Analysis Of The Video Seeding Space


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Analysis Of The Video Seeding Space

  2. 2. What is a Seeding Agency? A seeding agency is a social media advertising agency which strategically places branded videos on websites, message boards and online communities that are heavily frequented by users. The goal of these strategic video placements is to leverage the power of online sharing across highly targeted communities in order to build and promote a client’s brand. A client typically pays a seeding agency per view/hit, otherwise known as cost per view or CPV.
  3. 3. What is a Viral Video? A viral video is one that becomes popular through the process of Internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites, social media and email.Examples of Video Sharing:  Posting a link on your Facebook page  Tweeting about a video and including a link  Posting a link on your YouTube account  Emailing a link with your comments  Pinning a video on your Pinterest page  Blogging about the video  Posting a video on Tumbler
  4. 4. What is Seeding? Seeding is the first step a viral marketer takes. Planting the seed hopefully will follow by others propagating that seed for you. They will pass on your message by word of mouth and through links, tags, and bookmarks. When this happens your marketing has officially gone viral. Seeding can be natural or paid.
  5. 5. What is Seeding? Seeding Social Video Ad Video NetworksSeedingNATURAL PAID
  6. 6. Social Video Seeding VS. Video Ad Networks Social Video Seeding Video Ad Networks• Social marketing for brand videos. • Online banner ad of video in form of an• Highly engaged, user initiated views. auto-play, pre-roll, or post-roll for existing• Strategies focus on earned placements for online content. blogs and social media (Facebook, Twitter, • Not social or engaging. YouTube, and Blog Forums) leveraging • Commercial/television feel, rich, promoted influencers, communities, and individuals. effort.• End goal is brand sentiment, user-sharing, • Shorter video format (average of 15 sec.) and viewer engagement. • Videos posted on proprietary players.• Video with light and clever branding, • Views counted are not limited to the front- entertaining hooks, leveraging a meme or facing counters on video sites. online influencer/web personality.• Targeted, customized and measurable.
  7. 7. Why Social Video Seeding is the Best Choice for Your Brand? SEO/SMO Outreach campaign Customized optimization Strategy reaches out to through tagging & Guarantees relevant bloggers It’s allows for high keyword & editors, can guaranteed views selections allowsSocial degree of targeting target your you to track your within your target and testing across consumer directly communities various audience and where they access demographics increase information marketing efficiency
  8. 8. Why Social Video Seeding is the Best Choice for Your Brand? Cont. Influencers Engagement uses key influencers people love User- Initiated such as your engaging with Views vs. Auto- friends, family, or their Reporting Cost Play Views trusted bloggers, communities, which lends a which means continual, CPV , youletting viewers initiate customizedcreates higher levels of trusted and familiar higher levels of only pay voice to your attention and optimization of when interest & increases the overall brand chances for campaign and sharing from one people creates higher consumer to the strategy view your completion and conversion levels of next (comments, content engagement & tweets, likes, and brand uplift shares)
  9. 9. How to Create a good Social Video Seeding Campaign Decide what is the best social space toAnalyze your brand Decide on your reach your target personality target audience audience and devise a digital strategy Create an engaging fun/shocking video, Seed the video relevant to your Monitor/Optimize based on decided audience which strategy captures the personality of your brand Enjoy the SocialConversation!
  10. 10. Frequently Asked Questions Are views guaranteed?  Views are guaranteed on the platforms that are handpicked for your brand and targeted towards your defined audience. Where are views counted?  Views are counted at the front facing social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Are views auto-play or user-initiated?  Videos are of natural quality content only, which is user-initiated and not forced. What metrics are included in reporting?  Views by website/country/gender/age/income, cost per view, blogs/sites uploaded to, viewer’s comments, number of emails sent by viewer/bookmarks sent by viewer/embeds sent by viewer, number of viewed end frames by viewer, number of clicks to client site by viewer, client site ranking, Google returns of campaign, Viral Buzz Chart.
  11. 11. Example of a Successful Viral Seeding Campaign Addidas- Hunt for Fast The gimmick: based around Adidas’s revolutionary ‘Micoach’ performance monitoring chip, “Hunt For Fast” encouraged viewers to upload stats detailing their performances to an external Micoach site – allowing them to compete with friends online to become one of the 11 fastest players in the UK. 92,270 views (64,778 target views), 798 shares, 276 likes, 214 comments. Achieved placement on one of the UK’s top fan run football sites - “Caught Offside”. Ranked 3rd most popular in the competitive ‘Sport’ category.
  12. 12. THANK YOU!