in all forms of transport from cars to boats and ships. In all cases (and in most countries) there are regulations in place pertaining to properties such as strength, thickness and light transmission. Building and Construction Industry Toughened glass finds many applications in the building industry from internal to external. Internally, toughened glass may be used in frameless shower screens and office partitions, while externally it can be used for large window spans and balustrading. Toughened glass panels can be manufactured to almost any shape, with the limiting factor often being specific furnace dimensions (at both ends of the scale). The glass can also be machined, with holes, bevelled edges etc. Advantages  Strength and Durability  Safety  Edge Strength  Clean-up  Thermal Breakage  Quality  Designs and Varieties & Heat Resistance
  3. 3. Flat Glass Industries is a leader in value-added processing and wholesaling of glass and architectural glass hardware for the building and manufacturing sectors. We cover the complete spectrum of glass to commercial and residential industries – from float to laminated and toughened safety glass to energy efficient, insulated glass units available in glazed, reflective, mirrored, painted, pattern screen-printed & low emissivity combinations. FGI group has a strong history of specialisation in safety glass and offers the most advanced lamination technologies and capabilities. FGI has advanced customised laminating equipment and can provide a full range of annealed or toughened laminated glass in Clear, Tinted, Reflective, Low Iron, Matlucent Etched, Mirrored, Textured, Colorsmart, Thermocolour and KlymetShield Low E combinations. Toughened Safety Glass Toughened Safety Glass is a safety glass that has increased strength and will usually shatter in small, pieces when broken. It is used when strength, thermal resistance and safety are important considerations. FGI Tufglas Safety Glass is fabricated by heating annealed glass to over 600 C and cooling it rapidly, which locks the outer surfaces of the glass in a state of high compression, and the core or centre of the glass in compensating tension.
  4. 4. FGI safety Glass is ideal for: • Glass Balustrades • Shower Screens • Laminated Safety Mirrors • Glass Doors and Windows • Frameless Entry and Balustrading • Automotive/Transport • Public Venues • Office Buildings • Residential, Factories • Hospitals and Schools • Restaurants, Sporting Facilities • Many others. To learn more about Toughened Glass Visit Our Site: FLAT GLASS INDUSTRIES 3 Moorebank Avenue, Moorebank NSW 2170 Ph (02) 9824 0999 Fax (02) 9824 2111 Email FLAT GLASS INDUSTRIES 1-9 Hedderwick Road, Dandenong VIC 3175 Ph (03) 9791 2333 Fax (03) 9791 2030 Email